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In Equestria, the Undiscovered West was not always so mysterious, in the time of the Primordials races, Dragon, alicorn and others, There was one being who wanted to end the First Conflict. This was the that being, The First Man

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It is the closing year of World War II. Discord is sad that one of the most chaotic events he has seen in the multiverse is about to end. To make himself entertained, he decides to bring some of the human's favorite "Toys" to his world...tanks. However there is one problem,... They don't have sentience to cause chaos. Well Discord can fix that!

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The small town of Solaris is nestled in a place far away from the rest of Equestria. The major rail network doesn't even count it as a place on their maps. The hope of the town rests on one little locomotive that was forgotten just like them. That engine...is Sunny.

(The locomotive is based on the concept of Ivor the Engine. She cannot speak because of no face, but has the ability to get its points across.)

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The seas of Gaia are filled with privateers and warmongering pirate lords. With the slow progress of naval advancement, these vile people have roamed free of judge. One stormy day that all changed. The sea summoned a judge, jury and executioner of justice. This judge is the soul of Admiral Hanz Ravenmark and his ship H-44 GERMANIA!
Do not own this beautiful artwork thank you Deviant Art For existing

WE DID IT! AS OF Feb 1st of 2020 This story has reached 1000 views

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It is the year 2018 AD. With many monotheist religions having kicked out most pagan gods, the many gods of old have fled the world to find new followers in other worlds across the multiverse. With this, the Mediterranean Gods or as all know them, the Greek/Roman Gods decide to leave as well, but do not wish to be mere observers anymore. For in this world, they shall become the immortal heroes like their many demigod children. No longer are they merely gods, They are the Defenders of Gaia!

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Hi there, I'm Douglas Edwards of the Lone Star State of Texas. My girlfriend wanted to go to Bronycon and being the supportive boyfriend I am I got us passes to the convention. I personally only watched when she watched it with me and it became somewhat of a thing for us to watch it together. While she was waiting in line I found this cool stand with Doctor Who stuff. I liked the show and bought the Fifth doctor's screwdriver and a gallifreyan style pocket watch. Yeah that was a stupid move...

In this story, The Doctor has the same age of the fifth of 29 so picture is a younger looking than his actual appearance. Also this is a part of Canterlot Adventures series link below:

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"Hello there. I am Ms. Conductor and I bet you know my distant cousin MR. Conductor." Well he isnt the only one in charge of maintaining a fleet. No. If you follow the sun as the crow flies from Shining Time, then you'll arrive at the small valley town of Gossamer. Now take an hour's hike to Lonely mountain and that's where I live. Its my job to monitor a magical railway whose tracks happen to end in this mountain. One short blow on the whistle and you arrive at the most beautiful place in my opinion...Equestria. Join me and my new friend Lauren(Laurie) as we ride the rails and other fun adventures."

(Potential Reboot?)

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