Guardian of Equestria

by Armyidiot

Assassin's Judgement

"Sunset Shimmer, you are accused of the following charges: Attempted assassination of a ruler, Attempted theft of an Element of Harmony, Assault of a ruler, Harm of one Heaross' pet how in the fuck is a dragon a pet... and a case of breaking and entering."

It was the next day, and the court case was being presided by Cadence, who was the most neutral princess aside from Luna, who was nocturnal and couldn't attend due to being asleep. It was discovered that Celestia was the former teacher for Sunset Shimmer, and that Sunset had used a mirror to escape to another realm. The reason that Heaross and Twilight couldn't be judge was that they were directly involved in the incident, and Celestia had personal history to Sunset. Cadence had no prior knowledge of Sunset, and had no direct interaction with the case. Most impartial judge possible, maybe not, but she was the most impartial princess, despite having clear relations to everyone who isn't Sunset.

"How do you plead?" Cadence was doing a marvelous job of being a judge, despite this being her first time. She had even told Heaross that she was nervous.

"I... plead guilty."

...really? All that hard work, and she just gives up. I would have expected a bit more resistance, but maybe she's afraid of me being able to choose her sentence. If we were playing by my world's rules, then the minimum sentence would be life in prison. The most she could get would be a death sentence. I don't know this world's law rules though, so I'll just have to play it by ear.

"Attempted assassination of a ruler would already sentence you to life in prison, and so would Assault of a ruler. Harm of Heaross' pet condemns you to his punishment, considering his status as advisor and protector of Twilight Sparkle. Breaking and Entering just pushes things over the edge, so in minimum, you would face banishment. This is, of course, if Heaross wills it. His involvement also includes his world's laws. Put simply, he has control over your fate."

Okay, this was not what I was expecting. Equestria takes its laws extremely serious. I have control over her? Well, I can certainly think of a few punishments that would be quite entertaining. Maybe... Okay, yeah, doing that. Sunset looked in fear at the Warrior, genuinely scared now. Heaross had a very evil smirk, ecstatic at what he had thought of. "I have thought of an appropriate punishment. In my world, the maximum punishment one can receive is a fate worse than death. I have an alternate punishment, considering how gruesome my world can be. She harmed Frost, my pet Ice Dragon. Needless to say, she and Scorch, her mate, are very angry at her. My punishment is that she would be the personal servant to my dragons. All of them."

Many gasps were heard, considering how dragons were the most feared creatures in all of Equestria. Being a servant to one? Suicide, at best. "I have a total of 8 dragons, one of each element of my world. Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Earth, Energy, Light, and Darkness. I have trained my dragons to only kill on command, or when their death is the only other result. I will command them to do with her as they wish, short of killing her, unless she attempts to harm them or any other of my pets." Sunset Shimmer looked terrified at this point. Being a slave to dragons? She'd rather take death at this point. That did make her curious as to what the actual worst punishment his world had, because if that's supposed to be his mercy, then what was the worst? "Just for reference, the actual worst punishment my world has is something you might be able to relate to, Celestia. Insomnia, Immobility, Immortality." That... didn't sound too bad in all honesty.

"Your world is terrifying, Heaross," Celestia all but screamed.

Sunset took to her new job quite well. She had already cleaned out the poo pen, and had fed all of the dragons in an hour. Quite impressive, but Heaross could do it in 10 minutes. Normally, a new servant would take at minimum 2 hours just for the pen, and another hour for feeding. Needless to say, the pets were quite happy, especially Frost when she heard the news.

As Heaross left the Petverse, and Sunset to do her job, he found Twilight back in her room, again cowering in fear. Despite the fact that no one in their right mind would attempt to hurt Twilight again, especially with Heaross there, she was still scared. Heaross also had trouble, but with his own emotions regarding the young alicorn. Getting a feeling, he checked under the bed and found Mr. Puggleton there. He grabbed the pillow and handed him to Twilight, while Heaross sat on the edge of the bed. Wrestling with his inhibitions and feelings, "Are you okay, Twilight? Sunset is now in the Petverse, away from you."

Looking up with tears, Twilight responded, "It's not that, Heaross. It's just the concept of someone wanting me dead. I know that being a Princess can come with a lot of hardships, but I didn't think that people would hate me that much." Sitting up, she hugged Mr. Puggleton tightly, taking comfort in his softness and toy ears. She was breathing heavily, trying not to break under the stress.

