• Published 10th Aug 2016
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Achieving Divinity: A New World - The Joeker

Catastrophe! After a spell gone wrong, Tyrath Kyelinth - The last Dragon-Knight of Rivellon, has been spirited away to lands unknown! Now with no idea where to go, he must survive by learning the value of friendship among others. How will he fare...?

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Chapter 3, Pt 1: A New Challenge

I woke up almost in a panic, I thought I was dead, was I in the Hall of Echoes? No... I was in an... Alleyway?! Where was I? It didn't seem like Aleroth, it wasn't the usual dirty alleyway, it seemed... Nice. It was almost spotless. Rubbish all in bins, none on the floor, almost no dirt whatsoever.

I groaned and went to get up but my limbs felt weird, I couldn't fully curl my legs or anything, I couldn't get up! I took a deep breath to stay calm and got ready to try something.

"Never thought that fucking mirror summoning spell could be of any use me but..." I said and thought the spell in my head, closing my eyes.

The mirror came up in front of me and I looked at myself...

"SHIT!!!" I yelled and dropped the mirror, causing it to smash. I was a grey... Horse... Thing, with an orange scarf around my neck... What in Tartarus was going on?!

(Spoiler alert if you don't like the change: Character turning to a Pony is temporary.)

I used my experience as a Dragon to use this new form. I felt much better than last night. FELT. But since I saw myself in the mirror I'm not sure. That damn spell must have changed me! I had wings, a horn, the fuck?! I tried to use my magic to lift the mirror but my magic came from my horn... Fuck that sounds weird... I had blue draconic eyes as well, it seems some of my other form dripped into this one.

Where was my armor? Nevermind, my sword wasn't too far away, I at least had my offense.

I managed to get to my feet- Err hooves.

"What the fuck is this shit?" I asked, inside I was almost jumping for joy! Another adventure to go on!

I used my magic to pick up my sword after 5 minutes of trying to pick up the sword with hooves like a fucking idiot.

I found a sheath and strapped it to my back so the blade was facing behind me and I was ready to go.

I peeked my head from the alleyway, thinking the locals might find a sword wielding Pony a little strange. I knew I was a pony because of how I looked but I was about my height as a human, I was about 6.5 feet tall which is tall for a Pony but I could tell.

Nobody. Absolutely empty street. Nobody, not a soul in sight.

I stepped out tentatively and fell over, I tried for about 5 minutes before I got the hang of it. I looked up to see... A shield, similar to Zandalor's shield except purple. But there was nothing attacking...

"The fuck?" I asked, looking around.

I saw a castle coming up and decided to introduce myself, I'm a Dragon-Knight, shouldn't be too hard.

I approached and heard bridal music playing and talking... Were they doing a fucking wedding rehearsal?!

"Shit..." I mumbled and stood to the side. I didn’t want to intrude. After a few minutes I heard raised voices and decided it was time to step up and help out.

I headed toward the door when the door swung outward and smashed me against the wall, pinning me behind the door. I heard voices but that's it, because the fucking door was in my way. And I was seeing stars.

"In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all." A guy, quite strong voice, must be a warrior of sorts.

"C'mon, y'all. Let's go check on the Princess." Country girl.

"I was–" Not enough info to make a judgement...

"You have a lot to think about." Voice sounded clear, authoritative, yet feminine, if I'm being honest she sounded quite attractive.

The doors slammed shut and I was seeing stars and I collapsed for a second, I couldn't even see those that left the castle.

"Maybe I was being overprotective. I could've gained a sister. But instead... I just lost a brother." I heard from the other side of the door as I was on the ground trying to regain my sight and get rid of a headache.

I got up and opened the door quietly. Looking in.

"No... The fuck...?" I mumbled, I heard this fucking purple Pony singing and I almost fainted.

"So everybody else is a fucking Pony as well? Well I suppose that makes... Sense." I told myself, mainly to calm myself down. She only had a horn and was much shorter than me, was I some kind of freak around here?

I looked back over and a pink, taller Pony with the same appendages as me thank The Divine! But her wings were much smaller, while mine were large to support my weight I guess... she herself was also smaller than me.

Suddenly the purple Pony was absorbed into the ground by the pink one, I ran in to help but was too late.

