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"... a unicorn whose heart was black as night..." - that's what Princess Celestia called him. Not a draconequus or a changeling, but a fellow pony. How could a pony become so evil? How could he harm other ponies? Aren't they the most peaceful creatures there ever were? Why did this unicorn follow such dark path?

What is the story of King Sombra?

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- This story is placed in different universe that 'Rebirth of the Damned' and 'Project Eclipse', not to mention my other stories. When I finally reach 'Crystal Empire' Arc within RotD, King Sombra there will have different background.

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Quite the alluring story.

Yes. Insta fav, never seen one of this type of fic before!

may i add this to my group Villains of Equestria

1901050 thank you feel free to stop by and check out the group

Random incest scene. Oh geez. Game of Thrones.

So? We shared the same womb, I’m sure we can share some saliva.

With that logic, why not sleep with your mother? She made your body.

Oh, God, I can't get over that incest scene.
I'm going to sleep this off like a baaaad dream.

.......um ..... yeah iv got nothig to say to this one.:pinkiesad2:

Hey, I know i'm like 5 years too late, but i'm really sorry for being so judgmental about that incest scene.
I was just really young, naive and stupid back then, and way too upset about everything that my intolerant mind wasn't personally used to.

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