• Published 9th Apr 2018
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Sisters of Harmony - Armyidiot

It's been many, many years since Nightmare Moon's banishment. Seeking to fill the hole in her heart, Celestia adopts six little fillies. Little does she know that they'll do much more than that.

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Chapter 1

“Here are the papers, Princess.”

“Thank you, Sunny Days.”

Princess Celestia, Monarch of Equestria and the force that drives the sun, took a sip of tea. She looked over the forms as she drank, idly pondering her decision. Oh, if only Luna were here. Maybe she could provide some reason why. Smiling, she signed the adoption forms.

One week prior…

“Dash! I thought I told you to make your bed!” Twilight Sparkle irritatedly shouted at her for what had to have been the 8th time that month alone.

“Relax, Twi, I’ll make it later,” Came the laid-back reply of Rainbow Dash, lying around the lofts of the orphanage.

“No you won’t, you’ll just procrastinate until it’s bedtime again, like you always do!”

“It’s a hopeless venture, Twilight. It’s better to just let her keep her bed a mess,” Came the sophisticated voice of Rarity Belle, patting a hoof across her withers.

“Yeah, Dashie doesn’t like cleaning, do you?” The ever jubilant voice that carried to both belonged to Pinkie Pie, pronking around the kitchen.

“Nope! I’d rather be flying through the clouds, practicing my tricks for when oneday I become a Wonderbolt!” RD spread her hooves wide as she exclaimed it, mirth lighting her eyes despite none of the other being able to see them.

“Oh, please, everyone stop fighting… I’ll make your bed if you want me to, Rainbow,” Was the ever quiet voice of Fluttershy, cutting through the loud voices despite her voice carrying like a whisper.

“Rainbow Dash, if Fluttershy makes your bed, you ain’t getting any of the apple soup!” Applejack’s rustic and southern accent shocked Dash, she wouldn’t really do that, would she?

“You aren’t serious, are you, AJ?”

“I’m perfectly serious, sugarcube. Make your bed or else you aren’t getting any soup.” The orange earth pony didn’t even turn around, hiding her smirk.

The sky blue pegasus stared at her sister for a moment before dashing towards the orphanage’s shared bedrooms. Applejack chuckled, stirring the soup for dinner later. While the sounds of Dash making her bed wafted throughout the halls, the others went through the process of preparing dinner for all of the colts and fillies at their shared home. Twilight running through a checklist of various things that needed to be done, Rarity and Pinkie working together to make the room look bright and cheerful, Fluttershy setting out the silverware and utensils needed for dinner, and AJ making the food. The giant pot easily held more than enough soup for all of the children still living at the orphanage, including the six that were making the dinner.

None of them had memories of their parents or any family, aside each other. From what Sunny Days, the caretaker of Better Days Orphanage, had said, each of them had arrived when they were foals, and strangely enough, all at the same time. A large basket with six fillies and a card saying that whoever it was would never be able to take care of them. It held the names of the fillies and how sorry whoever it was couldn’t take care of them, but did still wish them a better home. Even before the revelation, they had always felt close, and with the note and basket, they started to officially call each other their sisters. While they were lucky the note also held their birthdays, they didn’t celebrate them. The six celebrated the day they came to the orphanage as their birthdays, all at once.

They took care of the younger kids, working together like a family only could. Despite none of them being past age 10, they still worked as hard as they could to lighten the load for Sunny Days, especially as she was getting on in years. Maybe not enough to retire, but enough that some things were just simply out of her ability. She couldn’t quite do the laundry as efficiently as she used to, the dinner for each day had always taken much more time than she had, and helping monitor the young ones all by herself took so much out of her, even now. Despite it all though, she still did whatever she could, handling paperwork and the foals, and trying everyday to get homes for the little colts and fillies she felt so motherly over.

“Girls,” Called out a familiar motherly voice from down the hall, “How is dinner coming?”

“Everything is going according to plan, Mother Sunny!” Twilight called back.

“That's wonderful,” Sunny Days said as she walked in. Her coat was a bright, sunny yellow while her mane was colored a light sky blue. Dark blue eyes looked over kindly of her charges. Some wrinkles and grey patches gave her a more aged appearance, though they didn't slow her spryness. “If all goes well, we should have a few visitors come after supper. There was even one mare who showed interest in you six. So I want you all to be on your best behavior, alright?”

“Yes, Mother Sunny,” Echoed five young voices.

The older mare mentally counted the number of fillies in the room before coming to the conclusion that one was missing. “Where's Rainbow Dash?”

Applejack chuckled before answering, “She's makin’ her bed.”

The caretaker slyly grinned, but still felt surprised. “And how ever in the world did you manage that?”

“I have my ways, Mother Sunny.”

Sunny Days shook her head in amusement. “See to it that your ways don't get you in any trouble, young missy.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Princess Celestia followed the orphanage’s caretaker down the hall, marvelling at the many pictures of bright, smiling colts and fillies who all had at one point called this place their home. She could only hope to make whoever she adopted smile just as wide as these did.