Heaross thought for a moment on how he could help. The most he could think of was unhooking his breastplate, and placing Twilight there while he relatched the straps. "Feeling protected now?" A cheeky grin and warm hug told Twilight that he was serious about protecting her, even her mental stability.

Laughing, "Yes, I do. Thank you, Heaross." She took comfort in the warrior's warm chest and abs, then she looked straight at him. "Can you do me a favor?"

"At your service, my liege."

"Okay, 2 things. One, can you please not call me 'liege' anymore? We're friends, and I don't want us to be so formal when we're talking." She seemed rather annoyed at this, but quickly brightened when Heaross chuckled, nodding his confirmation. "Thank you. My second thing..."

Hey, is she blushing? Hard to tell with the purple coat, but she definitely looks redder than normal. "...never mind. It's not important."

"What is it, Twilight? You know you don't have to be scared to confide in me. My oath already binds me to secrecy. Us being friends just reinforces that." Okay, yeah, she is definitely blushing now. Wait, my face feels warm. Shit I'm blushing now too!

"Can you... could you please kiss me?"

Her voice had shrunk down to where Heaross couldn't hear her, even with his Guardian sense of hearing. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Can you speak up a bit?" If that was genuinely what Heaross thought that he had heard, he was going to have a stroke. Instead of repeating herself, Twilight just stuck her face into his chest, muffling her sounds. She had said something while like that, but Heaross didn't entirely hear it again. "That tickles, and I still didn't quite hear you."

Moving her face right in his, full blush activated, "Kiss me." It was not a question.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Moving his head down, Heaross lightly kissed the top of Twilight's head. "There. You happy?" FUCK I'M BLUSHING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME WHY IS SHE SO FUCKING CUTE

Twilight's voice was quiet and shaky, but the conviction in it spoke leagues. "No, I'm not."

FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK "Oh really? Is there anywhere else you want me to kiss you?"

As Heaross was laying down, Twilight just let herself fall, not holding her neck up anymore, letting gravity take care the job. "Please stop torturing me..." Her sad frown really drove itself into Heaross' stone warrior heart.


"Please, stop Heaross... I'm embarrassed enough as it is..."

FUCKFUCKFUCK I'M ABOUT TO DO IT WHYWHYWHY SHIT I CAN'T STOP MYSELF Reaching over to her, Heaross grabs Twilight's chin, and pulls it slightly up and towards him. He moves his head closer with the greatest smirk to ever have smirked, blushing, "Or maybe... Would you like it right about..." Their lips connect, sending sparks of magic and feelings going everywhere, despite the fact the kiss only lasted a second, "There?"

Twilight was almost hyperventilating. "Yes, please." Heaross was chuckling now, despite the war his mind was waging against his body and feelings, though it was losing.

"Would you like another? Careful, I may just have to assume that you actually like me." Heaross was still blushing, though he knew that the pony cuddling him in his armor was absolutely at his mercy. Or maybe it was the other way around? He wasn't sure anymore, but he did know that he rather enjoying himself, despite everything his logical side was telling him.

Twilight was very submissive, considering her bookworm nature. Heaross was no beginner to romance, but neither did he have much experience in it. He wasn't sure what to expect at this point, besides maybe more kissing. He wasn't a virgin either, but he'd be willing to bet one of his swords that Twilight is. Deciding to just follow his instincts, Heaross kissed her again, holding the contact for longer this time. The whimpers following after were sure signs that Twilight was just as-if not more-embarrassed than he was, but still enjoying it. A low chuckle escaped him, and they simply cuddled for a time, enjoying each other's presence.

Eventually, Heaross said, "You know what everyone is going to say, right?"

"I don't think I really care at this point. Let them talk." Twilight was very relaxed, almost sleeping at this point.

"Hehehe," raising his voice now, "well I think it's about time someone stopped listening in to us before I get Artix to blast those persons away!" Muttered curses and frantic clops were heard right outside of the door, signaling that someone was indeed listening in. Heaross laughed heartily on hearing the curses, and Twilight even enjoyed a few chuckles.

Realizing something, Twilight curiously asked Heaross, "Isn't Artix that paladin friend of yours? How would he blast them away if he isn't here?"

