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Achieving Divinity: A New World - The Joeker

Catastrophe! After a spell gone wrong, Tyrath Kyelinth - The last Dragon-Knight of Rivellon, has been spirited away to lands unknown! Now with no idea where to go, he must survive by learning the value of friendship among others. How will he fare...?

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Chapter 5, Pt 2: Kali & The Black Crystal

Author's Note:

Marl woke me this morning. Saying it was the 31st and we had to be in for a training day and we would be late...:pinkiegasp:

...Only when we arrived did we realise...It's the fucking 30th today. :ajbemused: But, in celebration of this, I'm releasing the chapter early. :pinkiehappy:

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Now then, vote results... The ayes had the vote. So I'll add a minor Cadance x Tyrath part. Don't worry, nothing massive. Just a minor acknowledgement. Like I affirmed in the comments, this is still a Tyrath x Celestia fic.:raritywink:

We heard King Sombra's laughter echo through the land

"The Empire is under attack." Said Armor.

"I'll get down there." I said, putting Princess Cadance down gently. Not even glancing at Armor. I leaned my sword on the wall. Gearing up in my Dragon Wizard Armor.

I was hopping along, getting my Dragon Wizard boots on. When the last one was on, I grabbed my blade The Claw of Abraxas by the center of it's blade and the blade was facing forward as I walked toward the staircase.

In my other hand I had my helmet. I wasn't going to put it on yet.

"Wait!" Exclaimed Twilight, I jogged back to the balcony. I saw Princess Cadance manage to put up an even smaller shield.

I heard Sombra scream in pain as the shield went up, he must have got caught in it. The Princess's horn almost went off again, a power down sound happening.

"I have to find the Crystal Heart!" Said Armor.

"No." I said, looking even more impressive with my Dragon Wizard Armor on.

"What?" He asked threateningly.

"The Princess needs you here, keep an eye on her. If that shield fails again the Black Ring will get in, even if you put it back up." I said, we could hear the yells of the Black Ring as they pounded on the shield with sword, arrow and magic.

"Twilly?" Asked Armor, looking to her for direction.

I saw Cadance collapsing and I caught her again.

"We need to stop meeting like this Your Highness. Ponies will talk." I chuckled to her, she let out a weak laugh.

"Shut up." She said with a tired smile.

"He is right, you stay here with Cadance. She needs you, Shining Armor. I'll retrieve the Heart." Said Twilight.

"I'm in." I nodded. I carefully handed Princess Cadance to Armor.

"Let's do this!" Said Rainbow and we hoof/fistbumped.

While Armor wasn't looking I crouched down and lifted the Princess's head to meet my gaze by her cheek.

"Princess Cadance, I promise you I WILL NOT let anything happen to Twilight, you, this Empire, the girls, your subjects or even Shining Armor." I said.

"Be careful." She mumbled, I smiled and nodded to her, letting her head hang limply, putting my helmet on.

"I'll defend her with my life." I swore.

"Thank... You..." She mumbled.

"Look after her." I said to Armor.

"I've doing that for longer than you've known her." He scowled at me.

"Whatever. Twilight, let's do this." I said to Twilight and we started to run in a mad search for the Crystal Heart.

"I've been trying to figure out how I'm meant to pass Celestia's test. Retrieving the Crystal Heart must be it. But there is something else you can do Rainbow." Said Twilight.

"Name it." She said.

"You and the rest of our friends have to keep the Fair going." Ordered Twilight.

"Agreed." I nodded.

"What? With that thing and those guys moving into the Empire?" Asked Rainbow.

"The whole purpose of the Crystal Fair is to lift the spirits of the Crystal Ponies, so they can activate the Crystal Heart." Explained Twilight.

"Yeah, and...?" Asked Rainbow.

"... And if they know whats coming they'll get scared and depressed. Death by horrible torture tends to do that." I said.

"Ok! Geez, you don't hafta paint a picture." She said.

"Again, he's right. It won't matter if I find the Crystal Heart. They won't be able to make it work. You have to keep them happy here at the Fair." Pleaded Twilight.

"Keep the Fair going and the Crystal Ponies' spirits high. Done and done!" She said.

"Rainbow..." I said.

"What?" She asked.

"I just want to tell you and Applejack... Good luck, we're all counting on you." I said in a deep voice.

"Ok, thanks..." She said.

"Airplane!" Yelled Pinkie outta nowhere.

"Oh, by the way, here." I said and used my Crystal Skull, summoning Creature.

"You called Master?" He asked.

"Yes, get down there and help these ponies with whatever they need and if any Black Ring come through... You know what to do." I said.

"Yes My Lord." He bowed and ran down to the Fair. As we continued our search outside.

"Twily, be careful." Said Armor from the balcony.

"I will." She said.

"I'll make sure of it." I said quietly.

;Meanwhile at the Fair, Creature's POV;

"So what are you?" Asked Blue One.

"I am Creature. No more. No less."

"And Ego is your Master?" Asked Rainbow.

"No, Lord Tyrath is my Master." I said, snarling not out of hate but because of my ragged breathing due to my throat having slight rot.

"Right yeah whatever, but what is a Creature?" Asked Blue One as they headed toward the fake Crystal Heart.

"Now you are asking the right questions Blue One. A Creature is dead tissue made animate by a Necromancer, this one is brought back by Jonelath, Master's Necromancer. Through my Master's powerful Draconic Magic he made me sentient, before I was but moving flesh and bone with no voice or thoughts of my own. I now do, but I believe in my Master's cause." I explained.

"So you're made of dead Ponies!?" Asked the Blue One worriedly.

"Only of the strongest Black Ring scum." I spat, a few of my teeth going with the saliva.

"Oh phew... What is Ego like?" Asked Blue One.

"Master is very kind. He gave me the choice to leave but I chose to stay in Master's service. He is kind to his servants, especially me, he makes sure I am not rotting. But there is little he can do to stop the passage of time on some of my organs. Most them will keep forever, but my throat and brain will rot and will need replacing." I explained.

"Gross. TMI." Said Rainbow as we approached the Fair.

"Oh what is that?!." Asked a White Pony.

"It is pleasure to meet you as well White One." I said, sarcastically bowing.

"This is 'Creature'. He is Ego's servant and at our service. Creature, this is Rarity." Explained Blue One.

"Hmm." I said, she squirmed under my gaze.

"Yeah yeah... Okay, here's..." Started Rainbow and told us the situation.

"Huuuuh...?" Rarity said in surprise. "I... just found out they're offering face painting for the little ones." She laughed nervously, covering what she was surprised about. She whispered something to the baby Dragon.

"Uh-huh. We can do that. Twilight and Ego are doing what?!" Asked the small Dragon and ran off.

"He... really... loves getting his face painted. Haha." She covered his actions for him. She seemed to be a quick thinker.

I saw Master walking with the Purple One through the Fair, thinking.

;Tyrath's POV;

"Who wants a flugelhorn?" Asked Rainbow.

