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This story is a sequel to Justice

Worker's dreams have taken a turn for the worse. Feeling trapped, unable to talk about his experiences and unable to stop the near-nightly terrors, he wonders if he should reach out to the Princesses. It never occurs to him that these nightmares might be something more.
This is the final story of a trilogy. The first part is Order from Chaos, and the second is called Justice.

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Well if I said that I Hope this would be a good read I'd be lying! Cause I KNOW it's gonna blow the collective mind of FIMfiction!

Less than 2 hours later and my mind is blown, perfectly blown. It was perfect, and now all I want to do is smile at the sunset while happiness fills my soul. Thank you for writing this Snarkle.


It has finally arrived, today is a good day..

I'd post something meaningful but "hdudhdhsijhxh" is all I can manage right now.

When I first read the Eggman trilogy I immediatly thought of this PMV:

OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT IT'S HERE! I'm not sure my body is ready for this :rainbowderp:

And so ends the trilogy of the only good Sonic crossover. What a ride.

Chapter 7 Spoiler:

The Sun Princess frowned, thinking back. The history between her ponies and the griffon tribes was a rocky one, and often unpleasant. They were, after all, predators, and in the grand scheme of things, ponies were prey. Well, they would have been, had she not intervened. Still, there had never truly been trust between their peoples since, and she knew it had been due to her decisions—her actions—centuries ago.

That's one benefit of having a ruler who embodies the power of the sun. Nothing says "don't eat my subjects" better than a neo-nuclear explosion.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! EPIC!!!! Love it!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm curios as to whether Sonic or someon will manage to track him down....if Only to ensure he's no longer a threat...

If it had to be anyone....maybe Antoine...

SOrry, I'm tired and rambling, but I Ain't sleeping till I read three more chapters!

Win, so much win.

Worth. The. Wait.

:fluttercry:..it's over?

no more Worker?

whoah! wtf? I don't know how to say this....but I ACTUALLY seem to be crying....

Well, you did it. The final slot in my Top Ten list has been filled.

#1. Past Sins
#2. Hope
#3. Winter Bells
#4. My Better Life
#5. Quantum Castaways
#6 My Second Life
#7. Griffin The Griffin
#8. Justice
#9. Order From Chaos
#10.Super Mario Galaxy: Equestrian Stars.

Congratulations. I've been trying to fill that list for a year and a half now, and you alone took three spaces.... I'd give you a prize or something....but I don't have anything, Instead, take pride in the fact that I've read close to 1200 fanfictions, and three of your stories took a seat in the Top Ten List.

Good job sir. Good Job...

....I actually sat through and read the whole thing, from start to finish, when I saw you had posted it.

This has been by far one of the BEST crossovers with MLP I have ever seen; for that matter, it's one of the best crossovers in fanfiction PERIOD. You sir, have done a fantastic job, and I dearly hope you put this extraordinary talent to work in crafting your own original fiction.


To you, the man that took my "Write a good Sonic cross-over" challenge and defied every prejudice, exceeded all expectations, and ate all of that comic, I present an Internet. It is a small, token thing, but cherish it always, for it marks your ascension into godhood.

Oh my god. It's here. And just when I have a dentistry appointment in the morning.


This series is by far the best crossover fanfics I have read. Good on you sir for making me smile, laugh, cheer, cry, and most importantly, think. Never stop writing.

I've been searching for a way to forgive someone who hurt me when I was young. (Such a simple thing, to grab a child by the arm tightly and yell at him...) I have thought of him at times variously as my nemesis, an enemy, or not-an-enemy, but I have never been able to call him friend. Tonight, with this story, I found it: it's not about me, and it never was.

This means more to me than you know.

It was worth the hours of sleep I could have had instead. Tonight's peaceful rest will be that much sweeter.

Having been a Sonic fan for most of my life, I would like to take a moment to thank you. What you have constructed has been an excellent combination of these franchises. The plot is well executed, the ponies are written very well, and most importantly, Dr. Robotnik, or Worker, is beautifully written, and most importantly is in character. I believe Worker would relapse into Robotnik when his daughter is in danger. I believe he would be upset that his nemesis would have stooped to his level.
This was a perfect ending to a brilliant trilogy, although I am enticed by the hint of Nightmare's return and Snow as Luna's apprentice. Sequel hook? Seriously though, thank you for proving that the Blue Blur - or at least his nemesis - can still be portrayed brilliantly in a story like this.

Motha o' Faust!

This, is a *cross* and *over* of a man who caused countless horrors in another world... and is now *in* Equestria.... before the main six were ever born...

