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MAKING IT OFFICIAL · 12:45am May 8th

Hello to my loyal fans. I know some of you are wondering what has happened and I think its time I explained.
You see, I joined the fandom at a dark point in my life, where I wrote stories to cheer myself up and it made me happy. However, as my life improved outside, my creative drive to continue my works faded away slowly. While I do love storytelling, I could just never fill the gap between how I wanted to start a story, and how I wanted it to end. This "skeletal frame" style of writing and my constant doubting myself had caused me to stop writing. Now I am officially saying that I will unfortunatley not be continuing any of my stories. I will still be on from time to time to chat with my freinds, but that will be it. So here I will tell you what I had intended for the stories that i still remember there endings

Project 131: the different groups were to meet in canterlot and after a standoff broken up by the princesses, the group would begrudgingly live with various ambers of the mane six in a slice of life with the group coming together as friends in the finale for the defense of Equestria from Chrysalis and Sombra's Dark Empire( the two had agreed to a political marriage). The crew would win, various groups that once hated each other would become freinds.

Battleship Alamo City: The crew of Alamo City would defeat the snakes, and after a long conflict Saddle Arabia would finally be safe. In a special, Alamo City would catch word of the Battleship Express and set off to Equestria. After a bit of arguing that comes from wanting to be the best unit, both Ravage and Scarfox would be good freinds.

Ive got five problems: After helping various others, the couple who had been displaced simply decided to go around helping others throughout both worlds
H-44 Germania: Hanz would win multiple battles but at some point the Germania would be temporarily sabotaged. Meanwhile, the pirates would create a ship they deemed capable of beating Germania but Germania would win and Hanz would live happily ever after married to the royal sisters

And that is it. Im sorry i couldnt have spun a better yarn, but I felt y'all should at least know the endings. How those endings happened is up to your imagination. Hopefully you enjoyed and thank you for reading

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The law of equivalent exchange has been met. Ponies did their job.

I have to be honest, is a little bit of a shame that you’ll never finish this stories (Germanía was my favourite by the way). But knowing is because is because your mental health has improved, I’m happy for you :twilightsmile:

That being said, remember that if you ever want to come back, just to read and not write, this place and your readers will always be ready to welcome you with open arms :twilightsmile:

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