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I'm a long time science fiction and animation fan who stumbled into My Little Pony fandom and got caught -- I guess I'm a Brony Forever now.



YOH 1548: Year 48 of the Second Age of Wonders. The Earth has defeated the Shadows and Earth life is expanding throughout the Solar System and beyond. Ruling Princess Luna Selena Nyx, with the assistance of her Consort, Princess Twilight Sparkle gives a rare interview detailing some of her thoughts on the past and future -- and memories of her vanished elder sister.

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considered exceedingly rude, given their royalty Equestria was more egalitarian

*missing a period

Well well. This is new.
A glimpse into the future.


Thank you. I'm leery about doing this because I'm leaving myself open for Jossing, which is why I stated I consider it merely a possibility.

I was thinking of writing a story about what would happen if the shadows won. Forced to take sane hosts because they ran out of crazy cultists, they'd fail to destroy the world and instead install themselves as the ruling class. Sort of like Sombra's Crystal Empire. Everypony would be dependant on shadow magic to sustain their lives, and the only hope for advancement would be to be taken by a shadow yourself. :pinkiecrazy:


That's a very nasty AU concept. I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry about the little fav-unfav thing. Sometimes it doesn't seem to go through.

So.... I like this. Yes.

More please?

its Well-Beloved and Most Noticeable Pink Daughter..

*double period

Aha. Paradise is learning.


Aha. Paradise is learning.


Actually, it realized what it was doing wrong very early in its existence. The trick of borrowing small portions of the processing power of its population in order to ramp its own intellect up to Cosmic level was something it did to keep casuality from completely collapsing. Unfortunately, by that point, a lot of damage had been done. It took thousands of years to reach a critical point largely because Paradise was conducting a desperate balancing act that it was slowly losing.

This time, it's taking advantage of what it learned the last time it played the game to do better on the replay. Such as screening the commands of its users a lot more carefully to avoid crashing the system in which it is embedded. And avoiding lawsuits from dissatisfied customers -- Paradise is a very nice host, but you just can't please some Ponies. :pinkiesmile:

So what is this story based off of?:rainbowhuh:


My concepts about the Equestria's possible future after the Shadows are defeated and peace returns, with the new technologies spawned by the needs of war or uncovered from the remnants of the Age of Wonders now turned to more constructive applications. In character terms, how Luna's love for Twilight, described in various points in my other stories, might look once returned and become part of an acknowledged espousal, after a few decades.

4033895 and which story is that? or is it just this one?:rainbowhuh:


Nightmares Are Tragic explains exactly why the (normally straight) Luna is attracted to Twilight. All the Way Back develops it a bit further. "A Meeting by Moonlight" has Luna accidentally explain more of it to Twilight than she then feels comfortable doing, and "Feeling Adrift" has her discuss it with Celestia. Most of the arc is currently unwritten, but I have a general outline plotted.

As soon as you said railway lines through gates... Yep, that is probably a reference to the Commonwealth series!

Nice and interesting so far. Curious what the next set of questions will be.

"Even" minotaurs? "Even" minotaurs? We minotaurs prefer to be referred to as odd, thank you very much.

Luna continued, oblivious to her error. "and we want all the peoples of the world to prosper.

*either "error, 'and ...'" or "error. 'And ...'"

Competing with Paradise for tourists, eh? That's an amusing situation. Gotta bring your A game with competition like that.

"Hey, Princess-who-used-to-be-Moondreamer, I know it's kind of your pet project and all, but I think we should cancel the space program. Again. After thousands of years and many separate lives of waiting. You're okay with that, right? That's not a sore spot with you, is it?"
"The space program... will last... FOREVER!"

Though she probably

... This sentence in the Author's Note just cuts off here. What were you going to say? The people must know! (jk lol).

Serious war makes me sad face. The more realistic, the sad-facier. I prefer my fictional life-or-death struggles with giant robots which have super lasers/superpowers that involve super lasers/weaponized pies. Also with super lasers.
But that's just what I like to read, not what makes a good story.

I'm in a silly mood today. Can you tell?


A lot of Ponies have visited Paradise out of curiosity and tourism. The ones who would want to live there permanently versus the ones who would want to colonize other worlds are two sets with only a minor intersection. Quite a lot of Ponies would like to visit both Paradise and other worlds, though. Paradise itself is colonizing its own dimension, as it restores itself more and more completely -- it once occupied much of its own Solar System, and wishes to at least do that again. Paradise is not as driven to expand as are Luna and Twilight, though.

