Guardian of Equestria

by Armyidiot

The (possible) end of Guardian of Equestria

Note: This is literally just the blog post I made a few days ago. If you've already voted, then this does not concern you. I'm simply putting this up because at the time of this update, there are like only 5 votes on the strawpoll.

Guys, I have been talking with Azzy. In his own words to understand my plight, "the train has broken down and either needs to be pushed, or needs new wheels." Guardian of Equestria, while I am happy with the story, has lost my interest. Now, I do have a few answers to why. One, I want to redo earlier chapters as well as start the story from the beginning of MLP instead of at season 4. Two, I want to better plan the story, to try and avoid plotholes and more thoroughly explain the characters and headcanons in it. Three, there are a few more.. let's call them details that I want to add to at least make the story more interesting for both myself to write, and for you guys to read. Now, this does not definitively mean that Guardian of Equestria is ending where it is. I do at the least want to wrap up where we are and make sure that Wind Gust gets his due. Trust me, I want as much as you guys do to see him dead. Afterwards though? I don't want to be stuck for months and all I have to show for it is some small 1k words in an interlude that doesn't even mean anything.

That is why I have now made a strawpoll! If ever there was a time to tell me to hurry the fuck up, now is that time! I have put up three choices for you all to choose from, and they each outline what route I would be taking in the future.

1. "The story should be ended, and redone from the start." What is says on the tin. I will restart GoE from season 1 and continue onwards from there, with Heaross as the main character, and involving himself in the many affairs of the ponies.

2. "The story should be ended, and redone with several new twists to the formula." Again, what is says on the tin. Though this time, I will be adding many new tidbits to enjoy throughout the story, as well as increasing the main cast, not counting ponies. Trust me, if this option gets picked, Heaross won't be the main focus.

3. "The story should continue as is and not be redone." For the last time, what it says on the tin. Fic continues as is, no changes to the story. Personally, I both love and hate this option. Love, as I don't want to see what little progress I've made go to waste, but hate as I just have trouble imagining myself continuing.

So, vote! In one week's time, on 8/3, 10PM CDT, the poll will close and the results will be taken into consideration.

Thanks for reading everyone! Battle On!