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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Gaming Habit

Banned from her favorite gaming tournament for excessive swearing, Twilight is left with no alternative… but to find another game to satisfy her obsession.

Warning! Contains harsh Twilight language.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip for editing.

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"Hey, didn't Lise already publish this fic - OMG A SEQUEL :raritystarry:"

Maybe I really do have a gaming problem? Four in the morning. That means he had been playing for almost twenty hours non-stop.
She didn't want to quit. Her legs felt slightly stiff, her horn was hot, and still she didn't feel tired. If she paced herself she might be able to last a while longer.

This is very relatable. 👍

Oh wow. I read the first one only a little while back, wasn't expecting a sequel to pop up.

This story, this right here! I've been there!
And I'd be lying if I said I'm the only one.

This applies to games and reading fanfiction....

I do sequels now and again :D Hopefully, showed Twi in a new light :D

Oh dear... You crazy gamers, you :D Glad it felt familiar. I, no longer as much into games as I used to, but a lot of people around me are :D

Hobbes! You never change :)
Glad to see you around. :D It's been ages.

8431626 I want to her to play flash games! oh oh or better! RUNESCAPE!!!!!

8431626 like something like her pc got on fire or something

Hullo! Yeah, I bounce back and forth but a lot's been going on lately. In six months I moved from California to New York and then to Nevada! Hope all is well for you. :twilightsmile:

Twilight is becoming a right out dickwaffle. Spike may have to stage an intervention with her friends.

Maybe I really do have a gaming problem?

No shit. Being agressive and abusive in-game is one thing, but to treat Spike like this...:pinkiesick:
Twilight appears to be dangerously close to this stage.
The fic is well written btw.

I should probably feel bad for Spike but I was yelling at him too. Stupid dragon.

Omfg why did you stop there! I gave up martial relations for this!!!!!
Darn it all this is like a freaking tv show, "next time on Gaming with Twilight..."

Oh, Twilight. You... really need help.

Too evil! :)

Whoa! That's a lot. I've just been the same old me. :) very glad you're back :D

She can stop at any time! ... she just chooses not to! :P

O;) Thanks! I thought it might be an interesting twist :D

Spike has thick skin. Also he's used to her gaming :)

Now I feel guilty :( I'll try to write a sequel sometime soonish O:)

I think I have a problem reading FanFiction.

Yeah, this is starting to seem more like a problem than a hobby.

It's more than likely because I have an addiction problem as well but I'll be damned if being interrupted over trivial noise doesn't drive me crazy. Food related, I'll run down get it and put it next to me then hop right back in so I can stop being pestered. She hasn't grasped that just yet unfortunately, She's still at the stage of realizing time flies. But that stuff like, "Hey I'm going to bed". Alright? Cool? I need to know why? It fit to shell shock her into realizing the time though. Fun story overall, also it's cute that her old team was worried about her. They probably had a decent friendship and hoped she'd calm down lol.

8434346 given how she broke her keyboard like its nothing..... hehehehehehe it fit the punishment i can go more evil for her................................... PONG!


I find it odd that there was no mention of warnings. In a tourney like this? There's no way someone wouldn't have sent her a personal message or taken her aside in game and told her to tone it down or she'd get banned.

you beautiful beautiful bastard... lol

Adorable, even though I probably should be worried about Twilight.

Also I would love to see expression on other players faces when they discover who was the Suicide Girl.

Personally I think she needs a detox from all the salt. When I'm 'fun'd out' on League of Legends, an hour of Minecraft does me a world of good. Very basic, only a few objectives, and the end game is whatever you want it to be.

Most compelling reason for her to pick up Minecraft? Mods have done pony things since, like, 2012.

8436574 its a good idea but given her pc rage and her making her system break all the time its best she get this kind of computer and play offline games let me show you what her new pc will be like for a while until she get her system back



I'm fairly certain that I owned that motherboard at one point in my "misspent youth" to quote Genji.

At least you didn't suggest a Compaq Presario. Or an iMac.

8439070 i got one in my high school years becase it was on sell for 150$ Compaq Presario SR5605F.

and for macs......

but ya those motherboards are like the 1st attem at being dual cores

Given how she's written I feel there's a good chance that she was, but during a critical moment broke into habit and started slingin swears. She does seem prone to emotional outbursts

Twilight, as someone who's struggled with gaming addiction in the past, I feel I should say this... you have gone WAY beyond my worst moments! Lunch to 4 AM?! REALLY?!

You can't get motherfucking banned from a God damm shitty nigger ass game for fukn cursing fags...

How long till the next?!

Hay on the stove. I don't think it's a good idea to leave what amounts to grass on a hot stove...

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