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Author of the Homecoming series, occasional contributor to Bodyguard!AU, and food aficionado.


Some little vignettes about some of our favorite couples on that special day of the year.

Continuity: Based on Homecoming for majority, E616 for final chapter.

Pairings: SunLight, AppleDash, Rarishy, OctaScratch, Starxie, TwiLuna.

Proofed by JacksandDashes

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These were all so cute! Well done!


I won't force them into a single chapter. It wouldn't allow me enough room for the antics.

As a transperson myself, this hit me right in the feels.

I said, my voice scratchy and deeper than I like.

That should be: "deeper than I'd like.", since she can't really change her voice, ya know? It's encinuating something different than I think you're trying to say.

It got easier as my meds started to make me look more like I should have, but that doesn’t erase the memories.”

This doesn't make much sense, and sadly it's not explained. The reader isn't told why she's taking men's really, it's just "because she doesn't look right". But why? When did she ever look wrong?

Vinyl speak is not because she is deaf

You mean mute, right?

This wasn't too bad of a story, especially for Valentines Day. I think it could be extended more, as you have a concept that I can't say I've seen explored too much, but it's fine as it is. Other than the stuff I pointed out, I have to say you wrote something entertaining, and for a short collection of shipping stories, I suppose that's all I can ask. Though, I hope you can try to keep about one thousand words for that last chapter, you were just lucky it wasn't a story on its own.

Simple and cute. This is when they are in college or after?

If you tell me that they started dating after Sunset wedding I will kill you!! Just kidding, But yws, I will complain a lot XD


Not for this particular one. It's just a bunch of silly fluff for Valentine's day...and a glimpse into the future of the canon couples.

Vinyl being trans was certainly unexpected but definitely liked :twilightsmile: I can certainly appreciate a fellow transwoman hating her voice...I'm glad she's gotten a happy ending and a loving wife.


This doesn't make much sense, and sadly it's not explained. The reader isn't told why she's taking men's really, it's just "because she doesn't look right". But why? When did she ever look wrong?

It's cause the implication is very, very blatantly obvious to anyone at all familiar with trans stuff.

:twilightsmile: I am perfectly fine with platonic Starlight x Trixie. Another nice story.


Glad you liked it. There's quite a bit of me in this Vinyl.


But Vinyl was never a guy. So I don't really see the point of it.

7947304 to quote another Pony I headcanon as trans. "Mhmm"

I don't know if I've actually ever read a story for this ship before. And now I realize how much I love it, darling~! :raritystarry: :yay: :heart:

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Check my bookshelves. I know there's one there at least.

But isn't it just so adorbs? :raritywink::twilightsmile:

Though I just read a Rarilight fic that was good...I'm now torn between writing a Rarilight and a ShyLight.

I'm not okay with this. My headcanon demands the sloppy kisses and heavy petting. :twilightangry2:

Oh my gosh, I love this so much. :fluttercry:

Octascratch is one of my favorite ships again. :raritystarry: :yay:

Seriously so happy with them. Vinyl for how you wrote her - I feel so much for her. And Octavia too for being so loving. :heart:

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Spike has no idea of the heartbreak he's in and a certain Dragon Lady is going to be there.

Nothing jumped out at me, nothing even hobbled at me.

This is a hilarious line and I know that feel.

I tried using vegan meat substitutes to help make the rue

Roux. And you don't need meat to make a roux normally, it's just oil and flour. (Though I get mine out of a jar 'cause I'm lazy.). Cute scene, though.


Damn my missed spellings!

I prefer to use the drippings, personally, when I make mine. Makes it a bit richer, I think.

I'd just call that good ole English gravy, but potato, tomato. Also, I'm close enough to 'Cajun country that I'm afraid some scary old granmère will show up to yell at me if I mess up roux.


Good enough reason :rainbowlaugh:

All the same, glad you're enjoying the stories.

I just binge read your entire series I a little under two days... If you don't write professionally, you should give it a try! Your world building ability is fantastic!

I turned and smiled at my best friend, Beatrix Lulamoon, as she sat down next to me, her cloak wrapped around her.


beatrix?! well im used to weird names and to me its an offshoot of beatrice but......wow just wow
not saying its a bad thing but wow
aaaaaaaanywaaay,a little birdie told me about some botched star wars fics. do tell

I’ll sooner be locked in a room with With nothing but the Twilight series to read than revisit those ghastly things. I was ten and very bad at this at the time.

And I don’t remember where but I read that her official full name was that. Kinda ran with it.

Butter's good for a light roux – like for an etouffee. It scorches way too easy to use it for a good, dark gumbo roux, though. It's hard enough to keep a dark roux from burning without having to worry about your butter getting too hot. YMMV, though.

Also? I lean towards Italian more than anything else.

Then again, an old Italian woman once told me that if it’s not sizzling enough there’s not enough butter.

Oh, you don't gotta sell me on the wonders of butter. Butter is life. It's just no good for anything high temperature. High temp frying, peanut oil's your friend.

Oh yeah.

I love this story is mostly non-canon now but it’s turned into a good dessert-tation... :pinkiehappy:

I’ll show myself out

Great date story for a valentines story

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