"The hell did you just do?" I asked and took a defensive stance. I felt her leeching from something, some kind of energy source, I searched around for it myself but I couldn't find it, I searched for power crystals, nothing, any kind of conventional power source was out of it, so I went for the next best thing. I ran through all of the usual emotions for fueling magic. Passion, hate, anger, jealousy, envy, shame. Nothing...

"AH! A male Alicorn... I didn't think there were any left..." She said and walked up to me seductively.

"Err... The fuck..." I said, backing up, but the bitch got the drop on me and I didn't realise I was melting into the ground until it was too late.

"You'll make a suitable mate." She chuckled.

"NO! NO! NO!" I yelled, struggling with my entire body, but it was too late, I felt myself falling into the darkness, again, I thought I was dead.

Suddenly I landed in some kind of caves, crystals everywhere. I looked around but couldn't see the purple Pony anywhere.

"Lovely accommodation... 5 stars, staff service deserves an award." I mumbled as I got up.

I remembered how strong I really was, i'd spent so long holding back for Hermosa so I didn’t just flatten her that I forgot my own strength. 'Your muscular strength is almost unbelievable! Rumours abound in your home village about how your mother must have slept with an incarnate God... Or demon.' is what an old friend of mine once told me.

I charged at the wall of crystal, steeling myself and I smashed right through, crystal shattering everywhere, at the same time the crystals a few feet down the tunnel blasted apart with magic, I also saw the purple Pony emerge from the cell next to mine and the pink Pony responsible for our imprisonment. I was PISSED!

I stormed the few feet to her and as the purple Pony tackled her I used my magic and threw her against the wall. Pinning her. I narrowed my eyes at her even more than they already were. My magic was actually a fiery orange colour, interesting... I was also later told by the purple Pony that my eyes turned yellow, like an actual dragon when they narrowed.

"The fuck are you playing at?! Huh? You have got a lot of explaining to do! Now start talking..." I threatened dangerously, putting my face close to hers, she lifted her head up with a terrified expression, I could tell it was my eyes, they were draconic and the other two had more 'normal' eyes for ponies.

"I'm not her! She's an imposter! No! Wait! Ugh! Please! Don't hurt me! Twilight, it's me! Please, you have to believe me. I've been imprisoned like you both. The Cadance who brought you down here was an imposter." She implored as she struggled against my vice magic grip.

"Likely story!" Exclaimed the purple Pony.

"Agreed." I said, she had tears in her eyes, looked away from me and closed her eyes as if expecting the end.

I started to believe her because of her genuinely pleading tone but I read her mind to be sure.

'Please believe me, please believe me, please believe me... I must save my Shiny!' She thought.

I let her down from my grip.

"I think she is telling the truth." I said.

"I can prove it! Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves..." She said as Twilight joined in.

"...and do a little shake." They both said the last part and did some weird dance moves.

"You remember me!" Exclaimed the purple Pony.

"Of course I do. How could I forget the filly I love to sit for the most?" Said Cadance.

"We have to get out of here. We have to stop her!" Implored the Purple one.

"First, introductions." I said. I was happy! Time to save the day again!

"Oh right, my name is Twilight Sparkle." She said.

"My name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. But please call me Cadance." She said. I noticed the fruity names so... I had to think of one... That was it! I had it! My alias that I planned to use in times I had to go into hiding because I am a Dragon-Knight, but now Lucian has cleared our name I don't need it!

"Your name is I Love Cadence in Italian? Ahem, Ego, Ego Draconis, Your Majesty." I bowed before the Princess.

"Please don't do that, rise." She said.

"I, of the Dragons, In the old Equine tongue." Said Twilight.

"Yes, correct." I said, surprised she knew Ancient Rivellonian...

"Wait, you're an Alicorn as well, doesn't that mean you're royalty?" Asked Twilight.

"Err... Yes! But I was just showing respect to a fellow Alicorn." I smiled nervously.

"Right... Come on then we need to hurry!" She said.

We pelted it through the cave system, I almost tripped a few times getting used to this form but I managed in the end.

I was mapping the tunnels in my mind, steering us away from going in circles.

The Princess was singing but I was ignoring it.

