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25 year old Red Wings fan out of Michigan. Hey! Hey! Hockeytown!


Hello! My name is Arctic. When I was young I would always hear stories about this wondrous land filled with all sorts of love and achievements. Now I get to see for myself the life these strange ponies live and perhaps one day lead a collection of changelings over the sea to set up a sub-hive. After all, nothing goes better together than changelings and ponies.

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I'm intrigued... Keep writing.

Oh! Before I forget, you may want to fix your eyes. They were two separate colors again.

Some people have this, it is a birth defect that is rare, but still exists, I imagine this also happens in ponies, so it wouldn’t really matter.

Is this reformed changelings, or non reformed changelings?

I'm aware of this actually. A former Tiger baseball pitcher has it. It's where I got the idea from and is the reason why the eyes were blue and orange. Blue and orange are the Tiger's team colors.

Non reformed. Debating whether I'll touch on this subject at a much, much later date.

Having eyes with different colors really barely counts as a defect itself, I'm sure there are defects that cause discoloration but eyes with colors that don't match doesn't really do anything beyond well making the eyes different colors. Now it will be a problem is Arctic goes for mismatched colors and forgets which is which color or accidentally makes them the same color.

Ahh Arctic's hive is non-reformed but what about the Changelings in Equestria? As far as his hive knew changelings never crossed the sea so he has no clue Chrysalis existed or that she "outed" them and got over thrown. Why would his hove not be reformed if it is "good"? They never needed to. Chrysalis taught her hive to drain ponies into a stupor then replace them, Arctic's hive covertly harvested love but other wise let ponies be, since they never harmed anyone they wouldn't have ever seen it as wrong and needed to adapt like Thorax did. But what happens when he hears about Chrysalis or meets a member of Thorax's swarm.

So much like Energon for Transformers too much love makes your drunk. Changelings clearly can't be heavy drinkers, they encounter a happy drunk and end up smashed at mach speed on alcohol and love.

I am now trying to picture a changling smashed up on both love and alcohol. It makes one wonder...

*A sly grin appears*

Geez, when I thought the last chapter was pretty long...

Well, long for me anyways

Ok so establishment this is before the 100th Summer Sun Celebration, so no reformed changelings.

"I'm telling you, I know what I saw. The guy completely jumped off the side and landed right on top of a jewelry thief."


Isn't your avatar from "Changing Views"?

Thought it looked familiar. Also a great story on this site.

And now I've been staring at that adorable image for far too long.

Damn it all! I've got words to write!

Why you do this to me Camo?

Lol that's the second person I've done this to, don't let me slow you down I wanna see more!



Aye, Aye! Captain!

Well, this is interesting. You see, I appear to have finished the next chapter already. Now I just need to wait on a certain cousin of mine to help me proofread and edit it, so any futhur delays can be blamed on him. Guess you didn't slow me down after all. Haha!

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