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Can your superior OP pony survive bullets, swim in the core of a hypergiant star and a black hole without taking any damage? Likes to use machine guns as massage tools? Is basically immortal? Are they some sort of godlike machine ponies?

Do you wish to read stories where ponies are in fact superior to humans? But they aren't evil at the same time? So no pony imperialism and other evil stuff. Where ponies actually don't abuse their power and treat those that are lesser than them with respect and dignity for the most part. And even wish to befriend lesser races?

You can have your ponies as broken overpowered as you like in your story. However, they must not be evil.

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Sucks that there isn't a lot of fics based around this idea.

This is going to be quite a controversial idea for a group. We are talking about ridiculously powerful ponies, who could wipe out the entire human race with a single flick of their hoof. Where all humans are little more than cosmic dust before their might.

Yet... the ponies aren't monsters at the same time. Even though they can destroy us with ease.

I can't support this yet I can't argue with it.

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