“Here we are, Princess,” Sunny Days suddenly said. “I know you said that you would rather adopt more than one, and I’ve got a group here as inseparable as can be. They all came here on the same night and haven’t left each other since. Frankly, I think they only way to get them out of here is to take them all in one batch.”

The solar monarch hummed in response, thinking of what could possibly make them so. “I know that look, Princess. That’s the look of one that isn’t expecting six fillies all at once.”

“Excuse me, six fillies?”

“Yes. I’m not sure of the story behind them, just that they came in a large basket all together with this card.” She showed Celestia the card that came with the foals, having held onto it for this.

-I’m sorry. I wish that I could care for these beautiful fillies, but I know that trying would only bring them a sad upbringing. They deserve so much more than that, and I truly hope that they can find better homes with better families. The lavender unicorn is Twilight Sparkle. The bright white unicorn is Rarity Belle. The sky blue pegasus is Rainbow Dash. The butter yellow pegasus is Fluttershy. The orange earth pony is Applejack. The bubblegum pink earth pony is Pinkie Pie. Please, I beg you, care for them as if they were your own foals. They have such a bright future together.


When Celestia saw the initials, she couldn’t possibly believe her eyes. She hadn’t seen those letters in that context for close to ten centuries. It should be logically impossible for her to have done something like this!


Celestia had to avert her eyes and control her breathing to avoid losing control. “I-I’m fine, Sunny Days.” The alicorn breathed in, controlling herself. “If you would be so kind, I would like to see the six fillies.”

“As you wish, madam.” The sunny pony opened a plain door in front of them, leading to a small room with a table in the center and six fillies all behind it, looking nervous.

“Hello there, my little ponies,” Celestia greeted. A few gasps were heard before each bowed in turn to her. “Please, you don’t have to bow. Today I am not just the Princess, I am looking to be a mother.”

“A mother?” The lavender unicorn the note said was Twilight Sparkle asked.

“Yes. I am looking to adopt somepony, and you six have all caught my eye. Am I to understand that you’re all fantastic friends?”

“You’re wrong.” The impetulant voice came from Rainbow Dash, her mane an actual rainbow.

“Dash!” Twilight hissed at her, trying to reign her in.

“We’re not friends.” Her voice was full of confidence and trust in the others. “We’re family.”

Celestia ohed in surprise, looking at each of them in a new light. “So would it be too much to assume that I could only have one of you?”

“With all due respect, Princess,” Applejack threw a harsh glare at the confidently frowning Rainbow, “We’d much rather stay here than be seperated.”

“Yeah! Besides, we need to help out Mother Sunny as much as we can!” The light, bubbly voice came from Pinkie Pie, looking as if she was about to burst from excitement.

Celestia looked behind her at a smiling Sunny Days, a light blush coloring her cheeks. “They just started calling me that one day. I can’t find it in my heart to tell them no.”

“Well,” The white alicorn said, a hoof holding her chin while being propped up by the other, looking thoughtfully to the ceiling, “What if I got some help for Mother Sunny? Would you be willing to come with me then?”

“And live in the palace like a noble?” The inquisitively proper voice was Rarity’s, her eyes starting to twinkle at the idea.

“Yes, you’ll all live with me in the castle. There you’ll be able to get the best education and never have a want for anything that you couldn’t have.”

Each of the fillies’ eyes lit up at the prospect, thinking of what their futures could hold as princesses. Fluttershy, though, held a doubt she voiced. “What would happen to Mother Sunny?”

Sunny Days walked in, stepping behind the foals. “I’ll still be here, running the orphanage if any of you ever want to come and visit me.” She gave a hug to the filly who was scared of leaving her. “I promise, you’ll always have a home with me even if nopony else would give you one.” The other fillies gathered around for a group hug. One big happy family, as strange as it is, Celestia thought.

The hug went on just long enough for it to be awkward, and although they did separate soon after, the motherly mare stayed behind the fillies, providing comfort and reassurance. Twilight cleared her throat and said, “What do you say, Princess?”

“Yeah,” Came the scratchy, tomboyish voice of Rainbow Dash, “Think you can handle us?”

“I’ll give you a fair warning, we can be rather difficult at times,” Was the ever sophisticated voice of Rarity.

“It’s either all or nothing with us,” Said the rustic voice of Applejack.

“We’ll try not to cause too much trouble, but I can’t promise anything…” The so quiet and timid voice of Fluttershy cut through the air.

“It’s gonna be a party from start to end!” Pinkie Pie’s ever high pitched and happy voice came through.

Princess Celestia rose from her seat, flaring out her wings as she lifted each of the fillies onto her back. “I think I’ll be taking these now,” She said to Sunny Days as the foals whooped and cheered. The white alicorn, now saddled with six overactive foals, ran out of the orphanage, taking to the skies and giving the foals a wide view of Canterlot and the orphanage.

For the first time in all of 991 years, Celestia genuinely smiled.

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