"I want a flugelhorn!" Cried Pinkie like a child.

"Who else wants a flugelhorn?" Implored Rainbow.

"I. Want a flugelhorn!!" Screamed Pinkie.

'Come on Ty! You've found a crypt in a city before, finding a magical heart in an Empire shouldn't be too hard...' I thought. Suddenly an idea struck me and both me and Twilight looked at the Palace.

"Twilight, Ego! Wait! I'm coming with you!" Shouted Spike.

"You can't. I have to retrieve the Crystal Heart by myself. Ego's only here in case the Black Ring show up." Explained Twilight.

"I know. I promise I won't lift a claw to help you." Pleaded Spike. She looked at me and I pulled a 'go on then' expression.

"Not a claw, Spike." She sighed and put him on her back. I was about to tell Twilight my idea before I noticed her expression and I clamped up. We just both started toward where we thought the Heart was.

"Where are we going exactly?" Asked Spike.

"I think I might know where King Sombra hid the Crystal Heart."

"The Castle?" Asked Spike as we approached it at breakneck speed.

"It’s the most obvious place is it not? Plus I doubt anypony would want to go in there with a guy like Sombra knocking around." I said.

"Yes. The King would've been counting on the fact that nopony would dare come looking for it here. They'd have been too afraid to even try." She said.

"I hope you're right." Said Spike.

"You and me both." Agreed Twilight.

"What happened to the 'can do' attitude?" I asked as we ran.

;Creature's POV;

The Orange One got the Tartarus scared out of her as I peered from behind the Crystal Heart, looking as menacing as possible. Which is not too hard for me.

"What are you lookin' at?! That's what I thought!" Said Rainbow, forcing the Ponies to move along.

One tried to sneak a peek and I jumped at him making zombie noises, scaring him away.

"Uh, Rainbow Dash? Creature...? We're supposed to be actin' like nothing's wrong." Said Applejack. Rainbow Dash introduced us earlier, because she and Rainbow were nice to me despite my appearance, I call them by their names, the White One can apologise first!

"Exactly." Growled Rainbow as another pony moved along.

"Yes Mrs. Applejack!" I said, saluting. Then I started whistling casually, walking in a circle around the 'Heart'.

"What I mean is, maybe you should let me keep the Crystal Ponies away from the fake Heart, while you show off your joustin' skills." She said to Rainbow before turning to me. "And Creature... Actually they might think this is you bein' normal so you can stay, keep scarin'." She said.

"Yes Mistress!" I saluted.

"Huh. Seeing my awesomeness does have a way of putting ponies into a pretty good mood." Pondered Rainbow.

"Knock 'em dead." I chuckled.

"Joustin' here ain't about a kill... it's about the skill." Rhymed Applejack, Bellegar would be ashamed...

"It is back in Rivellon as well, you show off your skill by hitting your opponent in their armors weak point, showing you know how to kill a fully armored enemy." Explained Creature.

"Ok, don't let you joust, got it." Nodded Rainbow.

"You can watch if you want, I'll be fine." Said Applejack, noticing my interest in the jousting.

"Oh thank you! Mistress is too kind." I bowed.

"I ain't yer Mistress. Go 'ave fun. I got things handled here." Said Applejack.

"Come on, Knight Fluttershy." Said Rainbow, getting Fluttershy suited up. I didn’t mind her being scared of me, Rainbow told me she's even scared my meeting new normal ponies.

"Huh?" She asked.

"It's showtime." Said Rainbow.

"Looking forward to it." I smiled.

"How are y'all feelin'? Havin' a good time?" Asked Applejack as I waited for the two 'Knights' to ready up.

"The best I've had in over a thousand years!" She exclaimed.

"Well, that's good! Gotta renew that spirit of love and unity if you're gonna power up that Crystal Heart, right?" Asked Applejack nervously.

"I sure would like to see it before the ceremony. It's been such a long time." Said the Pony and was about to take the cover off.

"Oh, I hear ya, but, uh... phew! Gettin' a little toasty out here. Bet you'd like to cool off with a little Crystal Empire nectar!" Exclaimed Applejack blocking her at every angle until she left it alone...

'Well, she's got things handled.' I thought. But then there was another pony getting antsy.

"Uh, you tried the Crystal Empire fritters yet? Made from a traditional Crystal Empire recipe! You're gonna love 'em!" She said, tossing the fritters so he ran after them. There were more looking until she proclaimed about the jousting. "Uh, I hear there's a joustin' match about to start! You don't wanna miss that!" She said, the ponies all walked away.

"Close one." I commented.

"Yeah... Come on, Twilight... These Crystal Ponies are more curious than a cat!" She said to me and herself. I agreed.

"Master, you need to hurry." I said as we both looked up at the palace.

;Tyrath's POV;

We panted as we ran, Twilight turning every object over. I was pointing at things for her to search because she didn't want me or Spike actually looking.

"It's gotta be here somewhere. It's just gotta be! Not a claw, Spike." She said as Spike lifted the carpet.

"Uh..." He laughed nervously.

"Celestia's orders!" She exclaimed.

"Something tells me something the Princess said will help you find it." I said. Knowing how wise the Princess was. If she sent Twilight here she would have prepared her.

"Of course! You're right! But I thought of it first!" Warned Twilight after looking at the throne for a second as she remembered something the Princess said.

"Yes boss!" I exclaimed, mock saluting as Spike ran into Twilight.

"Argh! What? Did you find it?" Asked Spike as I helped him up.

"No. Because this isn't King Sombra's castle." Informed Twilight.

"I gathered that. It's not black." I pointed out.

"Well, isn't this where he lived when he was in power?" Asked Spike.

"It is. But Ego is right. It didn't look like this." She said and blasted a crystal on the throne with dark magic... Not the type to be trifled with. But Princess Celestia trusted Twilight enough that she taught her it, so I didn't mind.

"Whoa. When did you learn to do that?" Asked Spike.

"That was a little trick Celestia taught me." She said.

"Told you she'd given you the answer." I smirked. Thinking about the Princess made me happy, I remembered her laugh... How she made me feel good just by being near her... A churning in my gut... It was a very odd feeling...


Suddenly the floor opened up to reveal a massive downward spiral staircase and Spike gulped.

"You stay here." Said Twilight to us.

"Huh, if you insist." Said Spike.

"Not a chance." I said and leapt down...

"He never listens..." Twilight said during my descent. The floor shook as I landed.

"Can you see what's down there yet?" Asked Spike, his voice echoing down to me.

"Not yet. I can't even tell how far down this goes! Ego?!" Asked Twilight as she dropped a stone.

I ignored her on purpose because it hit me on the head. I wasn't about to forgive that.

"Spike?" Asked Twilight.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"Can you see outside?" She asked.


"It's not good! Cadance's magic must be fading faster than before!" He yelled. That's worrying... I hope the girls and Creature are OK...

"Ugh! Ow!" Exclaimed Twilight, falling down the stairs.

She managed to make herself float before she whacked her head at the bottom.

