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  • EJustice
    Worker has found happiness, health, and most importantly, home. Now he struggles to defend those who made his new life possible while he wrestles with his own demons.
    TwilightSnarkle · 22k words  ·  787  16 · 7k views

A handful of pages recount a remarkable journey to Equestria by someone who sought only a little peace. The story continues in Justice, and concludes in Hope.

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Thank you for adding this story here. While I can't stand Sonic the Hedgehog this story is something magical.

Oh, this story is SO SWEET. And it's been long enough it's due a re-read... and you have the sequel up too! Any hope for a third story?

There will eventually be the third part to the trilogy. A lot has happened to me in the past year, and a lot of things need to be resolved, but it is coming. Glacially, perhaps, but it's on the move.

Oh my god I remember this story! I freaking loved it the first time I read it!

But for reals, no pressure, I know how writing vs real life can be. :) Slow progress is how I manage it...

FUCK. YES. I've been wondering if I'd ever see this here.

OH. MY. GOD. I've read this one at least six times (including sequel) The fact that you are posting here gives me hope for the third entry. MY DAY IS HAPPY.

This old thing? (fav; thumb up) I think I read it before fimfiction existed. Nice to have all the good stories in one place though.

Holy shit, there's a sequel? Really?
I must just put this out here, Snarkle, this is a truly wonderful story. And it will always have a special place in my heart as the first fan fiction I've ever read and is ultimately the entire reason I'm on this website today.
I know it sounds corny writing this out, but...dude, this is just incredible.
This story right here, is brilliant.
Keep up the good work.

Oh my Primus!:pinkiegasp: I remember reading this around the time I became a Brony! Man its been a long time... I'm happy to see this story here.:pinkiehappy:

This story is just freaking awesome. Nuff said there. :ajsmug: :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile: :yay::rainbowdetermined2:

This story is awesome and I'm glad to see it here.

Friendship is Magic meets Sonic the Hedgehog. My two favorite things meet, and it actually works. You sir (Or madam) made my crappy day ten times better, and for that you have earned a favorite and, more importantly, my sincere thanks.

I noticed at least one copying error.
I also noticed that I wasn't the first to name a pony Bulwark.
Great story, and I loved the exploration of an alien world aspect that is missing from so many HiE stories.

Finally made it onto here, I see! Now to wait for the sequel! :pinkiehappy: Or is that already on here? :twilightoops::derpytongue2:

Oh neat, I remember this! This, and the sequel, were brilliant!

Oh, wow, it's been forever since I've read this. *adds it to the faves*

Hrm. Not entirely certain I approve of this.
Sure, sure, the story has a lovely, almost saccharine air to it, but just look at what happened - he was changed, against his will, both physically, and , more terrifyingly, mentally.
Now, obviously, if these changes were but natural consequences of him entering into Equestria, this would be all well and good - one cannot question the morality of natural processes, after all.
But you indicate _very strongly_ that all these changes were brought about by direct manipulation by Luna.
I can't _begin_ to describe how strongly I disagree with that.
Whilst the idea that simply being in Equestria could cause these changes is worrying, at the very least you can comfort yourself in that it is a natural process - quite likely, something that would be reversed should one leave. But a deliberate action by someone else? Not only is it most contemptible, but ...
No wait, it is simply most contemptible - I can add nothing to that statement without repeating myself.
Anyway, I did enjoy this quite a bit - before you introduced the questionable morality, that is.


I suggest you read the sequel. IT does bring Luna's actions to light, and to question. It may answer your unhappiness to the actions of Luna.

Ah - good.
I've already started, but now I have something definite to look forward to. Thank you.


Happy to help, and happy to see that these got here. was looking for it just yesterday.

What goes perfect with the ending journal entry?
Sonic 2 Ending Theme
Beautiful story.

I remember reading this a long while back and I'd forgotten the title! It's fantastic. I don't believe I've ever seen another stranger-in-Equestria story where there's actually a language barrier. Even just that part alone makes the world seem so much larger than can be described in 10,000 words. And of course, it continues to get better from there. All this while being a Sonic crossover of all things. Veritable witchcraft.

