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This story is a sequel to Order from Chaos

Worker has found happiness, health, and most importantly, home. Now he struggles to defend those who made his new life possible while he wrestles with his own demons.
A belated sequel to Order from Chaos.
Concluded in Hope.

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Both stories made it here, really looking forward to that implied third story.

"I believe a miniature hedgehog is her favorite of the set.", still thinking Worker made a mini-metal sonic for old times sake. :derpytongue2:
Glad this ended up how it did but with sonic coming to town i think Equestrian law and order is going to go bye bye as well as sonic's seemingly endless want for a Chilidog. :pinkiecrazy: Fantastic series, what i thought was going to be a doom and gloom Robonick vs the elements of harmony turned out so much better! I hope you keep writing more of these "Worker" crossovers, though if sonics passing through I wonder if Worker will ever re-create any of his past sidekicks. The hilaritiy or seriousness that could ensure is endless anyway! your patient stalk- ummm... i mean reader... ya reader... will be awaiting futher for your next fan fiction. :twilightsmile: Also, since mustaches seem a tad Cliche, have a yay. :yay:

(Joke) Alt. Title: ...And Justice For All My Loving
And, because you got featured:

Originally read this on EqD. Liked it generally but didn't think that the courtroom confession scene really worked. I've loaded this onto my kindle and will see what I think this time.

I have this to say, it's about the cover pic :ajbemused: ...... SOOOOOOOO CUTE! :yay:

You must write the sequel! If anyone can put Sonic in this world and make it believable, it would be you! ;)

Gotta say, you did a damn good job portraying this.
Eggman was as in-character as you would expect him to be and the ending was a nice touch :)
All in all, good job! Look forward to the sequel (hoping there will be one)

:derpyderp1: ...There's going to be a third story? :pinkiehappy:
:yay: yay

I can't get this story out of my Updated Stories section. I've clicked through all of the chapters three times trying to get whatever it thinks I haven't read to go away, and manually unchecked and re-checked all of the chapters as Read, nothing will make it go away. :twilightoops:

If you lose a favorite, that'll be why, lol. Still looking forward to this eventual third story, though!

That was sickeningly sweet. I swear I have 15 more cavities than I had before. And I just got Pasofino. That was clever.

This... This fiction broke me. For the first time, sifting through many sad and tragic stories, this one actually broke me. I actually cried.

How, do you ask? I do not know. Maybe because I felt I could relate to our little Eggman so well, that it actually struck my tear duck to rain tears through my eyes. Honestly, this is a beautiful fiction, written with very few mistakes that are unnoticeable, and quite sad when Eggman told his story.

I have to stop before I start putting salty-tears all over myself. Excuse me a moment...

Everypony left? Were they so sickened by him that they had to leave? When they knew the truth about him, to abandon him? Now I'm not saying he doesn't deserve that. By his own admittance he deserves the exile But still....wow.

Okay, so this takes place some decades after the events of the show, is based off of the (Archie?) Sonic comic, and was an absolute joy to read. Can't wait for more.

Whelp, This was so cute and sweet I think I may have diabetes.

2062548 I had the same problem. Just mouse over the Favourites button, then click 'Mark all as read'.

That should do it.

I intended to try that — as soon as I finished reading all the rest of the stuff in there, lol. I'll never find them again if they're not listed there for me. :raritydespair:

I think I caught a reference here. When Celestia was referring to a miniature hedgehog, I immediatly thought: "SONIC!" Guess Eggman was serious when he said: "He was my greatest enemy." Or something along those lines.

:pinkiecrazy: I have read these 2 stories long time ago... the question is...
:flutterrage: WHERE IS STORY #3?!!!!

:moustache: Seriously this is the worst cliffhanger I have received in a long time...
:pinkiecrazy: And I am still waiting for it in the shadows of... UNDER YOUR BED MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Looks like Eggman (god, I love calling him that WAY too much) changed a LOT. I just hope Sonic won't mess everything up.

Snarkle you glorious daft bastard, what made you decide to finally pop up here on FimFiction? :heart:

'Belated' is one way to put it - you wrote this about three months ago. :rainbowwild:

Comment posted by Rough Boulder deleted Feb 2nd, 2013

2062965 and now it's in the second spot on the front page, with the first story taking first place. :trollestia:


...big stinky poopy-headed jerk... :applecry:

No I'm not sulking.

Another copy flaw:

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Really.” She remembered the shrinking purse back at the hotel. “How did the sale go? Are we on track?”
might be interested in another shipment very soon.”