"Twilight? Ego? Are you okay?" Asked Spike.

"BOO!!!" I jumped out at Twilight and she screamed.

"Yes... No thanks to Ego." She said shooting a glare at me as I laughed. There's payback for the stone.

"I live to serve." I said. We looked around...

"A door!" She said.

"After you." I said as she used her magic on the handle, but the door shot away.

"What in the..." She said after the second time trying.

"This door really doesn't want to let us through." I said.

"Stop... Moving!" She exclaimed. And blasted the crystal above it with dark magic.

We looked through and white light was behind the door.

"Spike, I think it's here! Huh?" She asked as we both entered the door...


A white light blinded me for a second and when I looked, Twilight was nowhere to be seen.

I looked around... I was in Canterlot, at the Castle, in the gardens. Weird.

I looked behind me and saw a terrible sight. Damien, one of his masked Generals and Sombra approaching the castle...

I backed off, reaching for my sword... Nothing. I tried my magic. Nothing. I then decided to take an extreme course of action...

I ran at Damien attempting to tackle him only to be stopped by some sort of invisible shield, they didn't even acknowledge me! Was I in a vision of sorts?

"Now then my new friend, show King Sombra here what you can do." Smiled Damien to his General. I noticed he had hooks on rope over his shoulder

"Yes, Chaos Lord." He said... He sounded familiar...

He took his mask off and... No... Me?! Suddenly I was absorbed into his point of view, except I had no control... Maybe it was a Black Ring disguised as me... But then, why was I seeing through his eyes?

'I' then walked up to the statue of Princess Celestia and got the roped hook out and swung it at the statue, hooking it in, 'I' then grabbed the rope over 'my' shoulder and walked, pulling the statue down.

"Wow! All on his own? He'll be a valuable addition..." Smiled Sombra.

"Looks like that didn't get their attention." Smirked Damien. 'I' nodded and got the Claw of Abraxas out and pointed it at another statue.

Then a purple beam of magic shot out from it and destroyed Princess Luna's statue!

Suddenly Princess Celestia teleported to the Castle entrance.

"What is the meaning of this-" She started before noticing the three men... "Sombra?! Impossible! I sent Twilight t-" She stopped as Sombra held up a hoof.

"You want your precious Twilight?" He asked.

"Yes!" She demanded.

"Do be a chum and show the Princess what she wants." Said Damien, looking back at 'me'.

"At once." 'I' clicked my fingers and the girls appeared in chains.

"Twilight..." She started.

"Here they are. In one piece. Most of them." 'I' chuckled.

"Yes, my General here got a bit... Overzealous with them." Chuckled Damien. The Princess started toward them.

"Ah ah ah." 'I' waved my finger, sending them away again and she stopped.

"Who are you?!" She asked.

"I am Damien. You already know Sombra. And I believe you are familiar with my new General, yes?" Smiled Damien, gesturing to 'me'. 'I' turned into a pony again before switching back.

"Ego?!" Asked the Princess in surprise.

"No, not any longer. Meet Drace Reynfaire, my new General." He said.

"It's good to see you again Princess." 'I' smiled wickedly.

"Now then, show her we mean business. We have other things to deal with in Saddle Arabia, we'll be back post haste." Smiled Damien wickedly... I wasn't charmed... Did I join him... On purpose?!

And Drace?! Impossible... It can't be... No... Not again...

'It... It can't be...' I thought. 'I didn’t take his offer... Did I?'

I approached her as Damien and Sombra teleported away.

"Wait, you saved us! You're good! Please tell me this is a trick to stop him!" Said the Princess. 'I' leaned close to her... Her expression turned to relief...

And then 'I' grabbed her by the throat. She began to struggle in my grip before 'I' threw her through the castle doors, smashing them open and announcing 'my' arrival...

"Sister!" Exclaimed Princess Luna, running over to her as she landed on the far side of the throne room.

"Luna! It's Ego! He joined them!" Warned the Princess as 'I' quickly approached, Princess Luna stood up to cast a spell but was too slow, 'I' backpunched her which means 'I' did the motion of a backhand but with a curled fist. She slammed into a pillar on the left, injured.

"Oof!" She grunted in pain.

"No, not Ego. Drace, Drace Reynfaire." 'I' stated.

"Sister!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. She stood up and blasted me with magic...

When she stopped and the blinding light subsided I was standing there as if nothing...

Even to me now, that blast would've sent me back a few feet and injured me. Probably even killed me...

Unless I cast a powerful shield spell, but I can't do those without chanting a 10 second long spell as of yet... Unless...

Did I... Did I join Damien for power!? That’s the only way I could master so many complex spells in so little time...

And the Claw of Abraxas... I wasn't influenced by it but it's power was unlocked? Was it possible I killed Abraxas...?

I looked through 'my' mind and found it had been days since the Crystal Empire.

"Not happening." 'I' chuckled darkly, 'I' grabbed her muzzle and she yelped. The guards moved to stop 'me' but 'I' cast another spell I can't do without chanting yet! The spell sent the guards flying into walls and pillars, knocking them out.

"Stop!" Said Princess Luna, 'I' looked over and saw her quivering. Despite her bravado she was terrified.

"Oh Luna... Such care for your sister who abandoned you for a thousand years." 'I' said in a childlike voice.

"How... How did you know that!?" She asked.

"Oh, I managed to pull it out of Twilight while she regaled her entire life story to me over some tea and torture. I found out some very interesting things. Even your own subjects hate you." 'I' said.

"No...!" She said, starting to cry a little both for what 'I' said about her and about Twilight.

"Don't listen Luna." Said Princess Celestia like she had something in her mouth because 'I' had her mouth in my hand.

"Shut up." 'I' said, letting her go and backhanding her mouth, she fell over, rubbing her cheek with tears in her eyes.

"I won't listen!" Said Princess Luna, holding her head high, looking away from 'me'.

"Oh Luna... So bold." 'I' said and cupped her cheek, moving her head so she was looking at 'me', 'I' leaned in close. "You should've heard Cadance scream..." 'I' whispered and moved back, seeing her expression drop.

It broke my heart, I was fighting for control but it felt like I was pounding on a prison cell door, I was crying out in anger, banging on the cell doors.

"No...! No! You're lying!" She exclaimed and charged a spell.

"If you cast a single spell I'll cut off your horn." 'I' threatened, pleasure in my voice.

She stood down and then broke down, crying her eyes out.

"Hahaha." 'I' chuckled.

"Why?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Why? Power my dear. Power. Damien gave me the power to master my Draconic Magic. He also promised me the Kingdom of Equestria."

"Bu-" Started Princess Celestia.

"When Sombra has outlived his usefulness, we're going to dispose of him. After all, he cannot be around if I am to rule." 'I' answered and picked her up by her throat. "But for me to rule, you two can't be in the picture either, can you?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Please..." She choked as I applied pressure.

"Stop!" Pleaded Princess Luna.

"Ok." 'I' said, shrugging with a smile and 'I' threw the Princess to the ground.

