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Nutmeg Sweet FiM

I am an artist and a YouTuber. I love the movie Labyrinth, and I am working on a Pony Fic based on it. I have two OTP's : Flimjack and Cheesepie. I am still very new to FimFiction but that's fine.


Fluttershy was tired of foalsitting her sister, Scootaloo. She wished with all her heart that she was gone. One night, while their parents are away, she tells Scootaloo the story of the Crystal King and his Crystal Ponies. She told her they would come and take the little filly with a simple wish. She made that wish. Now to get her sister back, Fluttershy has to go through to the center of a labyrinth and find his castle. With the help of some new friends, of coarse.

Based on the movie "Labyrinth"
Rest in peace, David Bowie :fluttercry: :raritycry: :applecry:

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You can't just take something you like and replace the characters with ponies, fanfiction doesn't work like that.

Pretty good, Fluttershy is a little out of character, and it seems a little rushed, but I'll keep an eye on this story.:twilightsmile:

6846010 okay if it seems rushed in the future let me know and I'll fix it

6848736 sorry not tryna' be mean its just you make a lot of stories based on movies and this guy thinks that's wrong :twilightblush:

Actually, I'm thinking someone like Blueblood or Fancypants would do a little bit better at being Jareth, cause Sombra's definitely got the intimidating thing down, but Jareth wasn't exactly what you'd call.....intimidating. He's more along the lines of vaguely goofy, a bit enigmatic here and there, and really flamboyant with his talking and movement. Blueblood and Fancypants definitely got those aspects down.

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