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If you happen to cry, I will be there. If you happen to smile, will you do the same for me?


There are many challenges raising a human.
Getting a human to like Spike is the greatest one of all.

Special thanks to Flutterpriest for editing.

Written for Anonpencil’s birthday.

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Okay, that was unexpected. But fun

Trigger warning for FamousLastWords.

:moustache: A 'chicken' happy meal, What am I chopped liver of lizard ?
:twilightangry2: egghead plant?
:applejackconfused: Crab Apples?
:flutterrage: Belle Pepper?
:pinkiegasp: Tomato
:duck: Colley Flower?
:trollestia: Banana

:derpytongue2: this was sweetly silly

PFFFFFF thanks!

:rainbowlaugh: Now this was not at all what I expected, but a fun read even so. Definitely earned that upvote.

Well that was ridiculously silly. Upvoted! :rainbowlaugh:

this is adorable
this is 100% adorable

What the....:rainbowhuh:

... Wut.

Still, fits well with my headcanon that Chryssie actually has a huge soft spot for kids.

And that's both d'awwww worthy and hilarious.


I kind of don't blame the kid...

At least she's past the 'Everything has to be tater tots' stage. How my cousin didn't die of malnutrition I'll never know.

Really not what I was expecting upon seeing the title, and all the more awesome because of it!
Great work.

Is there some kind of context?
Because I'm quite lost...
I still understand what is happening (at least I think so), but not why and stuff.

I loved broccoli and spinach as a child. I also feasted on carrots and green beans.

We once has a fight in the classroom over a head of lettuce, which we tore apart and devoured with the savagery of lions after a kill.

Mine was an odd childhood.


Bad Chryssi! Humans can't eat love!

Sequel please.....I may not type it but I'm laughing like the Joker at how funny this is.

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