This was a nice change of pace for me. After playing Sonic the Hedgehog since my childhood, and seeing the worse of Robotnik, I felt amazed to see a brighter side of his personality. Great job. :pinkiehappy:

Godspeed, you magnificent bastard!:twilightsmile:

Writing crossover stories can sometimes be a complicated process. It's easy to imagine a character from a game, a movie, or a book suddenly arrive in Equestria and interact with the ponies there. But what's much harder is to make such a story interesting and compelling. What struggles will the crossover character go through? What will he/she learn from this adventure? How can the writer make sure that the story doesn't sound forced or like it was just written without a bigger purpose or moral? I've seen many stories fall for such traps, which often ends them up as mediocre or forgetable.

This fic, Mr. Snarkle, is far from such a story. You've taken a concept that can often be looked upon as unoriginal and easy to write for others, and given it both a deeper look into the crossover character's personality, and placed him in a story scenario that doesn't sound absurd. Fans of MLP can enjoy this story for the lesson about redemption you put in it, like the lessons of friendship in the actual show. And fans of Sonic can enjoy this for the way you treat a seemingly one-dimensional villain with respect and thought, knowing that he has his own character and reasons for how and why he acts.

It's refreshing to see someone make the effort to write a story like this one, and it glads me to see you pull it off. I hope you'll find similar success in your future works.

Where's the error? I shall squash it.

This is addressed in the second story, Justice, and is a key part of the trouble that unfolds there.

Dude I remember this! It's freaking awesome! I mean, if not for a sonic crossover done well (which is pretty rare in itself), you have to like it for the fantastic world-building! And Eggman being redeemed and stuff is done so well, you could seriously believe it!

Wow, this is wonderful! Your Robotnik's narration reminds me a lot of Doctor Impossible from "Soon I Will Be Invincible", appropriately enough. Can't wait to read the sequel! (In fact, I don't even have to wait, I'm going to read it now ^^)

This was an amazing story. You got every part of Eggman's (or should I say Ivo Robotnick?) personality right and the changes in his personality felt far from rushed. And I just love how his life now is. Welp, let's read the sequel!

Yeah, not even slightly surprised that this was frontpage'd (as it should be)

2062223 It's near the end...

Elsewhere in Equestria:
“Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve been quiet, this morning. Even for you.”
“Yes, sister. I know you worry so, but I’m fine. I’ve just been busier than normal, lately. I’m happy to say, though, that I’ll be returning to my normal workload tomorrow.”
“That is

The elder sister rolled her eyes, and sipped her tea. “Fine. Keep your secrets for now.”

Fairly sure that line shouldn't cut off like that.

Oh! I know these! How are they only just now getting one here? I've looking forward to the 3rd one.

Oh hey, I remember this one! =3

Depending on whether you read the comics, or go by the games, his name could also be "Kintobor".

Anyways, Amazing story, it really captures how remorseful Robotnik would be. Makes me feel a bit sorry for beating him in the games, if he were to turn out like this. Then again, he ended up happy in the end, so, and the tie in with Celestia and Luna makes it all the better.

Hey, it's this story!

Glad to give this one a thumbs-up.

It's here:pinkiehappy:, after re-re-re-reading it on Googledocs I can finally find it on Fimfiction

A very beautiful, well written story. It was most enjoyable. I like to see that Ivo Robotnik found a way to live free of his old life, and picturing him as a pony is pretty funny. Well designed Cutie Mark, too.
And Luna's the one who turned him into a pony? Wonder how he'll react when/if he learns that, and what else she's capable of.

I still owe you a short story for completing my "Make a good Sonic crossover" challenge, don't I?
Then again, there's been no Sonic yet (besides a brief cliff-hanger/teaser), but I think I would be nit-picking at that point.
In either case, good to see this story up on the Featured bar. It definitely deserves the position.

Hah, this is here now!

Still one of my favourite fanfics. Does this mean we can expect the elusive final part soon? I recall quite well having spoken to you on google docs about it at the time. :P

Just so happens, friend, that I answer that particular question. Go check out Justice. =)

Ion! Nice to see you here too. You owe me nothing - you've helped me already in ways I cannot begin to express. Will be seeing you on the chans, sir.

Have. Read the whole thing. Is there a threequel?

Looking forward to it. Is there a title I should be keeping my eye out for?

2062747 and the sequel, as well. :rainbowkiss:

Nicely done, sir. :ajsmug:

I kept waiting for him to get PULLED BACK IN like Michael C. :pinkiecrazy:

I wonder what will happen when he encounters a certian Speedy Pegaus and it reminds him of a certian Blue Hedgehog ? :rainbowkiss:

Interesting idea overall, as i cannot wait to see more of it in the future.

WOOO, I loved the hell outta this when I first read it, it was :rainbowkiss:

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