We were running and Princess Cadance stopped and looked at the crystals.

"We have to keep moving Your Highness." I said, she nodded and got ready to run again.

We kept going and running into dead ends.

"Fuck fuck fuck..." I mumbled through the singing, did I mention she was singing? Yeah...

We saw a minecart and I gestured them to get in, they did and I pushed them over, they dragged me in with their teeth by my fur and we sped downwards.

Suddenly I saw a dead end where the cart was bound to fly off the rails, they looked at me and I threw them out of the cart, and they flew up. Then I went flying out of the cart and I flew as well, my wingspan was rather impressive and the force that my wings put out was a little tough to get used to. Although I managed to adjust to get the right balance to maximize my speed. As we got going again Princess Cadance practically collapsed.

"Get up or I swear I will drag you out of here!" I said and picked her up, she looked at me with resolve and nodded and we kept going...

"Got it..." She mumbled.

"You're not giving up on me you hear?!" I yelled as we ran, she nodded and we kept going.

"Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor." We all got nervous as we heard the ceremony starting in the castle above.

"Oh, we're never going to save him."

"Hey! I told you we're not giving up! There's an exit here somewhere... She had to have found these caves somehow!" I exclaimed.

"He's right. We just have to find... There!" Agreed Twilight and pointed as she spotted the exit.

We all teleported over and were about to leave.

"You're not going anywhere." Said three mares with a dangerous charmed look about them...

;2 minutes later;

"Well, good idea, now we just-" I cut off as I saw a stallion outside the entrance who had a smug look as he blasted the exit, making rocks begin to fall in front of it, I saw the look from his face change as he spotted me, it turned to, fear, as if he recognised me, and I felt the feeling of recognition was mutual.

"NO!" Yelled Cadance and ran to the blocked exit, she slumped against the rocks and and hit her hoof against it in a half hearted attempt to move them as she cried.

"I can't left these..." Strained Twilight as she tried to use her magic to lift all the rocks and was about to give.

"Ladies, stand behind me." I said.

"What’s the point?" Sobbed Cadance.

"I said... GET BEHIND ME! UNLESS YOU FANCY BEING CRUSHED BY 200 TONNES OF ROCK!!!" I bellowed, almost bringing the entire cave down on us, she rushed to her hooves and stood behind me.

I charged the rock, putting my shoulder first and we burst through the wall with little effort. As the dust settled I cracked my neck and shoulders.

"Let's gatecrash a wedding." I smiled as we walked to the castle.

"Agreed." Nodded Cadance.

We approached the castle and gazed at the massive doors, I turned to the two girls with a smile.

"Shall I get the door?" I asked, my face turning serious as they nodded.


"Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, it is my great pleasure to pronounce you–" They all stopped and as the door was bucked in and was almost knocked off its hinges as the door was slammed open with an excessive amount of force. Everyone turned in surprise to the doors.

"Stop!" Yelled Twilight, with me next to her, the ponies started chattering.

"Ugh! Why does she have to be so possessive of her brother?" We all stared at her as she realised her mistake and she started sobbing. "And who is that and why do they have to ruin my special day?" She cried.

"One extremely good reason." I answered and stepped aside.

"Because it's not your special day! It's mine!" Exclaimed the real Princess, jumping forward as the Ponies gasped.

"What? But how did you escape my bridesmaids?" Asked Chrysalis.

"Quite genius actually, yet so simple." I said as the Princess showed a vision of her throwing the boutique.

"I want it!" All three bridesmaids exclaimed.

"And the entrance?! We had it sealed!" She exclaimed as I showed a vision of me moving a wall of rock as if it were nothing.

"Hmph impressive and clever. But you're still too late."

"I-I don't understand. How can there be two of 'em?" Asked an orange pony, must be the country girl I heard before.

"She's a Changeling. She takes the form of somepony you love and gains power by feeding off your love for them." Explained Cadence. Suddenly the fake Cadance burst into green flame and revealed her true form and we all gasped. Yep, even me, i'd never seen THAT before.

"I always thought marriage was a bad idea. This reinforces that opinion." I said.

