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Things that are represented in this story. · 10:10pm Oct 18th, 2018

Hey guys, so I figured I'd write this. Guess I'm bored in my inability to sleep.

Rejection of my music: This represents my feeling that nobody likes the music I write, which sucks because it's the one thing I'm moderately good at.

Record labels declining my music: no one probably knows this, but my best friend and i have been trying to pursue a career in music, two years before I started writing on this site. Needless to say in the fourteen years of trying nothing come of it.

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It was my understanding at the time he went around spamming the messages of people (yes, by definition of the FIMFiction rules it IS spam), and his private messaging function got frozen because the admins were receiving complaints about it, then s/he resorted to posting on walls. S/he subsequently recieved a ban for it, and s/he even goes into detail about it in this blog post of theirs. It happened to me, and a few other people I personally know. Having spoken to the mods and admins of the page personally, I can assure you something of that nature constitutes spamming regardless whether or not you think otherwise (with all due respect).

I realize I am rather late with this comment but I just felt like updating you on the situation.

His story made it into the features box purely because so many people were reading the story because of their spamming, and that's not a good thing.

1202395 As long as your not constantly sending the same message over and over again, and bothering the person, its not spam in my opinion. And yes, I will gladly check out your story as soon as I'm able. And by the way, it's in the feature box. Congrats!

Would you mind checking out a short one shot I wrote called "The Line". I would really appreciate it, and constructive criticism is always highly valued! ^-^ Sorry for posting it on your userpage, but my PM's don't seem to be working as of right now. feel free to delete this message after youve read it.

I'd also like to know how you feel about me sending messages/posts like this to many people each day. Would you consider it spam, despite the fact that I only send it to a person once. Furthermore, I leave people who want nothing to do with me alone after the first message, and message back every single person who did reply, and is interested. Would you consider this spam?

(I am currently in a bit of an issue regarding this.)

979589 Glad you like them. :pinkiehappy:

979583 Thank you very much! Hope you will enjoy it to the end! :pinkiehappy:
Your stories also pretty frickin' awesome! :twilightsmile:

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