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A New Story in the Making · 12:22am Jan 12th, 2015

Hey guys sorry its been a while, I've been trying to find an idea for the next chapter of Hell Hath No Fury and alas I've been unable to for now the story will probably be on hold as I'm currently working on a second story right now. This new story will feature Deemo from the mobile phone music game and his best and only friend the little girl as they battle it out in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks.

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Can you continue your huntik secrets and seekers mlp crossover please this is the best story I've read and I was wondering if a crossover even exist and the fact that I found one thank you that really makes you a magnificent beautiful bastard you gotta continue it

1251118 Or I call him Cthulu

Thanks! It's always good to hear that someone likes the way I write. :twilightsmile:

1321593 I like it the one shot chapters are a lot better than the other stories i've seen out there

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