"Indeed my stallion friend. And right you are, Princess. And as Queen of the Changelings, it is up to me to find food for my subjects. Equestria has more love than any place I've ever encountered. My fellow Changelings will be able to devour so much of it that we will gain more power than we have ever dreamed of!"

"Of course you feed from love... I tried the negative emotions, never thought about the positives." I mumbled whilst... Facehoofing? Yeah lets go with that.

"They'll never get the chance! Shining Armor's protection spell will keep them from ever even reaching us!" Exclaimed Cadance.

The Queen chuckled. "Oh, I doubt that. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Mm-hmm." He nodded, his eyes were fucked.

"You charmed him..." I said, I was a master at charming enemies and I knew charmed eyes when I saw them and reading their mind made t a dead giveaway as all their thoughts consisted of was the words 'I will obey' but his eyes were just insanely obvious. Like the three mares in the cave.

We started to charge but she charged her horn in return.

"Ah, ah, ah. Don't want to go back to the caves, now do you?" She asked, she couldn't do anything to me because I was now completely focused so my Indomitable Will would be in full kick so she wouldn’t be able to even poke me with magic. But I was thinking of the two girls by my side.

"Shit." I mumbled as I stood down.

"Ever since I took your place, I've been feeding off Shining Armor's love for you. Every moment he grows weaker and so does his spell. Even now, my minions are chipping away at it." She said, I looked up and saw a cloud of black above the shield bashing on it, cracking it bit by bit.

"Oh shit, we're going to need a LOT of pesticide." I mumbled.

"He may not be my husband, but he is under my total control now. And I'm sorry to say, unable to perform his duties as Captain of the Royal Guard." She said and the ponies gasped.

"Oh shit, can you just demote him like that?" I asked.

"Not my Shining Armor!" Exclaimed Cadance.

"Soon, my Changeling army will break through. First, we take Canterlot. And then, all of Equestria!" Exclaimed Chrysalis.

"I... don't think so love." I said with a groan in my words and stepped up.

"And who is going to stop me?" She challenged.

"I, Ego Draconis, last of the Dragon-Knights will stop you from conquering this great realm, and I kinda need to fight someone before I start twitching." I growled and stepped up.

"No. You won't Changeling... Please Sir Draconis, let me defend my realm." Said another Alicorn, she seemed to be the Queen. When I looked at her I almost fainted... Err, because she was white and the light was reflecting off her fur! Ahem...

"Very well Your Highness. Kick her arse." I whispered and she smiled at me slightly but quickly straightened her face and she looked angry... She actually scared even me! I'd hate to be on the end of her wrath...

"You may have made it impossible for Shining Armor to perform his spell, but now that you have so foolishly revealed your true self, I can protect my subjects from you!" Exclaimed the Queen.

They crossed horns and glared at each other. They then shot beams of magic at each other, fighting, the white Queen looked like she was winning.

"Come on..." I said quietly, cheering the Queen. Suddenly, I felt the Changeling's power increase.

"NO!" I yelled and absorbed the blast into my side just before it hit the Queen.

It hit me like a boiling hot spear had just pierced my side. I was crouched down from the force, which was nothing to me.

I took a deep breath and focused, managing to subside the magic damage. I stood back up straight and chuckled.

"Impossible, that blast would've taken down anypony!" She exclaimed.

"Come on then if you think you can take me." I said and locked horns with her, I was about a head taller. Her horn reached my muzzle, so I had to crane my neck to lock horns.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a blue blast of energy knocked me to the side and the Changeling managed to catch the Princess off guard, she had a shield up at full strength before the blast hit, but it didn't do shit for her as the blast ended up hitting her and she went flying.

"No!" I exclaimed and ran over to her as the ponies gasped.

"Princess Celestia!" Exclaimed Twilight. Oh... She's a Princess as well? Oops... At least I know her name. I crouched beside her and checked her wounds.

"Ah! Shining Armor's love for you is even stronger than I thought! Consuming it has made me even more powerful than Celestia!" Said the Changeling Queen.

"Quite a burn on your horn, it seems your spell and horn took the brunt of the blast, you should be OK." I said and breathed a sigh of relief.

I went to get up to get the Changeling Queen but the Princess pulled me close with her magic.

