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Created as a place for active users to congregate and mingle.
Primarily forum based, but will eventually feature the more popular and iconic fimfics.

This is meant to be a friendly watering hole, so play nice. As long as it doesn't degenerate into crap flinging or threats, arguments and debates will be allowed.

And as clarification, this is a group for active users, if you haven't logged in for over a week you'll be booted. But feel free to join back up once you reappear. Lastly, all FiM:Fiction rules and regs apply.

Now go and mingle already.


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Dear god the foreshadowing of drunk men, elves, dwarfs, and hobbits!

Tolkien was making MLP references before it was cool.

Probably the former. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of MLP when I hear the name.

Not sure if LOTR reference or blind coincidence...

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