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Using a human shower is intuitive.
For a human.
Fluttershy is not a human.

Written for a close friend.

Special thanks to Door Belle for editing.

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Oh, poor Fluttershy. I don't know if I wanna help her out or film this. :p

Silly Flutters.

A nice, fluffy story Lise! I really enjoyed it

Very much yes.

Oh Fluttershy, don't you realize how many humans would commit bloody murder for the opportunity to help you bathe? :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, that sounds about right. :twilightsmile:

Despite the initial shock, through will, ingenuity, and determination, she had successfully bested the vile appliance through will, ingenuity, and determination.

I assume you meant to edit that?

7946692 Twice the determination! Three times the will! Fluttershy vs. Shower 2: Watery Revenge


7947157 :D Thank you :)


As if this sort of thing hasn't happened to you! *ominous silence*

Never mind... :P

7946241 You'll just film it and post it on YouTube! Admit it :P

7946300 :D Well... it is Fluttershy O:)

7946315 Fluff is difficult! :D Hope I didn't ruin it too much


...we'll call it a draw, shall we :P

Of dear... *flasbacks of cat & dog washing videos*


Hilarious, Hilarious, this is priceless, so perfect Lise, I really want to read a sequell of it. Hehehe


This was hilarious.

She accidentally hit the faucet lever with her left wing, changing the water temperature from freezing cold to comfortably warm.

Well, at least there wouldn't be roasted pegasus... yet. She still has to turn it off at one point.

"Well, I hope you're happy with yourself!" Fluttershy grumbled at the shower wand. The wand just kept spraying.

Is it happy about what it had done?

Land's sake, mah sides!

This was great! :ajsmug:

7947698 it had embarrassed her in front of Dash :)

7951895 :D Thanks. Fluttershy is good at being hilarious :D

7951971 That's what RD said! :)

7952460 Especially for ponies :)

Oh species differences, why are you so ripe for comedy? :pinkiesmile:

Oh fluttershy... how are you usually the funniest pony? x3

Two red dots—one red and one blue—

Go back to color school

My grandmother has a shower where the faucet lever is a single piece of sphere, which you can turn in any direction, which you can twist clockwise and counterclockwise, and which you can ALSO somehow use as a button.

It usually takes me more time getting to the desired temperature and rate of water than actually taking the shower.


7975064 yikes... I hope you have better luck than Shy :)

7947359 I would've filmed Flutter sitting there in the tub, then Rainbow's reaction, then choked to death as I try to keep from bursting out laughing. :rainbowwild:

Adorable, but I don't think anyone would have minded very much it if it had been a bit longer. :raritywink:

this was adorable! I am happy to put it in my favorites tab

8006909 You're scary :)

8015237 It was supposed to be short and silly :) Might do an unrelated sequel one day :D

8065638 Thank you :) Very happy you enjoyed :)


Might do an unrelated sequel one day :D

Fluttershy vs toilet not quite built for pony sized ponies? Fluttershy vs the scary loud hairdryer of doom? Fluttershy vs hotel air conditioner with buttons so small and so close to each other than she can't quite push just one of them at a time? Fluttershy vs the room service telephone and the very nice but still kind of scary human on the other end? Fluttershy vs the cleaning lady who just walked into my room Twilight please help I'm hiding under the bed and I don't know what to do what do you mean I was supposed to put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door if I was here? Fluttershy vs the nice bellhop who put out his hand I thought he wanted to pet me what are tips? Fluttershy vs the nice taxi creature its so friendly what do you mean it's not alive, of course it is Twilight, don't you hear it purring while I scratch it's ears?

I just noticed, Lise, that i only read your stories when doing laundry. :rainbowlaugh:

This was great!! And totally believable, as well... :rainbowlaugh:

Did find one little error.

Would he threw Fluttershy and her friends on the street?

That was surprisingly adorable and believable, and it certainly brought a smile to my face.

This is so cute, it made my day so much brighter

Reminds me of Luna vs the shower

A wise man once realized that we want to adjust the rate of flow independently from the hot/cold ratio, and designed two spigots: one to adjust the ratio, one to adjust the flow. Then his manager decided it would be better to glue those together so you can't adjust the rate of flow without the water turning ice cold or burning hot (after an unpredictable delay of course). The manager also set it so 99% of the hot/cold adjuster is completely useless, since the only comfortable temperature is in a range of a few millimeters somewhere in the middle. A range that moves as the valve heats up.

Then he turned it into a knob. :twilightangry2:

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