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holy heck doccular is alive wtf


Usually, we feel alone when we're by ourselves. But sometimes, the loneliest place is in the middle of a crowd. Spike has to get away, and he needs somepony to talk with him so that he can get through the evening.

Now with a narration by Razor Reviews. You can find it here.

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Very well done. :pinkiesmile:

My Spike sense is tingling... So here I am.


Haha, cool! Hope it doesn't disappoint!


Thank you! :yay:

I haven't seen a lot of fics that put Spike and Fluttershy together, surprisingly enough, considering their first interaction. The dynamic you set up here was pretty good. And you touched on the issues pretty well, which hinting enough at a few more that a reader could infer a lot more about how and why Spike is where he is. Pretty good and satisfying for a short read.

I suppose this is why KiFA hasn't updated in a while?? :)

I'll put this in my read it later file. Got a lot of catching up to do, but enjoy your writing, so I don't want to ignore this one.

Docc... It's too early for tears. This struck a cord with me as it's something I struggle with at times too.

Great story.

I like this so very much, almost more than words can really explain. Thank you. :fluttercry:

I would love to say more, but I don't think I have to. :pinkiesad2:

This was a really cute fic. I enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

That said, Spike sighs twice at the beginning. It's a little distracting.

This is beautiful and so are you.

I liked it. Really good. :scootangel:

Wow... this honestly explained a lot. thanks.

I'll be doing a reading of this. It is definitely gonna happen. :pinkiesmile:

This could be alternately titled "Spike Experiences the First Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder".

I would start him on sertraline. Might also help with the OCD dragon greed too.

I relate to this and it touched me deeply, thank you.

Can't seem to get this song out of my head: Outsider by Chumbawamba

Neat story.

This is so sweet:pinkiehappy:

This story is a beautiful representation of what it feels like to struggle with social anxiety. Thank you

That's exactly how I feel every party! Unfortunately, I usually don't have anyone to cheer me up. :fluttercry: But nevermind. Nice story! Goes to my list of favourites. :twilightsmile:

Hey do you mind if I make a narration of this? This is really good!


Go right ahead! Just send me a link! :pinkiehappy:

I'm such a sucker for a good Spike story, I guess that's why I like this. It would have been nice if you had nice if you had gone into more detail as towhy spike was lonely. Perhaps because he was the only dragon in a room full of ponies? I think that would certainly make me lonely if I were Spike in that situation. In any case, the story was lovely. Good job.:twilightsmile:

Spike nodded and looked around. As with most of the tree library, this room was filled to the brim with books, books, and then a few more books. The two couches, three tables, and the lamps along the walls completed the contents of Spike’s hideout. With walls colored a deep, soothing green, the room seemed to radiate comfort. “Yeah,” he replied. “I think it’s my favorite place here.”

6886504 The point, I think, is that sometimes there is no why it happens, there's no obvious trigger for a panic attack, no set rhyme or reason for why they will strike.

Depression and Anxiety is a right proper nasty combo.

This is a very cute story. I love it! I just wish I can be a good writer like you are.

As I see the title of your story this comes to mind

Ignore the name its a great song.

Story struck a cord in me, since I am in my own state of depression.

This story had a great pair to show the symptoms of sadness, and sorrow. Spike and Fluttershy's personalities and willingness to put others needs above their own, are traits I'm sure others who suffer from depression have. Feeling that you need to make everyone else happy, in order to feel satisfied with yourself.

What didn't quite click with me, though, was the way some of the sentences were phrased. I felt in some areas, it was trying to be too artsy fartsy. The beginning also felt a bit too telling other than showing, but other than that it was a solid work. Short, and simple.

Worth reading if you like the characters presented, and if you too suffer from depressive thoughts.

Very well done and wonderfully put, had me in tears, I loved it.

After the group’s success in Canterlot repealing the changeling invasion,


this room was filled to the brim with book, books, and then a few more books.

Needs an "s" on the first "book"

Nose, movement, crowded, alone…


And now, since I'm done being a Grammar Nazi...
Really. Good job. You got me as close to emotional as anything on this site ever has.

The Fluttershy in this story feels slightly off to me. She "sounds" more confident than the one in my head.

But you know what? I don't care. I like this. It's sort of like the fanfic equivalent of a well-timed hug.

This is a amazing story, beautifully written.:heart:

D'aww! An awsome story!

Nice story! In my mind, I went back to my high school graduation. The scene played out ridiculously similar to this one. I went through the ceremony no problem. Afterward, we had a party. I felt weird. It felt to me like a switch was thrown in my brain and I became an adult. This quickly overwhelmed me. I spent the majority of the party in the corner of the family room being anti-social and stuck in my thoughts. After the party, I shut myself in my room crying wondering what was wrong with me. I woke up the next morning, and I was fine. I couldn't explain it. I really like that you touched upon the fact that it doesn't go away. It's just something you have to work with.

It's like you were writing for me specifically. I do suffer from a mild case of depression. I don't large social gatherings and feel anxious when I'm around too many people. I often thought there was something wrong with me, that I should just "chill out." But I can't. Partying and getting wasted are not my thing.

Spike did what I do at every major event, find a quiet place to think and sulk. I wish I had someone like Fluttershy to cheer me up when that happens.

This hits me on such a personal level that I have to fav it. Thank you.

I know how that feels and it sucks...nice story.

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Huh. Nice. You sir, get a like! :moustache:

I had a pretty hard day today. This made it better, thank you.

and reminded themselves that no pony or dragon is ever really alone. And neither are you.

Oh shit burn everything and run!

The only nitpick I have is Spike saying the title two or three times. I mentally heard
"*ding* roll credits" each time

Thank you for this :heart: I have social anxiety and depression. :ajsleepy: but I know that if anything happens, my friends are always there for me, and know how to calm me down before I end up hurting myself (fainting, hyperventilate, asthma attack, etc)

I was expecting for this to be a story about Spike struggling to be a part of the action alongside the Mane Six, so I was somewhat wary (but also intrigued because that's a topic I like to explore myself), but this surprised me. This is a very relatable struggle, especially for people with social anxiety and/or depression (for example: myself).

I have had definite moments where I have to leave a room and be by myself, especially when things get too intense for me. One time, I was at the grocery store with my mom and it was kinda crowded, so my body immediately to react quite negatively. You accurately described what it feels like to have a panic attack and what it does to people, as well as how those experiencing it feel like it's just something stupid they should be able to stop (but they can't).

And Shy? I love how she was with Spike. She knows exactly what he's been through and she was totally understanding with him. She never belittled him for what he was feeling and she immediately shut down any self-deprecation. I really enjoyed seeing these two together for this story, since we don't really get to look at their dynamic in a positive light some of the time...

Really good story.

My sister has depression and I have anxiety issues. So I can really relate to Fluttershy and Spike here!

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