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28, male. I love creativity, dragons, and CHANGELINGS! I'm so sorry, but please do not follow just for a follow back. If you want to know the reason, check out my blog "sorry for the unfollow".


Frog Leap Studios... nothing to change my mind about... · 10:48pm Oct 29th, 2021

I love this guy so much...

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Red Dead Online and "Hickory Hill" · 10:02pm Sep 23rd, 2021

My inspiration for my last blog, the sad song I made, came from my time playing RDR2 and its Red Dead Online. My Grey haired Asian dressed in silver, black, and purple... and his trusty horse Silverfax...

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Hickory Hill · 8:15pm Sep 19th, 2021


On hic-ko-ry hill, 
stood a wood mill
A fam-ly owned farm, 
that none would harm 

It was quiet...

Most workers went home,
owner was walking a-lone
Just out for supplies,
no need for goodbyes 

He"d be back...

Downwind, shopping in the town...
Smiling, the stallion said a-loud
What a familiar sweet smell...
must be comin from Hic-ko-ry Hill 

And it is...

Not long a-go, he read in the paper

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My name is... · 1:10am Sep 4th, 2021

My name is Anxiety, and there is always something wrong.
my name is Serenity, and you just need to breathe and remember.
My name is Self-Blame, and everything is my fault.
my name is Understanding, and you know better than that.
My name is Self-Doubt, and I dont think I can do this.
my name is Confidence, and success is possible, more so if you keep trying.
My name is Self-Hatred, and you are beautiful but I'm a monster.

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Rule 404cl · 7:50pm Aug 29th, 2021

Rule 404cl
It doesn't exist, there is nothing here.
you've just been tricked into thing there was...

Did this because of BezierBallad.

Apparently "rule 404" DOES exist... it has to do with Laws in the justice system... or does it? hence the "cl".

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Short Opinion: The fandom, criticism, and communication. · 6:38pm Jul 13th, 2021

If you think I'm wrong, or wish to discuss or expand on something, please feel free to comment below.

I have seen some people talk about bad things in the fandom like it doesn't happen in other fandoms. I understand they are still... concerning, but this is far from "the decline" they seem to think it is. And people will use their creative freedom to do what they want.


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Back to square one... · 11:57pm Jul 7th, 2021

Usually I delete blogs like this out of fear, but I just don't care anymore. Maybe this is for attention, maybe not... if it is, what the hell could I even get out of it.

Square one... Actually, I'm not even at that.
It's a shame too, I thought I was making progress. But apparently that's either not possible, or just really REALLY hard.
It feels like there is no hope.
My mood, my stories, my social inexperience...

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Return.exe · 5:10am Jun 21st, 2021

Return.exe has failed to run.
An error has occurred while trying to update.
Rolling back to the previous version.
Failed to roll back to previous version.
Failed to... *sniffles*
Failed to run startup repair.
System will restart in safemode.

I Hope you have a great day.
Keep writting your wonderful things.
Keep being awsome and beautiful.
I Hope you enjoy Father's Day.
I'll just be running in the background.


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Its been very hard · 1:00am May 16th, 2021

It's been very hard coming back. I haven't really read anything, not even the people I wanted to call friend's stories like I promised. It's not even because I didn't have the time, I just didn't.

I am finding more and more motivation and as a result, I am finding I have plenty of time to do things. But then I come back, read some blogs, loose my motivation again, and then fall back into what I call "the blur".

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Speaking to others? · 1:42am Mar 27th, 2021

Does anyone else hate how they talk to others?

I especially hate PMs because I can't edit them, I end up regretting almost all of my PMs...

It's not even just that I spam, it's HOW I word everything... I just don't know how to put it...

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