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Awesome cover art by JazzyQ.

Applejack meets with Rarity every month, as per Twilight's rule for maintaining friendship. She always looks forward to it, just as she looks forward to meeting with all of her friends. But when Rarity arrives hours late, this simple country pony struggles to face a truth about herself. Worse, countless chain reactions have suddenly pit all her friends against each other.
Applejack must find a way to handle the part of herself she wishes wasn't there, while grappling the intense drama that comes with it.

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The mane six are holding a silence contest. The winner gets princess duties for a week, courtesy of Princess Sparkle.

What are each ponies' reasons for wanting to win?

What complications arise due to six of Equestria's most important ponies refusing to speak?

What is Spike's take on all this?

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It has been five years since the return and vanquish of Nightmare Moon, and the royal sisters have maintained an unsteady relationship. However, old friends from the moon threaten to destroy this shaky bond, and questions on loyalty may bring Nightmare Moon up a second time.

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