She still had tears in her eyes as she coughed, holding a hoof to her neck, Princess Luna moved over to her and made sure she was OK.

I got a glimpse into what 'I' had planned for them... No! That’s not me... I don't... Do that! Not against their will!

As 'I' watched them hug, crying at their possible last few moments with each other... I felt a slight opening in 'my' heart as 'I' watched them, I took the opening and good job because 'I' closed it a second later.

"Well... I will let you both and Twilight live... If you do something for me..." 'I' said, malice in my words.

"Yes! Anything!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia.

"I want to rule. You want to live and save your subjects... We can come to an arrangement." I smiled.

"Sister..." Started Princess Luna in realisation.

"Quiet Luna, I can get us out of this! What do you want?" She asked. 'I' approached her and stroked her cheek and leaned in close.

"You." 'I' whispered but loud enough so Princess Luna could hear as well.

"What? What do you... You mean..." She said, starting to click on.

"Yes..." 'I' said, biting her ear lightly, still stroking her cheek.

"I..." She started,

"I can rule, with you by my side..." 'I' said. "We could accomplish so much together..." 'I' whispered. It sounds a lot like the drivel Damien was selling me with his offer...

"Wha..." She was lost for words I bit her ear she failed to suppress a moan.

"I will put in you the best symbol of unity between our worlds." 'I' whispered.

"Very well...." She relented, realizing there was no other choice.

"Good girl." 'I' whispered, kissing a tear away, I was fighting for control, I had to sift through and watch my memories all the torture I put the girls through... It was horrible.

Suddenly Princess Celestia pulled away.

"What about the other girls?" She asked, noticing 'I' only mentioned the two Princesses and Twilight.

"Hmm... Well then... I'd want you as well Luna." 'I' smiled, stroking Princess Luna's chin as I kissed Princess Celestia's neck. "Two symbols of unity is better than one." 'I' chuckled.

"No!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia.

"If it means the safe return of Twilight Sparkle and her friends..." Said Princess Luna.

"Well?" 'I' asked. Stroking Princess Celestia's mane. She let out a shuddery breath.

"Yes..." She concluded. Approaching 'me' and kissing 'my' cheek while crying...

"Excellent... Maybe we should adjourn to your rooms... We should waste no time." 'I' said.

Suddenly I managed to take over 'my' body.

"Ahh!" 'I' yelled as I took over, moving backwards. The two Princesses looked at me in surprise.

"It’s me! Ego! I'm back!" I said, slapping myself for a second to make sure I had control.

"Bu... Why did you... Oh Cadance!" Said Princess Luna, crying.

"Lulu, what's wrong?" Asked Princess Celestia, using Princess Luna's childhood name... Luckily ignoring me as I ran some tests on myself...

"He... He tortured and killed Cadance and Shining Armor!" Cried Princess Luna. I searched my memories... Oh no...

"I... I... Oh Divine, I... made her suffer..." I said and moved backwards in shock and sank against the pillar. I... Did something unspeakable, listening to her scream before she died... I.... No...

"You WHAT?!" Yelled Princess Celestia, about to kill me... And I didn't blame her. Hell, I wanted her to.

"Wait sister... That isn't 'Drace' that threw you through that door and tried to..." Observed Princess Luna. Cutting off before she mentioned what I was about to do.

"No... I looked into the door at the Crystal Palace..." I said, looking into the distance in horror at what I did.

"Then... This isn't real!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"You're right! That wasn't the real you!" Realised Princess Celestia. Picking me up with magic so I was standing.

"You just have to wake up!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"Or is this just my worst fear?" I asked.

"...Not exactly. This is what should happen if Twilight fails. If you give in the Sombra and accept this 'Damien's' offer. This is a glimpse of the future. Sombra used the door to corrupt his servants so they served him loyally. But it depends what is more depressing to the one looking. If it is the possible future, the door shows them that. If it is their worst fear, it shows them that." Explained Princess Celestia.

"Yes, and if they didn't wake up, they trapped themselves inside their minds forever because of the despair and became his mindless slaves. Walking corpses doing his bidding." Explained Princess Luna. "Do not end up like them. You are better than that." She added.

"Ok... I'll wake up..." I said and began to fade out.

"Before you go..." Said Princess Celestia, she leaned close to me and kissed me on the cheek. "For luck." She smiled...

"And from me." Said Princess Luna, doing the same. They both smiled... They wished me luck and kissed my cheek... Despite what I was about to do...


I blurrily saw my father... Calling me...



"Ego!" A voice... Calling me...

Not my father's... A woman.

"Ego!" Again...


"Ego!" No... It was... two voices?

"EGO!" Screamed Spike and Twilight at the same time as I woke up in a flash of light. I saw I was holding my knife to my stomach where my armor was weak!

"Ahhhhh!" I yelled, pulling the knife away and stumbling backwards. Falling on my ass.

"Ego! What happened to you?" Asked Twilight, walking over to me.

"No... No... I... Can't..." I said, backing away.

"It's OK... It was just a vision of your worst fear." Comforted Twilight, reaching out to me.

"No! It was worse." I said, pulling away, backing into a wall.

"I failed my test... Celestia sent me away... And then you appeared and told me you had joined Sombra and Damien, you raised your sword to me, I looked away and then I woke up." She said.

"I'm sorry..." I mumbled.

"Huh?" She asked.

"Nothing. Come on." I said, determined to finish this. I saw Spike look into the crystal...

After this is over I'll leave and lock myself away in my Battle Tower. I couldn't be trusted around them.

"It was King Sombra's dark magic. A doorway that leads to your worst fear." Explained Twilight as she woke Spike up...

"We were home. You told me you didn't need me anymore. You were sending me away..." Said Spike.

"A fear that will never come to pass. I'm never gonna send you away. And I'm not gonna fail my test!" Said Twilight, hugging Spike, seeing them so happy... It made me feel worse for what I did... She then blasted the crystal above the door, opening it. Twilight and I stepped through.

"What's in there?" Asked Spike worriedly, poking his head out. Me and Twilight both frowned...

"Stairs.... Lots and lots of stairs." She sighed after looking up at the amount of stairs and we began to climb. "Maybe you should come with me this time Spike." Said Twilight.

"I hate stairs, they always lead up to something." I smiled slightly, trying to lighten my mood... And failing.

;Crystal Fair - Creature's POV;

All the Ponies cheered as we watched the jousting. Rainbow Dash put her helmet on and waved to the crowd but poor Fluttershy looked and sounded terrified! She couldn't even use the javelin properly!

I saw Pinkie doing tricks to entertain everypony before the match. Suddenly the shield flickered again and the Flying Fortresses and Black Ring were visible for a second.

We heard Sombra's laughter reverberate through the Empire...

"Do it." I nodded.

"Mmm hmm." She agreed quickly and worriedly. She then blew the flugelhorn to signal the start to keep the Ponies occupied.