Oh holy—This is going to be Sonic SATAM only with PONIES having to deal with a ponified Doctor Robotnik?
It took me all but near little over half this fic to really begin to want to read more. And it's COMPLETE too!? You sly devil you... and to follow it up with Snowdrop from the little animation lols as the daughter to *HIM* of all things.

Instant feature.

If nothing else, this—THIS RIGHT HERE—is what a crossover/sequel and having to see whether history repeats itself or not...
For that chilling reason alone, and the way this has been weaved, I think this just might be the best attempt at a Sonic-verse crossover with ponies that puts the fate of its world in the full hooves of ponies and not those that defeated this potential Robotnik in his previous life.

I'll have to continue this later. TO THE FEATURE BOX WITH YOU!

“My freedom?” Sonic breathed, then his eyes narrowed into slits. “That means there’ll be conditions,” he glowered.

I bet he's going to be young again.

*After reading the ending*


I knew it! And beautiful ending!

finally been waiting long for the sequel

"Order From Chaos" was one of the first stories that really got me into MLP fanfiction. To finally see the arc concluded, I feel so satisfied. Thank you.

From my perspectinve, I'd say that Sonic is well... Typical. After everything Robotnik/Worker did to him and his friends, it's going to be hard letting go. Robotnik broke Sonic in a way, and now, hopefully, he'll be on the way to recovery.:twilightsmile:

So much yes! I've been waiting forever to see this, ever since I read the last one. Oh, I can't wait to read more.

Author Interviewer


And straight to the top it goes. :V

Another masterpiece.

Geez. Worker Eggman/Robotnik really did a number on poor Sonic. He actually scared me some. :derpyderp1:

Also, I noticed Worker's daughter Snowdrop shares a name with the star of a recently popular animation. Coincidence?

Good story! Also, wow Sonic and the gang are really old. Kinda kills anymore long gaps in time as they would be dead by then. Maybe Knuckles should go to Equestria that would be interesting


Just keep in mind that this is part 3 of a 3 part series so go read the other 2 first.

Also this takes place some decades after the series, not before.

don't argue with something that can set off a nuclear explosion whenever and where ever it wants. just do what it asks you to do and hope it doesn't get angry. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you all for your kind words. Sure, I know we all visit a site where we share stories about marshmallow ponies, but seeing that kindness spelled out is always a lovely surprise.

I wanted to address a few questions, but then I have to get back to work.

1) It's not 'over'. There will be side stories, and treatises, and scraps of this world poking up from time to time. You may find other stories joining the canon, or revealing they were part of the same timeline all the while.

2) RE: Sequel Hooks, etc. I'm not a fan of stories that end cleanly, wrapped up and tied with a bow. What good is a story that can't keep you company after you've read it?

3) Much like Cadance/Cadence in Justice, the name Snowdrop is a coincidence. I'm sure my little filly would have gotten along with her namesake just fine, after someone explained to her what blindness was.

4) This story takes place some time after the events of canon. If you have not read the first two stories, please do. Many things will become clear, and a few may just become more confusing.

*) Order from Chaos
*) Justice
*) Hope

Much love,


Fimfiction ate some of this chapter, (edit) but it's fixed now.

2328328 Or become a Super God and flick it off your world like you would a tick on your arm. :trollestia:

Yup, you got it.

Also, this fic is everything I hoped it would be: Amazing.

OMG FINALLY!!!!!!! i cant wait to read this! i love this Robotnik series, ill comment again later after ive read it.

An emotional story that actually manages without falling back on clicheed emotional hooks. And here I thought Fimfiction was dammned to turn into a swamp of "sad"-tag sobstories.

Thank you very much for this story.

Nothing gave him the right. Nothing but chance and the providence of Gods.

“Mommy, are you okay? You look sick.” Mommies that were sick needed special care! Like breakfast in bed, and not staring at cold pancakes.

That one line tells us a lot about how Worker raised his daughter.

i HOPE this isn't just a 3 part series, there's still so much potential in this story.

not to mention such a good writer doing it.:pinkiehappy:

Every crossover writer should have to one day earn their "killed off Tails" merit badge. Son, I am proud.

Wow... That was... powerful. As in, tear to the eye powerful.

Thank you.

I noticed a few places where you should have colored the dialog blue that you missed...

“What did you want?”
“A way out,” he replied plainly.

Also, Sonic being the only source of Chaos energy around was something I thought was going to go in a completely different direction.

2328362 as to Snowdrop and Cadence it really only makes sense for their to be other ponies with those names based on the timing. Cadence was a popular princess I'm sure, and had many foals named after her. Snowdrop revolutionized winter weather, so it would only make sense it would be a popular name for ages to come, possibly even having a few other famous holders. it's probably even a standard name in a bunch of those baby name books.