On that -- yes, the space program is one of Luna's main priorities. One of the reasons why Equestria is expanding so rapidly into space is that between them Luna and Twilight are essentially running the government, and both of them are in favor of this policy. This is actually the subject that first brought them together, before Twilight even knew that they were in the Shadow Wars. Their attitude on this is not likely to change; insofar as there is a rift between them on this it's that Luna cares more about colonization and Twilight about exploration: normally, however, they can achieve both ends with similar means.

Myzeqa is a really backwater place in the Old Worlds, essentially the equivalent of Albania -- a harsh mountain country inhabited by even harsher beings, fond of endless, violent clan warfare, which has been getting worse lately with the addition of lots of war-surplus weapons floating around after the Last Battle. Equestria has absolutely no desire to own the place, which is in the primary spheres of interest of other Powers anyway, and Luna and Twilight mostly want to avoid any serious military involvement..

... Wait, Fluttershy's an alicorn in the future? I feel like I've missed something. And yes, I did read pretty much all your stories at this point. Well, Nightmares, Adrift, A Meeting, Fluttershy is Free, Least Noticeable, and Extended Performance plus part of All the Way Back.


Yes, well I kind of skipped way ahead when I wrote this story. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I wanted to show something of my mid-term future. This has to be viewed as only an alternate possibility, since it's very vulnerable to jossing.

Ah. That explains why I'm wondering what the hell happened to Celestia and why Luna and Twilight won't discuss it, and why Flutters is an alicorn. I can tell you're being deliberately vague with Celestia, is she dead or just missing, a little of both even? I read 'Celestia's Sacrifice' in chapter two, but that could mean any number of things.

I don't mind (minor) spoilers to help clear up a little bit on those points, but if you're going to clarify that in this story, or in the future with another, I can wait.

Edit - Wow. This makes story number six of yours I've faved. Welp, I normally follow after three, so I've been slacking, and that's been fixed!

I'm unfamiliar with the Commonwealth series, but the mental image of railroad running through portals is several kinds of hilarious.
Also, interesting to see that more of Celestia's potato crop is coming in. :raritywink:

A fascinating look at a possible future. A good end, but not the best. Makes me want to see if they can do better in another playthrough.,,

Looking forward to more.

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4319336 it's interesting to think about six hundreds worlds all connected by wormholes where you have massive trains running everywhere. very fun stories.

Just got around to reading this. I don't think I would have understood it if I hadn't read most of your other stories, which fortunately I have. As a result, I enjoyed it.

Twilight is speaking based on advice she got from her friend Rarity, who understands both economics and public relations to a degree unmatched by any other Ponies.
"Show them how it helps their pocketbags, Darling," Rarity said.

In ANY universe, darlings, including the EG one I write. Rarity hasn't received much attention in Looking Glass World, but if there is a sequel, she will. And already she's giving indications of her business savvy and acumen.

Hmm. Paradise becomes a tourist destination. I know you wrote this before Cheese Sandwich was a thing, so I'm wondering how he'd fit into this scenario. Because, of course, I always do.


Rarity is awesome. "Generosity" is the Virtue that conveys mastery of social systems -- it is the Virtue that has enabled Celestia to forge a nation out of three originally-hostile Tribes. It embraces the understanding of positive-sum exchange and other activity which actually grows a society and its economy. It is a lantern lighting the way upward for Civilization.

I give Rarity some fairly dark backstory (the darkest of any of the Mane Six), but her life as a whole is meant to be inspirational -- to show how she rises above an early tragedy and becomes a true heroine. Besides, it makes philosophical sense that the Alicorn of The World should have at least one hoof in the mire, as the rest of her rises above it to show Ponykind the path to greatness.

When and if I write it explicitly, I'm also going to show how she was tempted as her abilities emerged to use them destructively, to take revenge on Society in general for her pain -- and how she rose above this temptation. Social manipulation is a talent that can be used for great good -- or for terrible evil. Something Rarity knows.

There's a reason why when we actually will meet Rush Rocks in person -- which will be right before my version of Nightmare Rarity -- he will be a secondary school dropout rejected by his former friends and family -- and wanting revenge on Rarity. One of the first things she did when she came out of the crucible of her miscarriage was destroy his school career -- and without ever getting her own hooves dirty. As I said, Rarity's talent can be used for evil.

