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991 years. That's how long it's been since Nightmare Moon took over Luna and was banished. Every single year, Celestia has tried and failed to abate her pain over the incident. Finally, she has had enough of the hole in her heart and seeks to fill it, even if only temporarily. Becoming a mother to six seems like the best course of action to that end, doesn't it?

A little idea I had that I hadn't seen done before. Proofread and reviewed by Azure5555.

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Twilight Sparkle should be happy. But she's not. She has everything anypony could ever want. But she doesn't care. Friends. Loneliness. A smile. A frown. Laughs that could make a baby giggle. Sobbing that won't ever come up. She tries so hard to care. It's impossible.

My own feelings about and dealing with depression. I'm projecting super hard here and just trying to vent. Don't pity me, I don't need it. Save it for those who do.

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Luna has a secret. A secrety secret. The secret secrety secret that is... secret. Twilight discovers this secret. Then tells Celestia. Who tells the entire nation of Equestria.

My entry into Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious) Business Contest. Changed from a random idea into a self challenge, made meta.

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After a startling message from Princess Celestia, Twilight rushes to Canterlot General in search of her grandpa. He has some things to say to her before he goes.

Dedicated to my late grandpa, Papa. Take this as me coping and saying goodbye to him.

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Twilight Sparkle's ascension into being an alicorn released a massive amount of magic. Most of it was released into Equestria, but some parts of time and space were also affected by it. Most magic fed into worlds already had the strange essence, or was simply explained out of existence. Only in a few places set around the time stream did the magic coalesce into anomalies, creating strange happenings, almost entirely unexplainable. In one long distanced world, this magic formed into a portal. What happens when a certain well adventured adventurer wanders in? Come with me, and you shall see an entire world changed by just one individual.

The game this fic is based on is called Adventure Quest, and you find it at http://www.battleon.com/ by Artix Entertainment. I own nothing besides my own character Heaross.

I highly recommend everyone try out the game, even if it is rather old. It's updated every week, and the potential it has is amazing! I do break canon a decent bit for story purposes, but the story the game has is amazing and can last you several days, especially the Devourer Saga. This game is a prime example of what a turn based rpg can be, and it is one of my favorite games of all time.

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