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28, male. I love creativity, dragons, and CHANGELINGS! I'm so sorry, but please do not follow just for a follow back. If you want to know the reason, check out my blog "sorry for the unfollow".


FOIND IT! I spent three days looking for this story. · 7:33am February 13th

I went looking for this old gem for a while.
FOIND IT! I spent three days looking for this story and picture in as many places as I could think of...
I remember this picture gave me SO many ideas. And the story inspired me too... particularly Celestia's stutter...
I was worried the story was removed when I went looking through my favorites...
Can't believe I didn't add this...

TYou Too Will Deteriorate
She looked just like Princess Celestia, except marred and broken. Her ceremonial barding had rusted slightly. Black streaks ran through her mane. Worst was the scar across her chest. The tarnished Celestia smiled at Luna. "H-hello, monster."
cleverpun · 9.8k words  ·  1,720  21 · 18k views
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RDR2 Death Day · 8:35pm Jul 13th, 2022

Rest in peace RDR2 and my hopes for RDR2

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Modified my favorite casual music headphones. · 7:01pm Apr 2nd, 2022

I originally bought my Koss KSC75x on Amazon because of Drop.com's slow shipping...
But it is no longer available on there.
So when my cable went out, I had flashbacks to my DIY removable cable mod for my kingston hypercloud 2s...

I followed this gentleman's guide, but with my own twists.

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#closethesky · 10:22pm Mar 7th, 2022

Forget the propaganda...
We are already involved.
We were involved the moment we became Ukraine's friend.
We were involved the moment we claimed we want them to have freedom.
We were involved wthe moment we supported them.

Do NOT abandon them now...

Here is a link to the official post.

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This needs to stop. · 2:07am Mar 2nd, 2022

Some say America has no right to call out Russia for its actions.
However, I say we should still hold them accountable.

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Did you know that the Carol of Bells... · 8:17pm Feb 27th, 2022

The Carol of Bells was originally a Ukranian folk chant that inspired an American composer, Peter Wilhousky, who was visiting ukraine to work with a Ukranian composer, Mykola Leontovych, to bassically write the theme for Christmas? Pete said the chant reminded him of bells sounding.

Here is the song sung by a popular Ukranian woman. She is quite talented!


It is important to share verified news and remember all this. · 8:05am Feb 27th, 2022

PLEASE! Look up news and inside videos on ukraine and please share it and the sources.

Be careful about what you share though as there is a lot of false info out there even from inside sources.
Even people editing pictures and videos... though they are quite obvious so it should be easy.

This is important to remember and maybe find ways to support them.

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My friend. · 12:07am Feb 27th, 2022

Every time he is online I'm excited to hear about his news...
Every time he is away, I dread what I will read.
It's not fair... I want to be there...

Fight Ukraine!
Fight for what you belive in.
Fight for your families and friends.

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Dear friends · 11:43am Feb 26th, 2022


I dont feel I should explain. It's already there in the authors notes.

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And so it goe... no... not like this... · 12:48pm Feb 24th, 2022

As I write this, weak and weary...
During war's storm, dark and dreary...
oh... I'm too tired and my mind too foggy for rhymes...
or political rants... I'm gonna screw this up, but here we go!

Perhaps I'm biased... but DAMNIT... this is my friend!...

Despite everyone telling him not to, including those somewhat close to Russia, Putin did it anyway...
Disinformation campaigns, slander... (admittedly from US too) ... and now senseless death and destruction...

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