Fortunately for the world, Rarity pulled back from the precipice. The general good cheer of Ponyville had a lot to do with healing her.


Hmm. Paradise becomes a tourist destination. I know you wrote this before Cheese Sandwich was a thing, so I'm wondering how he'd fit into this scenario. Because, of course, I always do.

It has occurred to me that he rather than Pinkie could have done the legal disclaimer, and he could have provided musical accompaniment to his disclaimer as well ... :pinkiesmile:

But, what of the human world now?

fact the essence pf civilization, that

of perhaps?

Nice to see this update after the long wait :yay:. keep it up!:twilightsmile:


Fixed ... thanks for pointing this out! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: Poor Rarity. It seems Trenderhoof will frustrate her for generations to come.

Symbiosis is always so much more rewarding than parasitism. Far better publicity, and no one's dropping nukes on you.

As for that final question... well, between the increasing numbers of immortals to remind the younger generations of the struggles of their forebears and the challenges of space colonization, I think ponykind will be okay.


Well, indirectly. HIgh Concept is Trenderhoof's son. Trenderhoof himself is a far nicer guy, though hardly perfect.

Oh yes. The other Ponies still aren't sure of the Changelings, but for the most part said Changelings are being honest.

I agree. Some of the more adventurous Ponies are already going offworld.

5895000 I was already blown away by High Concept, and now that I realize that he's Trenderhoof's son, I am doubly blown away. Who was his mom? (Did I also catch a glimpse of Silver Shill?)

That perfume ad truly IS alarmingly familiar for high end designer goods, although the explorer's Louis Vuitton ad and the jeans ad using "O Pioneers" are at the top of my list.

This does not look like "Places You Need A Designer Handbag."

I'm sorry, guys. Walt Whitman would plotz.

I also LOVED Club Medfly. See, people? It can work!


I'm glad you liked High Concept. He's more a Jerk than a true Villain.

I was not sure at first whether I wanted Trenderhoof to be dead, but I decided that he's still alive and living in happy luxury as one of the grand old stallions of Society. I doubt that either Applejack or Rarity have anything against him anymore -- why should they? Both of them have been happily married and successful in their careers beyond their wildest dreams of youth for decades now, and neither of them are so unfair and petty as to blame him for an embarrassing situation that was at least in part their own faults as well.

Sadly, Trenderhoof doesn't get on well with his son, among other things for the reasons hinted at in High Concept's internal monologue.

I didn't have Silver Shill there -- remember, he'd be quite old now, so he'd look like an elder stallion. I kind of like the background Sketcha-holic is giving him, though, and will probably make that part of my headcanon in general. It's unlikely to get jossed, because the show's unlikely to ever do a Silver Shill centric episode.

I had a specific ad in mind for "Succession," I think it was one of the late 1980's Calvin Klein "Obsession" ads. I couldn't find it online. The "Club Medfly" ad is a cross between several of them, but mostly the one to which I linked. The Everfree City real estate ad is sort of a composite of many real estate ads that I've seen.

So when do they have open contact with the humans, I'm looking forward to that.^_^

That first ad... is both terrifying and something I could easily see being a real thing. Which, given your comments, I guess it is.

How does that sell? No, seriously, what aspect of the human psyche makes that work? It's like eldritch terror perfume.

And now I'm thinking of a horror film based around animated perfume bottles.

Invisible cutie marks for the changelings, huh? I would presume that means they can see in the infra-red, too, which would also mean that there's a negligible temperature difference between changelings (while disguised, at least) and ponies, since they can't seem to tell themselves apart while they're in disguise.
It is rather strange how much emphasis ponies seem to put on the presence of cutie marks, from a human perspective. I mean, when they come across the town in The Cutie Map, Twilight insists that its the fact that they all have the same cutie mark that is strange.

No, Twilight. It's the smiles. The smiles are creepier by far.

Kinda like that last line of the changeling ad. Perhaps they should have left that part out. Or put it in a small, text-based disclaimer along the bottom of the screen, if they're worried about legal issues. But hey! Apparently, creepy works! Good on you, changeling marketers!

Methinks a lack of tribulation in the newest generation is a problem which will solve itself, in time. Perhaps not soon, probably not pleasantly, but eventually. That sort of problem tends to do that.

I like those first two commercials, even if the second one is kind of, well... :raritystarry:

Hmm, OT but I wonder if Changelings like Vespid's hive or Audra got into film and TV acting? Or would they prefer live shows where you can feel the audience's emotional response?