"Fluttershy!" I cheered her on as she shrieked and screamed. Trying to boost her confidence. Suddenly she came to a halt and cowered away, Rainbow Dash hit her and she went flying into a pile of hay.

I rushed over to make sure she was ok.

"Bravo, Knight Rainbow Dash!" Yelled a Pony.

"Are you OK Mistress Fluttershy?" I asked, helping her up.

"Oh, thank you Creature." She smiled.

"No problem Mistress." I bowed.

"Isn't there... somepony else who could... take over the jousting demonstration with you? How about Creature?" She asked Rainbow Dash who flew over.

"Creature would probably kill me! The fate of an entire Empire rests on us showing these ponies a good time... But, y'know, if that isn't important to you..." She said, making Fluttershy cry.

"Okay, okay, I'll take it easy on you next time. But not too easy. I've got a reputation to maintain!" She concluded. Fluttershy was looking still scared. I looked behind her and saw the crystals turning black! Sombra must be corrupting the land somehow...

"Hurry up Master..." I said nervously and went to watch the jousting again.

;Tyrath's POV;

Twilight, Spike and I ran up the stairs. I admit, even with my training, it was becoming hard going. I had put Spike on my shoulders so he didn't lag behind.

"I think this is a metaphor for life! 'There is no elevator to success! You have to take the stairs!'" I said.

"You aren't helping! Although I think it could be true!" Called Twilight.

"What if this is just more of his magic? He makes a door that leads to your worst nightmare. Why not a staircase that goes on forever?" Said Spike.

"Please, Divine, no!" I cried at Spike's suggestion.

"Both of you, hold on to me." Said Twilight, I put Spike down and we did.

"Uh..." Started Spike as Twilight cast a spell...

Suddenly the staircase turned into a slide!

"Whoa. Whoaaa! Yaaaah!" Called Twilight, her and Spike were in my lap as we slid down.

"Yeehaaa!" I yelled, taking my helmet off so I didn't knock my head on the stone... At least my mood was improved.

;Crystal Fair - Creature's POV;

The ponies had started to panic, noticing the black crystals...

Rarity (she apologised to me) was busy making... Stuff. Out of whatever she had on hoof.

The Ponies were crowding around the 'heart' but I was jumping around it, growling at them, warning them away. Rarity ran over to us, weaving through the crowd.

"Jog on!" I growled to a Pony getting too close for comfort.

"Excuse me, pardon me..." She apologised, running over to us. "I am running out of weaving materials for the traditional crafts booth! I just made a hat out of three pieces of hay and a drinking straw! I made it work. But still!" She informed us. We looked over and stifled a laugh at the silly hat...

"This can't go on much longer." I stated.

"I agree, but we gotta do everything we can to keep this thing goin'. The Princess isn't lookin' so good. I can't imagine her magic is gonna last much longer. It's gonna be fine. These ponies are gonna power up that Crystal Heart when the time comes, and we won't be needin' her magic anyway." Whispered Applejack.

"I wouldn't worry. Master and the Purple One will make it! Even if they don't, Master will have a backup plan!" I assured them. Now, I wasn't one to doubt Master, as I know his power better than anyone, as I have actually seen it and lived to tell the tale. But even I was starting to get nervous...

"I sure hope so, but I hope it's soon! Even I can't keep this party going forever!" Said Pinkie, slipping from a ball she was balancing on while juggling, the ball shot up and knocked over the fake heart!

"This isn't the Crystal Heart." Said one of the Ponies.

"Oh, of course it isn't. The real one is–" Started Rarity, laughing nervously before Applejack interrupted...

"-On its way!" She finished.

"I was going to say 'being polished' to buy us some more time?" Said Rarity.

"Oops..." Said Applejack. One pony began to panic.

"It's... It's him!" Said a Pony..

"Crystal Heart..." He laughed...

"The charade is over!" I said and ran out to the fields, taking a defensive stance, getting my swords out and preparing for the onslaught of the Black Ring. "Foolish mortals, it takes more than that to kill a Creature! Actually, come to think of it, I quite fancy the gas chamber..." I said thoughtfully.

'I will make you proud Master...' I thought...

;Crystal Palace (No, not the football team...) - Tyrath's POV;

We were sliding down, or rather up the stairs.

"Awesome! Anti-Gravity spell! Good thinking!" I whooped.

"Whoooooahahaha! Yep, I actually studied gravity spells, thinking it might be on my test! Turns out I was prepared for this! Wooo-hooo! Hahah!" She yelled. As we reached the top she corrected our gravity. I landed(again) on my sore ass, making matters worse, Twilight and Spike both landed on my groin.

"Owww!" I yelled as they rolled off me, I gripped my privates in pain.

"Haha, sorry." She said, rubbing the back of her head as I got up groggily.

"It's fine." I strained, waddling over to them still holding my sore area.

We were on top of the Palace!

"Hey I can see my house from here!" I said, pointing to the Battle Tower, because the Fortresses had lowered to the round to disembark their troops I could see the Tower! The wind was blowing hard up here...

We saw the Heart floating in the center of the room! Suddenly a slow clapping was heard.

"So Dragons... Pony. You found it. Well done." Said Damien.

"I couldn't have done it without them." I said.

"Yes, you could have. Just as they could have done it without you. It works both ways." He said.

"Sure..." I said.

"You see Dragon, this is an Alternate Reality. Every reality is. There is a reality where humans do not ever come into contact with ponies. Where you and I never even meet them. There is a reality where they defeat Chrysalis and Sombra without your help. Where the Black Ring are not here, and neither are you. They are left to their own devices from both you and I. But in this Reality they need you to survive just as you need them." He explained.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"Just trying to kill time while my Ring overtake the Empire." He said.

"Not going to happen." I growled.

"So? What are you waiting for? Claim your prize! You've earned it." He smiled evilly, jumping from the ledge... His astral form presumably disappearing as it went out of sight...

Twilight went for it as I thought on Damien's words... I cast my gaze over the room...

Oh bollocks!

"No wait! Twilight, it's too easy-" Before I could finish, she stood on a pressure plate, alerting Sombra to her presence.

She grabbed the Heart but dropped it and was trapped in a black crystal prison...

"The Heart... Where's the Crystal–" Started Twilight, looking around.

Spike spotted it.

"Here! It rolled over to us when you dropped it!" Said Spike. Crystals surrounding us.

"Stay close Spike..." I said. He started shuffling over to me.

"Don't move!" Countered Twilight.

"Nevermind." I said to him. He stopped moving.

"You can move, just not toward me!" She said and tried to teleport out but was just teleported back in again.

"It's a deflection field! Whatever spell you cast it backfires!" I told her as Spike clutched my leg we were backing further toward the edge...

"You're right! Oh, how could I have been so foolish!? I was just so eager to get it! You tried to warn me! Then when I saw Damien again and what was going on outside, I..." She started.

"You have to get out of there, Twilight! You have to be the one who brings the Heart to Princess Cadance! If you don't, you'll fail Celestia's test!" Exclaimed Spike.

"We haven’t got long!" I said, looking behind me, seeing the shield beginning to fail.