"Oh, yeah, I haven't told you the names of all my pets. Yes, Artix is my good friend, the paladin, but I actually named my light dragon after him," Heaross explained, "When I said Artix, I was referring to my dragon, not the wasabi loving punnist. Artix shows the same disdain for undead and evils that the real Artix does, so that's where the inspiration comes from. He's primarily the reason why I can't have a dracolich."

"Ahh, I understand now." Twilight and Heaross resumed their cuddling, but after he had removed his armor and they got comfy in the bed. Cuddling with a pony isn't as hard as one might think, considering the long length of their back runs almost perfectly the distance of the collarbone to pelvis. "So you don't really care what people think either?"

"Trust me, as a Guardian, you see a massive amount of adversity. People not learning to deal with it is the third most common reason why people quit being a Guardian. I've been a Guardian for 13 years. I've learned to deal with harsh opinions on more than one occasion."

Again, Twilight looked a bit perplexed, "Third most common reason? What's the first 2?"

"The second most common is disability due to limb or mind loss. Guardian's do live a dangerous life, considering all that we protect the world from. The first most common reason is due to the second most common. When people see someone who has just lost an arm, or a leg, many new Guardians would feel sick, or lose their faith in the order. While admittedly, it is rare, the few times that it has happened is more than enough reason for some to not want to risk their life like that. Truthfully? I don't blame them. It is terrifying going into a battlefield, and not knowing if you may come out entirely intact. It could happen to anyone, even me. If luck is not on your side, then you may lose more than just a little blood, or an armor piece."

Twilight thought about this for a moment, but decided to let the matter drop. The conversation had turned grim enough already, and she just wanted to enjoy herself. And Heaross. After a time, she turned in the warrior's arms, and settled herself in having her muzzle right in his chest. Their legs tangled, and they cuddled even harder than before. Smiling, still keeping the blush for so long, Twilight quietly said, "Thank you."

"Hehe, I think I should be thanking you," Heaross replied, just as soft.

"Why? You're the one that started all this, so why do I have to take credit?"

"Because, the life of a Guardian is rather lonely. My original intentions back at the cathedral were to just say the lines, and try to figure out a way back home. Trust me, even right now, this is very abnormal for me. When that assassin attacked, seeing you so scared just... Awoken something in me. Something I thought was gone. That massage may have been part of damage control, but Scorch and Frost? I normally would never have done something like that. I don't like putting my pets in harm's way, even though I know that they would never die against, well, anything. You make me feel... content. Happy. It's like, for once, I finally have something to fight for, instead of just against. So, thank you."

Twilight was actually crying now, but tears of joy instead of fear. Surprising Heaross, she quickly moved up and kissed him, just showing what she was feeling. She held that position for awhile, until they both needed to stop for breath. Blushes in full force, they chuckled a little, and kissed again, though not as forcefully. They continued like that for several more kisses, surprising the other, until they were both very tired. Twilight physically and emotionally, Heaross emotionally and mentally.

Twilight yawned, being the first to show her exhaustion. "Sorry, today has been wonderfully weird. Do you want to go to sleep now, or do you need to do something?"

Heaross gave a smirk, causing Twilight to now start having a few doubts. "Just one thing before we do. Wait here." Heaross disengaged from the alicorn, and turned to the side of the bed. He arose and stretched for a moment, before opening another portal, but not to the Petverse. He gestured for Twilight to follow him, and stepped inside the portal. Twilight got up a moment later, yawning again. She followed the Guardian, stepping through the strange barrier. She looked towards him, and where he was standing, gesturing to the entirety of the space. "This, Twilight, is my personal room. I have entirely outfitted this space with many enchantments, and several facilities to see to any needs one may have. I have a food bar, with any kind of edible substance you may want, a bath with the most fragrant of soaps, and even a bed softer than air. The most useful thing this space has," he went to close the portal, sealing them inside, "is that when all openings are closed, time stands still."

Twilight gasped, shocked at the potential of a place like this. "You mean, we could stay here forever?!"

"As long as you may wish. Another enchantment placed entails that any time spent here will not waste away your life span. You could, quite literally, spend eternity here. And, there is even an infinite bookshelf. Follow me." Twilight did, gasping at almost everything the space had for use. She saw the food bar, a science and magic station entirely fitted with tools of all kinds, a practice range for any type of combat, a med bay that could heal any and all injuries, several beds with many different designs and comforts, and even a hall of Heaross' most valuable possessions. "If I sold everything in here, the total would be more than 2 billion gold. Of course, I don't need that much, but it is reassuring for a particularly rainy day."