"No! Protect the girls. The Elements of Harmony. You must get to them and use their power to defeat the Queen." Said the Princess, I had no idea what to do, but the six mares standing with me seemed to so I decided to just follow them.

"Rarity!" Exclaimed 5 of the girls as one of them picked up the dresses they threw off before dropping them and following.

"You can run, but you can't hide!" Yelled the Queen. In response, I sent a weak bolt of magic back at her, she just managed to duck under it and the pillar it hit above her almost crumbled. Yep, even my 'weak' bolts are powerful, it took long months of practise to get like this plus the year of fighting Damien, so it wasn't a cakewalk. At all. I've had treat more than one burn wound on myself and the others who trained with me.

The barrier also crumbled under the weight of the thousands of Changelings.

"Get behind me!" I exclaimed, 5 of the girls looked apprehensive.

"Just listen to him!" Exclaimed Twilight and they all went behind me, a Changeling landed In front of me and I butted it out the way, sending it flying.

"Wow pardner, you sure can charge." Said the orange country mare.

"Go, go!" Yelled Twilight as I cleared the way, one Changeling after the other was forcibly moved out of our path.

I saw the girls about to turn off, so I joined them.

Suddenly about 80 Changelings were in front of us.

"Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way." Said the cyan blue, rainbow maned Pony... I liked her, she wasn't afraid of getting her hand- Err hooves dirty.

"Agreed." I said, suddenly a few Changelings turned into her.

"How did you...?" Asked the cyan Pony before they pushed her away.

"They're Changelings, remember?" Reminded Twilight.

"They're Changelings, remember?" The Changelings copied everything about her.

"Don't let them distract you. We have to get to the Elements of Harmony. They're our only hope." Said Twilight with resolve.

I drew my sword and prepared for a fight. I could tell which were which because of the slight dilation of the eyes that occurred. Attention to detail has saved my life more than once. Those that turned into me never had a sword and realised there was little point in becoming me if they couldn't pull it off completely.

I started swinging in front of me with my sword, knowing my allies were behind me, but when it became confused I resorted to using my hooves just in case.

"OK, this is just gettin' weird." Commented the country Pony, I turned to her and prepared to strike because I thought she was a Changeling. "Real me! Real me!" She said and I hit a Changeling about to hit her instead.

"Do me! Do me!" Said a pink Pony who seemed a little wacky. The Changeling did her.

"Meh, I've seen better."

We managed to beat the crap out of the Changelings. I took a breath and the girls pointed to a building ahead, we opened the door and it was a single corridor with a door at the end and there were about 40 Changelings in between us and these 'Elements'.

"Damn Changelings don't know how to give up." I said and started to charge. Suddenly a voice...

“Stop!” I did and turned to see the girls surrounded by the Changelings.

“Put the weapon away.” Said the lead Changeling. They used my one weakness... Innocents. One thing I never do is put innocents in harm's way so I sheathed my sword...

;5 minutes later;

“You won't get away with this! Twilight and her friends will–“ started Cadence before the door burst open and the 6 mares were there, and I was being carried by two Changelings, my arms draped limply over their backs and my hind legs dragging on the floor.

“This one put up a fight your majesty.” Said one of the Changelings carrying me and threw me down.

"He did did he?" She asked.

"You better believe it..." I mumbled as I slowly got to my knees. Replaying the memory in my head.

;5 minutes earlier;

As I sheathed my sword about 5 Changelings jumped on my back and I bucked them off, more and more piled on me until I was smothered by about 100 Changelings, even then I was smashing through them, getting them off me until one of them landed a lucky hit on a nerve that knocked me out.

;Present time;

“You were saying? You do realize the reception's been cancelled, don't you?” Asked the Queen to us.

“Got the message…” I mumbled as I got to my hooves from my knees.

“Go! Feed!” Exclaimed the Queen to her subjects and they flew out.

“It's funny, really, Twilight here was suspicious of my behaviour all along, too bad the rest of you were too caught up in your wedding planning to realize those suspicions were correct!” laughed the Queen.

“Sorry, Twi, we should've listened to you.” Said the orange horse.

"That's always the way... They never listen." I said as they tied my hooves to chains hanging from the ceiling so I was dangling by my arms- Err forelegs, just above the ground.

