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28, male. I love creativity, dragons, and CHANGELINGS! I'm so sorry, but please do not follow just for a follow back. If you want to know the reason, check out my blog "sorry for the unfollow".

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A lot, if not most, of these stories, will not be set up to physically work in a theatre and will take form in a normal story format, It is just a setup for the idea and the AU that the Theatre is in. The author's notes at the top are an Aside.

If you see anything at all that you like, either here or in my blogs, you can use it and you don't need to reference me or ask permission. Be it an idea you got while reading, characters, places, or the very story itself.

A changeling wearing a white mask, top hat, and tailcoat walks out and addresses the audience:
"Fillies and Gentlecolts!... Welcome to the grand opening of the first Canterlot Changeling Theater. Thank you for giving this theatre, and by extension, Changelings a chance. For those who do not know, Princess Luna has commissioned us for the month because of a Nightmare Night. She hopes we will also gain some redemption in your eyes as she did. If you enjoy it, please send a bit of love our way.

"A bit of warning. Although we are well versed in the art of acting... writing and directing is a different story. We have never done it before, so ANY serious criticism or advice is welcome and will be taken into consideration for next time."

"Now... I would like to take this time, to invite you to the dark corners of the mind.
Let your imagination fill these scenes, and your nightmares fill with horrid screams.
The details are yours to draw and color, to help us fill October with a little... horror."

4th wall break.
My first attempt at writing is going to be an attempt at some short horror clips. Feedback needed! Your imagination will also be needed as It won't have a lot of details or descriptions as I am trying for a minimalist approach to make it easier for now. That will change as time goes on. If I learn enough, I might even turn some of these into full stories.

Edit: this was originally called Spooktober Shorts and was supposed to have 4 shorts in it by Halloween, sorry. I lost got busy along the way. Anyway, I'm going to post it anyway and if I get enough feedback I will try to continue it anyway in November. Maturity will likely not change but there is a small chance it might become teen.

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