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🖤 i eat children 🖤


Twilight learns something that she feels could change the relationship she has with her wife, but Celestia might have a lesson to teach her.

Cover art by MagnaLuna.

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I've always wanted a daughter. #realtalk

Aww, that's seriously cute.

Most people I know who talk about wanting kids usually say they want a son, so hurrah for wanting different. It also reminds me of an Arcade Fire song that my tired brain is pretty sure is the one I linked.

Thank you! Since this is just for fun fluff, it doesn't have all the fun stuff in prose I usually like to do and wild characterizations - so sadly, nothing like that (not even worldbuilding :twilightoops:) but Twilestia is a ship I like I don't get to write in my main stuff (the Celestia there is straight) and I knew I just had to write them at some point since I do have ideas! Oddly enough every ship I write but one tends to stay in one genre when it comes to ideas, and the Twilestia ideas are all fluffy, wholesome ideas meant to brighten someone's day.

:trollestia: "Everything the light touches is our family, Twilight."
:twilightoops: "What about Discord or Chrysalis?"
:trollestia: "Those are our bad kids, you must never love them, Twilight."

Yes. That is a thing, a good thing that I like. 👍

Really sweet, and packs a lot of future worldbuilding in such a small wordcount.

t h a n k s :D

i must worldbuild or else i'll die

reading this half asleep

then again i always feel half-asleep

woooo noice

Of every probably reaction Twilight envisioned herself having, that had been the most probable. Her research had been dismissed, proven useless by a mare who was always so, so patient and...


"But this is serious. Are whole lives will be effected by this, watching everypony else..."


Magic is not your reality gap or the bridge to your every desire, nor is it limitless. Have you truly forgotten something something so plain in your studying frenzy?"

Blinking, Twilight let the idea dawn on her. "You mean... Luna, Cadance, and you have had this secretly philosophy on the ponies of Equestria and I was let in on it only now?"

just secret without the "ly"?

"I do too, she said softly, ears pricked forward to catch the whistles of garden-ponies, hoofsteps, and birdsong, eyes eagerly assessing their activities.

Missing a "

Celestia seeing all of Equestria as her children is a concept i love, And having Twilestia in this just makes it better. :twilightblush::trollestia:

Thank you for spotting these, I've fixed them all. :facehoof:

It is not, actually! The Celestia in the 'verse is straight too.

I like the use of alliteration and metaphors.

Saw your recent blog post on no one reading your work, so I figured I'd go through and read something by you. Now that I've read this, I'll be looking forward to the next thing I read by you. :twilightsmile:

A cute story that does an excellent job at highlighting the relationship between Twilight and Celestia, their concerns, and other aspects of their character in the story's context. Some of the sentences are kind of difficult to read, and there are a few grammar mistakes. For example:

"But this is serious. Our whole lives will be effected by this, watching everypony else..."

Affected would be the correct word here, as it's acting as a verb in this instance, specifically how their lives are impacted by this concern. Just a minor example, but good for future reference. As for awkward wording, the first paragraph, specifically how it refers to Twilight's bangs, would be one example where it feels like something's missing. However, that's something a few changes or additions could easily fix.

Anyway, the story was enjoyable despite some tiny mistakes, hence why it's deserving of an upvote. I'm glad I took the time to read this story, and you definitely have a good grasp on the characters and relationships. Best of luck on your future projects!

This is adorable
I honestly expected a more magically elaborate answer but this is good, simple is good

This one hasn't gotten much attention in a while, so this was a pleasant surprise. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I don't usually write fluff, but when I do I try and give it a good go and a plot.

Also, nice, I finally got a Scarlett comment.

He he
Twilestia is a great ship and a rare one too
This was really nice

Rare? it has one of the biggest groups!

Yes but
I didn't know that so finding it, until this moment, has been very hard

Enjoy all that Twilight/Celestia reading backload then 👀
I hope you like more of my stories too <:

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