“It's not your fault, she fooled everypony.” Said Twilight, everypony? Huh, better get used to that.

"Hmm, I did, didn't I?" Said the Queen smugly. Then she sang.

"This day has been just perfect. The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small. Everypony I'll soon control. Every stallion, mare, and foal. Who says a girl can't really have it all?" She said and laughed evilly, going outside...

"What the fuck is it with Ponies and singing...?" I asked to myself as I began to lockpick my way out of the chains.

;Queen Chrysalis' POV;

As I finished my victory song my new ally decided to chip in.

'Don't leave your prisoners unsupervised!' he scolded, I agreed, so I went back inside and stopped that meddling Twilight Sparkle from freeing Princess Cadance.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked as I picked her up in my magic, dangling her upside down in front of me.

"Haha... Nothing?" She chuckled nervously, I gooed her to the pillar next to 'Ego'.

;Ego Draconis' POV;

I managed to pick the chains and get them off my hooves. Really... None of these ponies know how to keep a prisoner tied up...

I crept up behind the Queen and bucked her hard away from the 'alter' or whatever.

She smashed into a pillar on the other side of the room and I freed the groom from the spell and Cadance from her gooey bonds.

"Go to him." I said.

"Thank you!" She exclaimed.

"That's OK." I smiled.

"Wha– where... huh? Is...is the wedding over?" Asked Shining as Cadance went to him.

"Not quite yet." I said and helped him up with my wing because he collapsed to his 'knees'.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Ego, Ego Draconis." I said, he shrugged me off and backed up a little.

"For all I know you're working with her! It could've been you who hypnotized me! I don't trust you!" He said.

"Suit yourself." I shrugged.

Chrysalis slowly made her way to her hooves.

"It's all over!" She exclaimed, wiping a bit of blood from her lip.

"Your spell! Perform your spell!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"What good would that do? My Changelings already roam free." Informed Chrysalis as Shining Armor tried anyway.

"No! My power is useless now. I don't have the strength to repel them." He said.

"My love will give you strength." Said Cadance.

"What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment." Said Chrysalis.

"DO NOT underestimate their power!" Came a voice as magic bolt flew toward Cadance. I stood in front of her with a magic shield and it dispelled the magic as it passed through the shield. Making Cadance jump and distracting her. It was the same coloured bolt that moved me out of the way before, except this one was intent on killing rather than knocking somebody out of the way. Or is it somepony?

"I DON'T need your help!" Argued Chrysalis.

"Yes you do, they were about to stop you." Said the voice as a dark gray pony leapt down from the rafters of the castle. He actually had two swords on his sides in sheaths.

"Fine." She concluded unhappily.

"Hello again Dragon-Knight." Greeted the stallion in question. I looked him up and down.

"I'm sorry, I don't believe I- Wait a second... Stone?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Dragon, it is I, who you killed so long ago."

"You mean THOUGHT I killed, apparently?" I asked.

"Indeed, accursed beast. Once you killed me, I awaited in the Hall of Echoes for the end to come, but instead, Damien brought me here. I wasn't sure why at first but i've come to realise. It was also me who knocked you out before, you think any of these ponies can pinpoint and hit a nerve?" He asked.

"No, but I seem to remember, when we faced off last time you ran away like a chicken with it's head cut off. And that's Mr. Accursed Beast to you!" I chided.

"I DID NOT RUN AWAY!" He argued.

"And then you tried to set a Troll, a Demon, a Goblin Beholder, and several Ghosts on me and it still didn't work." I laughed.

"You're a coward?!" Asked Chrysalis, blocking Cadance from Shining Armor, raising her head in question as she did to ask Stone.

"NO! I am not a coward!" He shouted.

"You ran away! You ran away! You ran away! You ran away!" I chanted, doing a little dance as well.

"Arrghhh!" He yelled and shot magic at me, I simply shrugged it off.

"So, I lost my power but you retained your power?!" Exclaimed Stone.

"Nope, wrong. Since I met you, my power has amplified! Tenfold! It’s over 9000!" I exclaimed.

"Impossible! You were breezing through my men like a knife through butter! And then you defeated my beasts with no issue and you got even more powerful?!" Said Stone.