"King Sombra and the Black Ring are already attacking the Empire. They could reach the Crystal Ponies at any moment... reach Princess Cadance, my brother, my friends. There may not be enough time for me to find a way to escape." She admitted.

"Well, what then?" I asked. Spike and I were backed into a corner by sharp crystals, he was on my back now.

"You both have to be the ones to bring the Crystal Heart to the Fair." Concluded Twilight.

"Spike, can you handle that? I need to be out there fighting with Creature." I said.

"Me? But guys–" He started. Getting down from my back.

"Go!" She said.

"But–" He started to argue.

"Goooo!" Yelled Twilight.

Spike grabbed the Crystal Heart and jumped onto my back again.

"Come on! Tell them to hold my mail!" I yelled as I leapt from the window, going into freefall. As we fell, I saw the shield dissipate completely...

"Woaahhhh! We'reeeee gonnnnaaaa dieeeee!" Yelled Spike, I was about to switch into my Dragon Form but an arrow shot the Crystal Heart from Spike's claw.

While I was surprised another then pierced my armor in my shoulder, throwing me off my freefall.

I looked and saw Kali as a Unicorn in the tower, holding a bow in her magic, she smiled evilly and waved at me, teleporting away. I curled around Spike and we slammed into the ground. Spike was fine and got up, but I was injured.

I used my greatsword to get up and had to use it to stay upright.

"What happened?!" Asked Applejack, running over.

"Kali! She shot me! Ahh!" I said, yanking the arrow from my shoulder the arrow wound wasn't too bad, my regenerative blood would take care of that, but my broken leg was another story...

"Master!" Said Creature, running over from the field. There were about 12 dead Black Ring where he came from. The taster wave I'm guessing.

"Where's the Heart?!" Asked Applejack, I saw it landed in a far field... The Black Ring were pouring in toward it...

"Creature, come on we've a fight to get to." I said, limping toward the Heart.

"Woah pardner! You're hurt!" Exclaimed Applejack, moving in front of me and stopping me with her hooves on my shoulders.

"This? Tis but a scratch." I said, keeping walking/limping. She got back on all fours, watching us go worriedly.

"Shall we Master?" Asked Creature.

"Let's do it." I said, putting my helmet back on and I began to run forward to the best of my ability, pointing my greatsword at the ground and using my other hand with a curled fist to gain momentum(you know how running works). "Ahhh!" I yelled as we ran toward the Black Ring... Looks like only the Generals were ponified though... Strange...

(Soundtrack to this part, it's optional, but you know... For those who like that sort of thing. Music composed by Kirill Pokrovsky.)

As a Black Ring soldier was about to swing downwards at me, raising his sword above his head, I beat him to it and cleaved him in two from the waist down.

Another came at me with his sword lowered.

He quit while he was ahead! You know... Cause I cut his head off... Keep up!

A few archers were firing at me but I just ducked, dodged and weaved through the arrows, the Black Ring Archers are terrible shots! Only Kali is a dead-eye apparently.

I clotheslined a Captain as he tried to run past me, breaking his neck on impact with my arm.

A group of 5 soldiers then came at me but I raised my hand and sent them flying, they all hit the ground, dead. I can kill groups of enemies huddled, but when they surround me is different, I have the Firewall spell I can cast without chanting but that's it.

I sliced and diced my way through countless Black Ring with Creature at my back. Suddenly a Sergeant flanked us, getting behind me and kicking my injured leg, sending me down on one knee.

He kicked my back, sending me to the ground on my stomach, I turned on my back quickly but he put up a personal deflection shield so I couldn't cast a spell to stop him. Creature was fighting his own battles...

"Time to die Dragon!" He laughed and raised his sword, I put my hand in front of my face and looked away, closing my eyes, waiting for the end to come... Suddenly I heard...

"Yeehawww!" And Applejack bucked him with all her might, sending him about 5 foot away and breaking his spine in half.

It was then I realised something... Human and Pony anatomy are so different that Ponies have an inbuilt resistance to their own magic, Unicorn or no. Which is why most spells that should kill them, don't. And they are built to take a kick from their own species while Human skeletons are weaker and can't even take a moderate kick from a Pony!

"Applejack...?" I asked, dazed as I got up.

"I'm 'ere for ya pardner!" She said.

"Thanks..." I said and ran for the Heart as I reached it I crouched down using my greatsword to keep me from falling over. I picked up the Heart. "Got it!" I said, getting up.

"Ahhh!" Cried Kali, running at me and stabbing my in the chest with something...

"Fuck!" I yelled in pain as I held the Crystal Heart high in the air. I pushed Kali away and she fell to the floor but the Crystal flew out of my hand as another archer hit it...

A group of 12 Black Ring started toward the girls and I stepped in front of them.

"I don't think so." I said, yanking the black crystal shard from my chest, I felt something move inside me... Not good...

They started toward me and I took a huge breath, my eyes narrowed, went yellow and draconic again and I let out my breath, fire poured from my mouth, scorching the Black Ring into ashes. As I stopped spewing fire, my eyes returned to normality.

I saw Kali run at me with her sword. I blocked her blow with one arm and kicked her away, stabbing a Black Ring in the side as he tried to run past me. i kicked my left leg out to the side, breaking another Black Ring's hip as she tried to get past me.

Kali was back up and I kicked her back down. I looked down at my chest and saw black crystal all over me! It was running from the middle of my chest up to the left side of my throat down to my left knee...

"It's working!" Exclaimed Kali in glee as she got up again.

"Ahh!" I yelled and swung for her, she just jumped out of the way.

I saw... No! Impossible... I think I saw the two other Princesses land at the square...

;Crystal Square - Princess Celestia's POV;

"Cadance! What's happening?" I asked.

"Ego is back... He's out there fighting the Black Ring, the group that Stone was part of." She explained.

"Ego!? What happened?" Asked Luna.

"Something either of you didn't predict. His enemies, the Black Ring teamed up with Sombra! We're lucky he was here!" Exclaimed Cadance.

"Is he OK?" I asked.

"He jumped from the tower and landed rough, he was injured but ran out to fight anyway, Applejack leant him a hoof. What? I tried to stop him." Lied Shining Armor, I know he lied because of the way he said it.

"But is he in trouble?!" I asked.

"I don't know." He shrugged.

"I think so." Nodded Cadance, glancing at Armor angrily, Luna and I were angry at him as well, but now was not the time...

;Tyrath's POV;

As I was surrounded by Black Ring I wasn't going without a fight, I sliced three heads off and shoved my blade backwards, impaling one. One ran at me and I bit his throat out, spitting it out to the floor, blood gushing from my mouth from the throat... I was going to kick, hit, bite and claw my way out of this if I had to.

Suddenly the other Ring surrounding me were blasted to bits by powerful magic...

"Wha..." I asked, I saw the two Princesses approach... It made me feel happy, seeing them.

"Where is Ego?!" Asked Princess Celestia, pointing her horn at me.

