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This story is a sequel to Promises Frozen in Time

Celestia wakes up in the dark.

The first poem previously appeared as a chapter of Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes. This story is a stand-alone connection and the prequel is not required reading. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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There is not enough poetry on this site :c

There really isn’t. I try to correct that.

You formed her into what she is, Celestia. She lost her way because of you.

This is really good. I can almost see Celestia writing them herself to help express grief, with the style choice to not write from the first person perspective despite it being about her.

Thank you so very much! I try to publish as much pony poetry as I can. Seeing the titular poem languish in a crazy-crowded collection always bothered me, but it wasn't until recently that I finally managed to expand the collection.

Fabulous poem. Had to go back and re-read it though due to my own skill issue at not understanding it lol, but once I figured it out, I was quite pleased with the characterization at play here. I should get around to reading "Promises Frozen in Time" soon.


I should get around to reading

This is praise to me, when you have as many stories as I do.

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