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This story is a sequel to Trixie’s Father Conspiracy

After a disastrous experience, Twilight went to Rarity for emotional support. Instead, she got Discord drama...

Special thanks to fourths for editing.

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My lord, these just get better and better. :rainbowlaugh:

So, let me see if I can get this straight, The first story was all a prank, the second story, was only partly a prank, though, not sure what part of it was a prank, and this one, is not a prank at all, unless Discord is just messing with everyone, cause, well, it is Discord.:P

Probably one of the best series I've seen on this site, damn.

“Dad?” Spike gasped. “Dad?” He arched a brow. His eyes moved from Rarity to Discord, then back to Rarity again. “Dad...” A smile appeared on his face.

These really do get better the more you make.

Usually she was the

Usually, she

Believe you me

Believe me (??)

remained of theice cream

the ice

And that’s not even touching the mentioning the principle


about use en after being

*us even

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll get back

excuse me, I'll

After a disastrous experience, Twilight went to Rarity for emotional support. Instead, she got Discord drama...

So twilight joined #theMane6 discord channel to vent at her friends and got sidetracked like crazy via discord weblink shenanigans? sounds legit. :moustache:

Hey, sure.

The hilarious bit, many great artists are a teensy bit insane/chaotic/abnormal. You think Discord would get his chaos from Spike?! Nononono! Look to Rarity and her FABULOUS FASHIONISTA ARTISTE tendencies!

Not sure if prank or Spike and Rarity, prank on Twilight, or just Discord. Oh well :moustache:

“Draconequus,” Discord said at last. “Dracon...” He pointed at Spike. “Equus.” He then pointed at Rarity.

Saw that coming a mile away :rainbowlaugh:

But yea, not believing a word of this one, lol. This is just the dracon-equus thing turned into a joke about the only canon dragon-pony attraction in the series :rainbowlaugh:

What is this...I don't even,...what?

Ok, well, I’m honestly at a loss cause that’s kind of cool, but opens soooo many cans of paradoxical temporal worms it’s not even funny.

Believe you me actually is a saying. I first heard it on Independence Day and thought I miss heard it. Then I watched it with subtitles and it really is said. Granted it is said by a drunk retired air force pilot that is now a crop duster.

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