"Oh just strike him down and get on with it!" Yelled Chrysalis to Stone. As she did I read his mind.

'Of all the people in Rivellon that could be sent against me the damn Universe had to send the one being who killed me! What chance do I have?!'

"V-v-v very well." Stuttered Stone and drew his two swords with magic, he only had a horn. He took a combat stance.

"Good luck mate." I winked with a smile.

I drew my two handed sword and just stood there.

"Ahhhh!" Stone ran at me with a scared expression and I just moved out of the way and he ran past me. He skidded on the floor and used the slide to turn around and charged again. But what he didn't see was that I'd slipped my sword beneath him.

Just before he reached me, I pointed my sword up at his stomach and shoved it upwards, impaling him, bringing his face close to mine. His legs still moving in a running motion.

"No..." He coughed blood and started to breath heavily as my sword suspended him in the air. His swords dropped limply from his magic.

"And once again, I have a point." I chuckled and pulled my sword out of him. He fell to the ground in a pool of blood, dead.

"NO!" Yelled Chrysalis. I don't think anyone-err pony noticed me kill him except her, they were too busy watching Princess Cadance and Chrysalis.

I turned to Queen Chrysalis and started to approach her menacingly and she backed up.

"No... Stay away from me!" She said and backed into a wall.

"What's the matter? Scared?" I asked, when suddenly I felt a powerful surge of magic from behind, I turned and saw Cadance and Shining Armor kissing and floating, shrouded in magic. I shielded my eyes as their magic surged outwards and blasting the Changelings away.

"Noooooo!" Yelled Chrysalis as she was kicked out of the country.

"Bon Voyage...!! As they say across the water." I smiled and waved them away, I noticed Stone's corpse was gone as well...

I saw the Princess at the side of the throne room, suspended in some kind of membrane, I summoned a bow and shot at the sack without even looking, hitting just below her head and freeing her, whilst I was at freeing people I also freed Twilight.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you my friend. You saved me- Us..." Smiled Celestia and wrapped a hoof around my neck and her wings around mine to... Hug me I guess? As she did I froze up because I had no idea how to reciprocate, so I just stood there wide eyed. The 5 mares from before and Twilight ran over to the Princess and she let go of me and I managed to recover from my stupor.

"No problem." I bowed when she let go.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine. You have a real wedding to put together." She said to Twilight.

As they spoke I started to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" Asked Twilight, I turned around slightly after realising she was talking to me.

"Away? Wherever the wind takes me? I don't really care." I said.

"But... aren't you going to at least stay for the wedding?" Asked Cadance.

"Sweetie, I'm not sure-" Started Shining Armor.

"Are you sure I'd be a welcome guest?" I asked.

"Of course! You saved us! What else could you do to warrant an invitation?!" Exclaimed Princess Cadance with a laugh.

"I would like to thank you materially for saving us." Said Princess Celestia.

"Oh please it was nothing." I said.

"No, without you, we would now be under the control of Queen Chrysalis. You do deserve a reward for your services. I would like to offer you a coffer full of gold, a medal of honor and a position in the guard for your services. Our Captain has recently... Retired." Said the Princess, looking at Armor when she said 'retired'.

"No thank you, although I thank you for the offer, but I did not do it for a reward. A *ahem* 'friend' of mine once told me: 'The dying fellow was right, in your kindness you rival The Divine! In exchange for your sacrifices, the greatest of rewards shall soon be thine!' so I require no reward for my service, your gratitude... And hug, is enough." I bowed to her. I may be a Dragon but the first time saving is always free it's when it becomes an event that I start to charge. As we spoke, Cadance noticed Armor's expression of almost disdain.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Asked Cadance to Armor.

"Huh? Oh nothing, never mind dear." Said Armor, raising his brow at me as his wife shrugged.

"And I would at least like to know more about you Mr. Draconis." Said Princess Celestia.

"Please. It's Ego." I said. As I said that, Shining Armor scoffed. I read his mind to satisfy my curiosity.

'If he thinks he can get into the Princess and my Candy's head, he's got another think coming!' so he thought I was trying to manipulate the Princesses? Ha! As if I have nothing better to do...