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(Inspired by A New Hero and An Unexpected Life)

One day, seven years before Twilight moved to ponyville, a young scarred up thestral colt woke up in the Ponyville hospital. Some ponies claimed that he saved them from a pack timberwolfs, but at the cost of his wings and memories from the fight. Now, he lives as a part time librarian, trying to find out his past. Little did he know, that the past will come to him.

(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro)

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It is maybe crow from RWBY?

A couple of suggestions. You need to add a bit more description to enrich the world you're building. Sprinkle you discriptions liberally with adjectives and adverbs (but not too many) then focus on the syntax of your writing. Additionally, I'd recommend you write in the first person past tense, as the events the narrator is relating occurred in the past. Just imagine Shade is writing about his life several years after the events he describes had occurred. This will give your story a smoother flow.

Pretty good. Just, please separate your dialogue. It's a little hard to read at some points. I can't tell who's talking!

“How could I not know my son’s name.” She said to me. I froze in shock at what she told me. That’s also when I remembered a fragment of my memory. I couldn’t believe I was related to one of the best ponies in Equestria.

What a twist!!

Good chapter!
And I'm sure if Twilight knew what Applejack said to Crest, she would have hit her. :twilightangry2:

Pinkie Pie got out a rubber ducky with her mouth and started swinging it around. Rarity looked confused at Pinkie Pie’s antic, as did Twilight and I.

Pinkie Pie got out a rubber ducky with her mouth and started swinging it around.

Pinkie Pie got out a rubber ducky

rubber ducky

Boneless, Boneless two, Pinkie Pie, and Cheese Sandwich would very disappointed with you.

I have but one simple request:

please and thank you :derpytongue2:

Check this story out Raptormon132 wrote. You might add it between Games Ponies Play and Magical Mystery Cure. A Pop Star, a Princess, and a Prisoner Also you would add another dramatic story that EquineAvenger wrote. This takes place during Canterlot Wedding but at a darker path. Loved And Lost

So what's the crossover part?

So far so good. Looking forward to when the next chapter comes out.

I love Pinkie. She is so kind, even with grumpies. :pinkiesmile:

Crest is always protecting his friends. That's something I like it.

Suddenly, I saw Snips and Snails, two young unicorn colts who sometimes come to my dojo, running towards us. Snips had grey fur with orange mane and his cutie mark was scissors. Snails was about halfway taller than Snips, he had orange fur with a grey mane and his cutie mark was… well a snail. They’re pretty much Ponyville’s goof balls.

And the only two white belts in class.

“Oh, oh, more guessing games. Um, Smokey Smokes, how about Queen Meanie, no, Black Snooty, Black Snooty!” Pinkie said, luckily, Applejack shoved an apple in her mouth.

It was a cupcake.

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I was walking through the streets of Ponyville when I saw a garden that looked decorated with a gravestone that said Tiger Lily Memorial Public Flower Garden, which is next to Derpy's house.

I love the story pls keep making new chapters pls

Honestly I'm sure must everyone would hit her

Sorry about you dog and I understand the feeling of losing a dog

"Sometimes, they would actually rotten fruit at me" error, I think you missed a word.

Its ok I'm happy to see it updated

Awww I was hoping Crest Shield will get his element! Oh well it doesn't matter it's supposed to be this way

Another good chapter. With the important lesson about don't judge others by their appearance. :twilightsmile:

Buen capítulo. But I still don't like that they turned the seasons upside down, I mean, they first put a chapter on winter and then one on fall.

I know, I realized this as I was in the middle of finishing this chapter, and I plan to change to order of the chapter later when I write the next few chapters

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