And that third bit with little Sweetie... yeah, she's come a long way since helping to hide a frightened wolf in her sister's Boutique.

Oh, how I love that commercial with the Changeling-run resort. That really does sound like something they'd do if they could live openly. Three cheers for the shapeshifting emotion-eating bug ponies.


I've always found car commercials hilarious, once I understood the psychology behind them. And I cut my teeth on Mad Magazine, back when it used to be really good.

I thought you'd like Club Medfly. :pinkiehappy:

6014779 I've always found car commercials hilarious, once I understood the psychology behind them.

Yes. Both amusing and vaguely sad to see 'sex sells' used to push product even in Ponyland,

Though nothing will ever top those Burger King commercials from years ago that seemed like they were advertising for high quality porn until you saw it was about a hamburger, of all things.

And yes, I do indeed like Club Medfly. At least the 'lings can live openly and honestly in the future.

Wow this is interesting i can't wait for more!!!


Ironic since in the pony pov series, ponies think 'porn' is a type of popcorn.

The Listener can dream, but the thing about a species that's rapidly approaching biological immortality is that memory isn't limited to dry historical recordings.

As for Moondancer's companion, it's fairly clear who he is. The bigger question is how he came to be as he currently is. There's quite a tale there...

In any case, a most enjoyable glimpse into a possible future. More spoilers than a legion of Filthy Riches (or is it Filthys Rich?) but still fascinating. Of course, they're only spoilers if history goes precisely along this path, and that's far from guaranteed...

Alicorn Princess Trixie sighting. She's always fun.

Well, good thing we have immortals who remember, eh?


Well, I never claimed the Listener was entirely correct. The Strauss-Howe Cycles would help the Shadows, but the existence of immortal Ponies (and eventually, the possible immortality of the whole species) helps the Ponies.


Well, you just know that I would have the maniacal little showmare Ascend ... :rainbowlaugh:


My Equestrians aren't that innocent, but they are LESS obsessed with the depiction of loveless sex than is the case in our culture.


And an Alicorn Pinkie at home with her mate in her den. :pinkiehappy:

The Yudkowsky article's still up on his personal website. I'm much less optimistic about the possibilities here in the real world, without immortal alicorns... but if possible, sure, his reasoning's sound.

(I assume the misspelling of his first name was unintentional?)


Congratulations on another story finished! And we see here that no ending, while Life still stands in this multiverse, is the ending of all stories. The shadows are still around, and their corruption still lingers...

... but, as Lewis said, hopeful reasoning is found among the devils as well. Yes, signs are there that the Ponies are starting to get discontent with their new-found peace, just like the postwar Americans. But methinks things will be far better there. For one, they have immortal Alicorns and may well reach full immortality. For another, they have a frontier far less settled than any on Earth. And for a third... as Luna was hinting at, Ponies' herd instinct has some good effects.


I mean the story to be hopeful. I'm trying to say "happy endings are possible, but remember not to drop your guard, because nothing is ever okay forever." That's an important aspect of real history as well -- we won World War One and had to fight World War Two; won World War Two and had to contain the Soviets in the Cold War; won the Cold War and now face Islamist Terrorism. The struggle for life never ends.

But it's possible to gain ground, and the Ponies have done so. They've fended off the Shadows for centuries to tens of millennia to come (depending on what sort of threat we're talking about), succeeded in regaining an Information Age civilization, and have taken the first serious steps to settling the rest of the Solar System and have started to explore the stars beyond. In a few centuries a Fallout: Equestria sort of setback would only ruin one world (and I'll point out, having played the original Fallout games that inspired that, that even in that world the Earth's not wholly ruined). In a few millennia they'll be all over the Galaxy and reaching beyond to other Galaxies. They're on the road to the Poniternity now, where they become the Guardians of the Multiverse alongside the Cosmic Concepts.

Even the sadder parts -- yes, many died in the Wars, but many always die, and they died fighting so that their species would win. Piercing Gaze is dying, but he had a good and happy life and gave Trixie four decades of about as close to happiness as that angry mare is ever going to know. Landscape probably won't see out the century, but he was reunited with Applejack for many decades and fathered a whole new branch of the Apple family tree on her. And as Luna and Twilight prove, even death is not always the end for true love.

I like tragedy, but not entirely dark tragedy, and I am mostly hopeful about the world -- both for the Ponies and for us Humans. :twilightsmile:

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