"You found him." I grunted in pain and held my chest as the crystal expanded again.

"What?" She asked, looking closely.

"I killed Stone and you and Princess Luna are lightweights." I answered with a smile of pain.

"It IS you...! Is that blood?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Not mine." I answered and wiped my mouth.

"Maybe not, but you are hurt." She said as I coughed black liquid.

"I'm fine..." I said, was I crying? I rubbed my eye and black liquid was on my fingertip...

"No, you're not." She said.

"I'm fine!" I yelled. They backed off, their eyes flattening. "I'll... Just... I'll deal with this!" I insisted. They walked back to the square hesitantly. I didn't want them in danger...

Wait, why was I so goddamn concerned and protective around them? Around innocents, yes. But these two could no doubt handle themselves as I've seen, but I felt as if I wanted them to be safe...

I looked down and my entire left half was encased in crystal... I fell to my left knee, then I realised I couldn't get up!

"You're going to die Dragon." Said Kali, coming close because my greatsword was in my other hand which was encased in crystal so I couldn't move it... I was about to give up...

"Come on! Get up! We got your back!" Said Rainbow Dash, kicking ass. The Princesses also rejoined the fray despite my objections...

"Yeah! We're 'ere pardner!" Exclaimed Applejack as everything became quiet and I could hear my own breaths... The sounds of battle became dull... Kali was laughing in my face.

"We are not leaving you to die!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"I don't need your help! I can do this myself!" I yelled.

"No chance! We all need help sometimes!" Said Rainbow, punching the Black Ring, they were barely fighting the remnants back... They needed my help.

"Yeah! It's what friends are for!" Said Applejack.

"Friends?" I asked...

"Yeah... Woah!" Exclaimed Applejack, she jumped toward Kali who grabbed her with magic and threw her a few feet away, hurting her but not killing her. I became enraged.

"Soon my experimental Mist Warriors will reach us, then we'll be unstoppable!" She exclaimed.

They must be the warriors I saved Shining Armor from earlier...

"Ahhh! No! You. Won't . Hurt. Them!" I yelled and used my left side as a battering ram, Kali was barely dodging my attacks. I headbutted her and she went down, knocked out. I turned to the Crystal Heart but saw Black Ring.

"Try it Dragon." Growled one. In response I used a mind attack, causing their heads to explode.

Fuck, that wore me out...

I limped forward, panting. Two Black Ring ran at me I clenched my fist by my side, using a forbidden spell that crushed both of their spines. One kicked me and I fell down, my greatsword getting kicked away. I raised my hand and clenched my fist again, crushing his throat in a single swift move.

I saw the Crystal Heart was in range as I was down and I used my free hand to grab it...

I used my crystallized elbow to prop myself up...

"Spike! Go long!" I yelled and threw him the Heart like a frisbee. He jumped and caught it but a black crystal appeared beneath him and raised him high. He jumped down crystal by crystal...

I was about to get back to battle when suddenly a sword pierced my back...

"No!" Yelled Princess Celestia, before Black Ring got in the way of her and her sister's view...

"You will not succeed!" Yelled Kali, and ran at Spike.

I grabbed my knife from my right shin and threw it at her, hitting her leg, she fell down.

I yanked the sword she stabbed me with from my back. As I did I saw Sombra about to get the Crystal, I couldn't stop him, that was up to the others. But I could ensure Kali couldn't hurt anyone or pony else... I slowly crawled over to her and wrapped my free, non-crystallised hand around Kali's throat and applied pressure...

;Creature's POV;

As baby Dragon jumped from a high crystal, I saw him and Sombra both reaching for the Crystal Heart...

"Come on kid..." I said as I impaled a Black Ring behind me on my sword with my magic. Which was a light gray aura.

Princess Cadance was then thrown by Shining Armor from the balcony, she flew and caught the Heart (and baby Dragon) right out of Sombra's hooves.

"Behold! The Crystal Princess!" Said a Pony.

"The Crystal Heart has returned. Use the light and love within you to ensure that King Sombra does not." She said, putting the Heart in it's place.

It started whirring to life as the ponies rallied around their Princess, bowing to her.

I saw the other two Princesses as well, fighting the remaining Black Ring. I ran over to the White Princess.

"Your Majesty? Where is Master?" I asked, fighting back to back with her.

"Huh?" She asked.

"He means Ego." Said Applejack, jumping to our side, bucking the Black Ring away.

"I don't know, I lost sight of him." She said as the heart took effect.

"Last we saw him, he was stabbed in the back!" Exclaimed Princess Luna. Extending both her wings quickly, effectively 'punching' two Black Ring away from her left and right.

"Master will be fine!" I yelled as I was severing limbs.

"Well, we need to find him! Woah!" Said Rainbow, flying over to us and dodging a few arrows. "These guys can't even aim!" Laughed Rainbow. Honestly? They only had a chance because Master and I killed the best and most of the Black Ring in the first and second wave. Otherwise they'd be dead by now...

"What? No... No! Stop!" Said Sombra as the Magic of Love and Light spread. Causing the Black Ring and Sombra to burst... We all became crystalline as the Heart took back the Empire, turning it truly into the Crystal Empire.

The Fortresses were still there but the Black Ring manning them weren't!

"Wooohooo!" I cheered.

"Yeah! Awesome!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Where's Master?" I asked with a smile, the girls all shrugged and my smile slowly disappeared. The two sisters crossed horns in happiness as the Empire was freed of Sombra's control. I noticed the Crystal Ponies beginning to look sad as they surrounded something.

"What's going on over there?" Asked Purple One as she levitated herself from the tower. (I didn’t know her or the baby Dragon's names...)

The girls and Princesses all joined her, looking in confusion to whatever the thing was the Crystal Ponies were blocking the view of... We all pushed past...

"No!" I exclaimed and ran over, the girls came out of the crowd, looking confused before seeing what I saw... Lord Tyrath, encased in black crystal... "Master!" I said shaking the statue...

(He looks like Wolverine from the cover of X-Men origins except unlike Wolverine he has black crystal covering his body, no claws and not as handsome, oh and he had a decapitated pony head held by the mane in his left hand.)

"Is he..." Asked Cadance.

"I..." I cut off... Unable to answer, or comprehend what could be my Master's demise...

"Well?! Happy now, Shining?!" Asked Cadance, in tears.

"I..." He started mumbling trying to respond.

"You never trusted him! I asked you what it took! Well? How's this?!" She exclaimed. Gesturing to the black, frozen crystalline figure that used to be my Master. He looked down in shame. Maybe even a hint of sadness?

"Come on Master, you always had a backup plan! Always!" I said hopefully. The statue remained still. "M- Master?!" I sobbed. Realising that he was probably truly gone...

I saw the Princesses and the 6 mares also crying. Something tells me the two Princesses didn't cry often... But they cried over my Master?

"He died protecting us..." Cried the Purple One putting a hoof on my back in comfort.