Also great story as always.


Seriously, no. Robotnik, a man who killed millions gets a free pass, a new life - why? Because he happened not to have killed ponies? Not to have killed in Equestria? Because he changed? Ok.

No, seriously. I'll buy that. He changed, he got a second chance. I am all about that.

But Sonic - who I will freely admit is falling into an anti-hero/villain role here - kidnapped one pony and hurt another and is exiled for life? Is dumped on, thrown in prison and from the tone of the above is regarded as little better than a savage? Because why, they saw this happen so it makes it more real to them? Because he's changing into a villain slightly and even then not half as bad as Robotnik ever was?

No. You do not get to try to take a high ground with Sonic unless you took one with Robotnik. And you didn't. You forgave him. Now the Princesses are nervous about Sonic (oh such a bad creature!) and have to be fucking convinced to do for him what they did for Satan Robotnik? You offered Worker rehabilitation and then dumped on Sonic for being a bit rash and hurting (not killing, hurting) one pony.

Sonic kidnapped Worker's daughter.

Robotnik made orphans out of entire city's worth of kids.

And the Princesses get all upity about Sonic? No. No. This change, from 'forgive all creatures regardless of the millions they slew'-Luna to 'grrr they hurt a pony'-Luna just killed it so bad for me. I was ok till chapter 6 (I think, might have been 7) when this 'grr'-Luna showed up. Thumb down. Sorry, I really loved the series but not this story.

Havent seen a crossover this great since Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Storm.

A fair critique, but perhaps a little myopic. Consider:
Luna was angry not for the actions of a criminal (primarily) but for her sister's reluctance to act - especially where Worker was involved.
Sonic was not mistreated but simply held captive, and within a week was offered a way out. Furthermore, Luna herself ensured he got home safely.
High road? The only hint of that is when Worker dressed down Sonic for his (lack of) actions in Mobius. He knew Sonic could do better, because he knew Sonic WAS better.
I can understand your emotional reaction to this, but I don't know that it jives with the story as presented. That said, thank you for your analysis.

Wow, this was even better than I had anticipated it being

There was one instance in chapter 7 but it was chapter 8 where the part I was talking about was. The entire Worker/Sonic conversation makes me dislike Worker - he doesn't have the right to hate Sonic, I'm sorry. Kidnapping your daughter and hurting a friend is all he did to you, Worker - you did much worse to him in your old life.

“Rehabilitation?” Luna peered closely at Worker. “Are you serious?”

THIS is what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm mis-reading this but it read to me that Luna wasn't considering this until it was brought up. Maybe she's playing a deeper game ... then the sisters start talking.

“Freedom?” Celestia scoffed, dropping inelegantly into her seat on the eastern side of the table. “You want to let him traipse back into the mountains, after breaking so many laws?”

Fucking. Wah. Worker broke more laws than you've written Princess - the only thing is that they were broken not on your lands. Does that make it any better? Is it really that important what side of a dimension door they happened on?

Luna held up a hoof. “I understand your reluctance, sister. To some extent, I agree. The rules are important, even if we are the ones who wrote them.” She studied Celestia’s handiwork in the window behind her, then returned her gaze to her sibling. “Let me make the case another way. Our guest has been formally taken into custody to answer for his crimes—crimes which, I recall, are rather severe.”

Severe. That. So they weren't going to forgive him because the few crimes he committed were on their lands, be damned to hell every life Worker destroyed in his old life. Not disrupted, destroyed.

“I see your point.” Her lips played with a frown, but she assumed serenity once more. “While I have my reservations, if everything you have told me is accurate, then I am willing to allow this creature to return to his own world.”

Ok, so what were they going to do with him? What was so severe that Sonic did that Worker didn't do previously? Why is Sonic to be punished while Worker got off? This is where I have an issue - prior to his transformation, Robotnik was a mass murderer and they forgave him his crimes. They forgave him, embraced him and made him one of them. Sonic kidnaps a single pony and they're ready to throw the book, cell and shackles at him.

I hope you see what I'm talking about, where I'm coming from. I cannot see how else to read this. The fact that these crimes were done on Equestrian soil is the only thing that's different - otherwise, Worker is a worse criminal than Sonic could ever be. And yet this one fact is all it takes to make the forgiveness the sisters were so willing to offer Worker no longer an option for Sonic?

Don't get me wrong, Sonic was in the wrong. He was not being a hero, he was obsessive and becoming destructive. But this conversation made it seem like they were going to literally exile him to pony-hell and he doesn't deserve anything like that. If anything, he deserves the exact same thing Worker was offered - especially now that he's realized where the path he's walking down is leading.

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