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Not a bad idea, but it needs work in execution. Grammar, paragraphs, and world building could be better.
Overall a decent read. Thumbs up.

This was mostly just something to help get back into my flow. I've been out of the game for awhile so when it rained over where I am I felt pretty inspired to do something. Thanks for the review, but would you mind pointing out the grammar and paragraph errors? I only proofread it like twice, but neither time did I notice something wrong. Thanks again!

The problem with proof reading for yourself is just like defending yourself in trial court. A fool's errand. Lol
I've been through a lot of writers blocks, this is a good start to get flowing, as long as you can get past the block for real.
I'm at work, at the moment but once I get home tonight I'll help ya out.

I kinda like the rain too. Partly coz it's now snow, partly coz my favorite Disney villain death (and two more high on my list), Krystal and Renamon's first appearances, and one of Sunset's most adorable moments are in the rain. Partly coz it prevents droughts, and some disasters during thunderstorms, and partly just find it beautiful. In moderation of course, we don't want it to rain ALL the time.

Nice piece.

Found it quite serene to read and now I really want it to rain... I have the cat and the hot chocolate already...

Just bought some hot cocoa yesterday, and this scenario sounds lovely...

There's a very chill, relaxing vibe to this story that I like.

cozy and wholesome!

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