"He swore not to let anything happen to or hurt you all, even if it meant his life. He was always as good as his word..." I cried. "There was never a better man or Dragon." I cried at the statue's feet. I couldn't bring myself to blame the Ponies... Master would have saved them no matter what...

The 6 mares from before and the three Princess all hugged the statue along with me...

"Wait, listen!" Said Blue Princess, sniffing a little from her tears.

We all quietened down before hearing a crack... We backed away from the statue...

And then another crack...

Then another! Then several!

Suddenly the crystal began visibly cracking and blue light was revealing beneath...

"Master?!" I asked in awe, wiping my tears... Surely it was impossible!

Suddenly the crystal statue burst and my Master was on his hands and knees coughing out black liquid that also dripped from his body...

"W- What?" He coughed in answer to me as if nothing happened.

"Oh! Master... You're alive! " I exclaimed happily in relief. I ran over to his side when the black liquidised crystal had completely gone from his body and had melted as it hit the ground.

He was also crystalline like us! He looked absolutely majestic! His hair flowed upwards in a fiery orange color! His eyes were their yellow draconic type... I helped him up and he draped an arm over my back. The White Princess also ran over and helped him.

"Thank the sun you're OK!" She exclaimed and rubbed her cheek on his.

"I agree! Surely this is impossible!" I exclaimed.

He knelt up on one knee and saw the Crystal Ponies all looking at him.

"Of course I am alive, and don't call me Shirley... Oh, wow... What did I miss?" He asked in genuine confusion, looking out at the Crystal Ponies staring.

"The usual." I chuckled. "I knew better than to doubt you!" I laughed.

"You should...! Err, why are they staring...?" He asked. He stood up to his full height and the Crystal Ponies began cheering. "Now... Why are they cheering?" He asked.

"You saved them Master, you and the baby Dragon got them the Heart." I smiled.

"Indeed. You are a true hero." Smiled White Princess, stepping away from him.

"There is a few last things." He announced, he stood on his own.

"Master?" I asked.

"I said I'd give you this." He said and placed Kali's ponified head in Shining Armor's hooves...

"I... Wha..." He stuttered, looking at it with an open mouth and eyes.

"Well, at least you can practise your kissing on something other than the mirror now." Said Master and we all burst out laughing.

He then got some hooked rope and marched to the Flying Islands. He threw the hooks into them and when he was sure he had a good grip, he walked back toward us and in an incredible display of his ungodly strength he pulled the islands the rest of the way down. Smashing them into the ground outside the Empire, allowing the sun to be seen again as the dust settled.

They all cheered even louder at seeing the sun shine on their kingdom for the first time in 1000 years.

I saw White Princess staring and smiling at Master... Quite intensely... so was Blue Princess. I'd even call their smiles... Endearing?

Suddenly White Princess shook her head, pulling herself out of her stupor.

"Ahem. I'll see you in Canterlot." Said White Princess, speaking to Purple One.e seemed annoyed at Purple One for some reason...

She wiped away a tear as she and her sister flew away.

;Ego's POV;

I saw the two Princesses as they were crystalline... They looked... Ahem, nice... Sparkly, I suppose... Ahem. I couldn't take my eyes off them as they flew away...

"Oh brother... I failed..." Mumbled Purple One.

Spike and I sighed in relief at seeing the Empire saved.

"In any case, good job, Spike. You too Ego." Smiled Twilight. I did a two finger salute to her (not the rude way).

;10 minutes later;

I was on the balcony in the Palace overlooking the Empire, looking out at the happiness and joy... and feeling like the worst person alive... I couldn't get that vision out of my mind...

"Master?" Asked Creature, coming up behind me.

"Yes?" I asked, looking back at him.

"Are you ok?" He asked, leaning on the balcony railing next to me.

"No... They deserve their happiness, their victory. I deserve nothing." I said.

"Why, My Lord?" Asked Creature

"Nothing. It's nothing." I waved him off. I went inside as he waited on the balcony. I saw Princess Cadance standing there, smiling at me.

"That's the second time you've saved my life." She chuckled.

"I know. I may have to start charging soon." I smiled.

"Yeah..." She said, we both looked away. "Look, back there, you showed more concern for me than my husband really, ever has! I mean, he didn't even notice me not being myself at our wedding! And I admit, when you held me, and you looked into my eyes... I was captivated... I feel as though there is something between us... Do you?" She asked.

"I... Princess..." I said as we got close, and then closer.

"If you want me, kiss me now. Tell me you love me." She whispered, she surged forward but I backed off.

"I... I can't. You're married Princess! We just can't..." I shook my head.

"Is that the only reason?" She asked.

"Yes." I said. Truthfully, i was lying. It was the vision as well. If it wasn't for the vision would I have kissed her? Maybe. I also felt as though I was betrayed someone else... Or was it somepony else? Fuck that! These were animals! Intelligent, talking animals, but still! It was wrong! Taboo! Disgusting! I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts!

"I need to know. Do you think there is something there? Anything? Or is it just me?" She asked.

"I... I do. But we can't. We just... Can't." I shook my head. I had to admit it.

"No, you're right. Come, we should see the girls off." She said and walked out. She smiled at me slightly. Was she sad? Oh man, I might be in the shit...

I went back to Creature.

"Shall we?" He asked as we jumped from the balcony. We jogged and caught up to the girls as they were leaving, I was planning on ignoring Armor.

"I do so wish it was permanent. Did you see how my mane just absolutely sparkled?" Asked Rarity, I noticed mine and Creature's crystalline properties vanished as we left.

"But... good things are better when they're a rarity." Said Applejack.

"Hey, jokes are my thing." I chuckled. I had to act normal for now...

"Aww. He's right though, quit while you're ahead." Laughed Rarity.

"Everything's gonna be okay. You've gotta stop saving my rump like this. It's starting to get embarrassing." Said Armor to Twilight.

"Wasn't me who saved you in the end. It was Spike and Ego." Said Twilight, looking downtrodden.

"Yep." Said Cadance, nudging her husband with an angry expression. Pretty much ignoring the fact she just tried to kiss me...

He took a breath to speak.

"Just leave it." I said, still not forgiving him, he stopped for a second before running to catch up.

"It's just a test. Maybe she'll let you retake it." Said Shining as Twilight also looked sad.

"You saw her back there, I don't think she's gonna give me a new test." Said Twilight, boarding the train.

"Well... Good luck." I nodded.

"Yer not comin'?" Asked Applejack.

"I've got duties to attend at my Tower..." I lied.

"Ok, see you soon pardner!" Applejack tipped her hat and I bowed slightly as the doors shut.

"How are you getting back?" Asked Princess Cadance.

"Easy. Battle Tower. Ready to teleport back with Creature." I said to my Dragon Stone.

"Yes My Lord." Said Sassan.

"Before I go, stop fainting. I may start to think you just do it so I'll worry myself to death." I said to Princess Cadance... She looked into my eyes for a second before replying...

"Ha ha." She said with a roll of her eyes.

"We are ready, My Lord." Said Sassan and teleported us back...