Continuing on, they reached the bookshelf that he had spoken of, which had a rotating mechanism and several shelves worth of books. When she rotated the shelves, Twilight found more and more books than should logically fit in such a small space. "Drakel Magiscience. This bookshelf cost me a massive 30 million gold to trade, but never have I regretted the decision. It can hold any book known in the Universe. It even... where is it... Ah!" Flipping to another shelf that had a book that stretched the entirety of the shelf's length,"It holds this marvel of literary work. This book holds the entirety of all the science and experimentation that the Drakel have ever done. If you ever have a question if something will blow up, chances are the Drakel have done it first. And replaced what had been blown up."

Looking around in absolute awe, Twilight asked, "Did you do all of this yourself? How could you even afford it?"

"I actually didn't make all of this myself. Most of the things here were bought, and the things that weren't were either built specifically for this realm, or moved here from another place. The entire project was suggested by Valencia to us Grandmasters. Each of us played a different role in making it, though it certainly wasn't easy. It took us 3 months of nonstop work to build this entire place." The pride in his voice shone through, saying just how much work him and his friends put into this place. "The total cost was about... 150 million? 200? Somewhere around that price range, the main thing is that it was hard to do. Only Valencia and us Grandmasters can come here. We of course can invite people in, but only us 5 know how to open the portal."

Twilight, yet again, looked perplexed, but was answered before she had even asked the question. "No, I can't try and make my way back through here. The opening stays where it was last closed if someone is inside, and trying to coordinate a time when multiple of us might be in is extremely hard. Besides the enchantments essentially forcing us to keep the doors open if we want time to pass, the others don't visit here much. They do come here, but not as much as I normally do. They generally are much busier than I am, so trying to get a good time is hard unless we actually come together to join in. And we can't just leave notes for each other, or leave the portals open. Enchantments placed regularly clean, and close portals if left open. As sad as it is, this place is only meant for rest and relaxation, or a hideaway if things get too bad."

Twilight looked a bit crestfallen, sad that Heaross wouldn't be able to go home so easily. She simply told herself that it meant more time with him, and cheered up as much as she could. "Well, even if you can't go home yet, I'll keep trying to find a way. In the mean time, I'll try and make your stay here as enjoyable as possible." Her resolve set, she flew up to Heaross' height and kissed him again.

When she did this, Heaross quickly grabbed her, and held Twilight against his chest, saying, "You already have."

Twilight nuzzled him, wrapping her fore-hooves around his chest. Looking up at him, she asked, "This is all very impressive, and I must admit I'm jealous you have something like this. But why did you bring me in here?"

"Well, it's bedtime, isn't it?"

"I think it's actually about 7. I normally go to sleep about 9 or 10." Another yawn. "Though, maybe going to sleep a bit earlier might not be a bad thing."

Heaross chuckled, "Well, how about a bed softer than clouds? We spared no expense, and the beds here are the actual greatest ever." He then walked over to the beds, and set Twilight down upon his, taking care not to disturb the others beds. As Twilight was settling in, Heaross quickly moved over to the food bar, grabbing a warm glass of chocolate milk with a straw. He walked back, surprised to see Twilight already under the covers with her head on a pillow.

"Mmm... You were right, this is the softest bed ever..." Heaross quietly laughed, and brought Twilight the chocolate milk, advising her to take a sip. She did, and her eyes brightened widely, starting to take larger mouthfuls of the sweet drink.

"Slow down! You drink too much and you won't be able to sleep. I know, it is very good. Small sips, alright?" Laughing, Heaross took the half-drunk chocolate away, having no intention of letting Twilight get too hyper. The ponies here were much like children, he had noticed. Too much sugar, and they get hyper. Too much excitement, and they crashed easily. Even some of their behaviors were like unsupervised children. Twilight, despite being an alicorn, and being a heavy introvert and bookworm, even displayed some of these traits. Like the chocolate milk. He set said chocolate milk on a night stand away from Twilight, and cuddled up with her, intent on going to sleep.

Twilight huffed a bit on getting her drink taken away, but her logical side said that he was right. Too much sugar and she wouldn't be able to sleep. When Heaross cuddled up to her, she let herself be encased in his warm grasp, tired and very comfy in the bed. They both settled, comfy and drew the blankets up, covering each other. As a dreamless sleep was about to take her, Twilight thought, Huh. So this is what being in love is like.