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A simple writer. Will be returning to form soon enough. I've written some things I'm not proud of, but I'm sure all writers have at least one story they wrote that they're not fond of. Hope you enjoy!

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Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :derpytongue2:

Anyway, Happy Random Follow Day!! (Yay!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)

Better than mine.

I can not write a unconfusing story

1031338 I try to establish a general universe within all of my stories. The only one that can't really be tied to any of the others is The Chess Player

I like how a good chunk of your storys can be connected:pinkiesmile: keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

It'd be really good to see you writing again, but like you say, you'll need time to get back into it, and that's something I could easily wait for.

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