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Fluttershy and Rarity love each other, of that there is no doubt.

So why did Fluttershy flee from her trying to pull her tightly to her in bed?

Maybe she is more fragile than she appears.

Rated Teen for the content, see tags.

Continuity: Homecoming

Proofreading by Ebon Quill, Heartshine, and Jayman155

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Not a story I was expecting to read tonight but , I have to say you portrayed it all quiet well and I just , I’m sorry that you had to live with that , I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what that must be like.

I am so sorry that happened to you. Also, good choice selecting Fluttershy for this kind of story; it's likely going to shock some of the readers.

Twilight has accurate statistics, and here’s some more. Every six minutes, that victim is a child. Only one inbone thousand offenders will serve time or even be apprehended.

And less than half of these events are reported. For the very reasons Fluttershy lists, or not being taken seriously by the police.

Sexual assault has no boundaries on age, gender, or decency. It has affected men, women, children...

And yours truly.

And, at least in America, it seems like it isn't getting any better. We are divided and angry, looking to lay blame and punish those we perceive as guilty, sometimes before facts come to light. It... Scares me, honestly, that we aren't treating the source of much of this. We have spent generations telling boys that "men don't cry" and to stop "acting like a bitch" and, generally, just demeaning emotions, feelings, and pretty much anything "feminine"... and now we are reaping the consequences.

Adults who have no empathy nor concept of personal responsibility beyond what their immediate desires are. "Men" who feel entitled to whatever they want from whomever they want whenever they want it. Women who are terrified to go out in public or be alone for fear of their attacker finding them again. Children growing up without any guidance on how to be a caring and loving person... The cycle continues...

It has to stop. We can stop it by showing the world there is a better way; redefining masculinity and femininity to be admirable concepts that are forces for good, a beacon of light rather than something whispered in fear; showing that intimacy and sexuality aren't shameful things to be repressed, but beautiful things to be cared for, nurtured, and respected.

Maybe, just maybe... We can make the difference the world needs... and be the catalyst that brings about an end to sexual assault.

Thanks you for sharing this AllyKitty... And for what it's worth, I'm so sorry that you went through this. I hope and pray that you are in a better and safer place, and that your life continues to improve from here.

My first draft of my reply turned into a blog post length one, so I had to truncate it.

This is a rampant issue and I have to say that there are so many ways to get around it as a society.

And for those not knowledgeable about the issue, please research for yourself. Sexual assault and rape are often more about the power than the sex. Consent is a real thing, and I’ve only consented to being pushed against a wall while being kissed once.

Ok, twice.

Aye, it pains me that it is an issue. Consent should be an easy thing (affirmative consent no less - simply claiming "they didn't say no" isn't sufficient IMHO) and needs to be taught... But much like anything sexual, we shy away from talking about it as a whole and... Well, here we are :(

I think basic empathy and responsibility would go a long way to fixing a number of issues we face... The fact that the affluenza defense was even attempted indicates a systemic failure of morality in society I think.

For those of us who want to help, and be vigilant - any recommendations on where to start and what to look for? I am wary of some of what I've seen online (I try to take most anything online with a grain of salt though)... But, yeah... I'd like to think most if us here would like to help however we can.

Well, anywhere you want. Outreach centers, volunteer, teach awareness classes, etc. local Law Enforcement departments may ge able to direct you to those in the area.

It doesn't help that the current government seems to have a culture of blaming the victims.

I'm very sorry that you have to go through this. Personally, I can't say that I've experienced this first hand, but my brother is transgender, and he's faced a lot of harassment of this type.

The media needs to stop talking only about the offenders... The stories of the victims make a much bigger difference. A few years ago, my great aunt and uncle were murdered, and the only thing anybody ever saw about the crime was who did it and how. When you don't humanize the victims, you lessen the impact a thousandfold.

I'm extremely sorry you had to go through this. Just remember that you are not alone.

Having suffered physical abuse, I can at least understand some of what you and others have gone through.

My condolences.


No, our culture blames the victims; our government just wants to bury the issue.

Every time I hear the claim to girls 'if you don't want them to do what they do, then don't tempt them', I wanna slug the one that said it. I don't know the full statistics, but a large number of rape and sexual harassment is done to those that aren't advertising anything. Those that do this sort of thing often go for the weak or easy targets, and not just those that dress in a provocative manner.

The worst part is the emotional scarring, which can damage someone's ability to form relationships for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of their life.

And it doesn't matter who you are. Fluttershy has always had problems with self-esteem so it's easy to hurt her deeply. But she's not alone, as you well know. "Broken Bird" by zbehtesi examines how even someone as brash and seemingly sure of herself as Rainbow Dash is not immune to this type of pain.

Oh my, I'm sorry you went through this. I hope you're doing much better now. I hope writting about it helped too. Thank you for shedding some light an issue many shy away from.

This is the most difficult kind of good story. It's so hard to read yet demands I read it anyway. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I highly suggest you make this story open to non-mature persons, especially because of the issues it assesses
The more people know about this the better

This is definitely something more people should read. Coming out about this kind of thing is tough, so you deserve so much praise for this. :twilightsmile:

I also went through something like this when I was younger. It still affects me in certain ways, like being unable to be in complete darkness, as well as freaking out if someone sneaks up behind me and grabs me. It's great to have people around who understand what happened and are willing to help (my non-brony boyfriend actually got me a Pinkie Pie night light so I wouldn't have panic attacks if I woke up from a nightmare or something similar) I still have rough moments and flashbacks, but knowing that I'm not alone really helps.

Agreed 1000%. *sends good vibes to Rose Quill*

I went to reread this and noticed it has an "E" rating for some reason. Maybe bump that up to "T"? It's not exactly fit-for-everyone content. (And the description says it's rated mature, yet that's not the case.)

I feel sorry for a Fluttershy she got assaulted at such a young age. It's just wrong! But I'm glad she's getting the help she needs via therapy. Which is something I do myself with my worries too. :twilightsmile:

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