He cleared out a courtroom, presided over by one Princess, to try another, who had been accused of magicks most foul.
Were these not Ponies, I feel I would be impressed.
His impassioned speech, however appealing, is nul.
In the first place, all his crimes lay outside the jurisdiction of the Court. Equestria has no extradition treaty between themselves and Mobius, and nor have Mobius requested they release him into their custody. As such, the Court is under no obligation, and has no grounds, for punishing him in any manner.
In the second place, _it matters not_ what he feels. The law is absolute. Judges may be allowed to mitigate sentences, given suitable extenuating circumstances, but there are none in this case. Luna freely and willingly chose to use an illegal spell. Her ignorance of its legality, nor her 'best intentions' do not matter one ounce. That leaves only one sentence available under the strictures of law.
I'm terribly sorry Celestia. No matter what you do here, you're going to set an unpleasant precedent for _something_.

Thanks to the implied 3rd story you now have my follow.

Okay, that was a _beautiful_ piece of legal wrangling, there.
I admit, I would never have thought of it - but that is mostly because making myself out to be a horrific monster wouldn't occur to me.
And now his old friends are coming to visit. That's not going to be awkward _at all_. And, need I remind you, according to the Court, he is a model citizen of Equestria. And they have no obligation to surrender him.
Yeah, I don't think I can adequately imagine the misunderstandings and awkwardness that would result from that. Good thing I don't have to, eh? (hint, hint).

I was wondering how far you were in the story at your first commentary. It's very, very had to write for someone with an alleged IQ of 300. You end up going back and rethinking every word. ^_^

Im just finding these for the first time and I have to say that these are very well done.
I for one, am also looking forward to the implied 3rd story.
I can only imagine sonic laughing at worker's/ eggman's new look.

Clearly the carnivorous mutant hedgehog will be vilified for picking on the poor mustachioed pony.
Question though... WHY is Sonic attempting to follow Robotnik?
If this is similar to Archie Comic # 50, would they not assume that the Ultimate Annihilator killed him?
Liked, Followed, and so on.

This was beautiful... :twilightsmile:
Simply beautiful. :pinkiehappy:
Well written, excellent characterisation, and perfect prelude to an action packed sequel. :rainbowdetermined2:
Can't wait! (take your time though)

I don't have a clue as to how you put this together but it is amazing. Kudo's to you. I usually dislike stories without the Mane 6 but this one is great.
A suggestion for the third story: You could have sonic get taken over by nightmare or something like that.

2063574 My only thought after reading the Epilogue is that even with Robotnik gone, things got worse, and they want him back to fix it...
Possibly due to the parallel universe Eggman that showed up in Archie comics.
Or the fact that even gone the planet is still a mess.

An amazing tale about redemption and justice, and one that I will always rerember fondly.


Eminently possible. Of course, Archie's universe is such a multi-dimensional hellhole, you can fanon pretty much ANYTHING with it.

Also, might I compliment you on your choice of avatars? :P

Well, it seems that thanks to Worker's quick thinking, Luna wound up getting off scot free as her actions were reclassified. Good lord, that's actually amusing.
And it seems this story takes place a very long time after the events of the show - from the sound of it, by several generations - which leaves me wondering if there are any descendants around.
It also looks like a third part has been set up. Has it been written yet?

2064327 Thank you good sir. I grew up on Satam, and loved the Archieverse... followed religiously until they imported another Eggman.
The Author seems to be following the original Robotnik's history pretty straight up to Issue #50, including the minor revelations in later issues.
Pretty sure there were allusions to Ixis Naugus, King Acorn, Morgan, and even the weird Monkey Khan robot's imprisonment.
Once they moved beyond the history of the Original Robotnik, the Archie timeline seemed to collapse in on itself.
This still gets me though.


The only issue I could have is that according to the covers and descriptions of Robotnik when he was human... and his clothes, it sounds as if he was in his Eggman look, but that was the look that was taken by Robo-Robotnik. A.k.a Eggman MK II. So yeah... Something is terribly wrong!


Frankly, trying to figure out the exact continuity of the storyline after a while is an exercise in futility and insanity. Reading the comics becomes vastly less insane near the later issues, thankfully. I mostly got into them because I might actually be correct these days in saying that I'm one of the biggest Dr. Robotnik fanboys around. :P

Don't ignore the other versions of the doctor either. Especially the original game doctor has had some brilliant moments as well, especially in the last two games. I'd fanboy here, but this IS, after all, the comments section to an exceptional story, so I'll leave off here. If you should wish to continue discussing this, feel free to PM me. :)

And that vid... yeah, most supervillains might run into that, should they ever win. For reference, see Megamind. :P

On the story itself, it's certainly possible to assume that the current canon the sequel's going with would be that the Archie storyline continued as is, only that the events of the Ultimate Annihilator had a different outcome.

Interesting premise, but time and the sequel will tell who's right, I s'ppose. Keep at it, TwilightSnarkle. Can't wait. :)

(Actually, been anxious to see the sequel ever since part 2 was released, and that was a fair while ago now :P)

And then Sonic became the bad guy. :pinkiehappy:
What a great story and another sequel to boot, hurray.:twilightsmile:

I have never favorited, upvoted, and followed the author for something so quickly. Seeing this ported to FIMFiction has given me renewed hope for the eventual conclusion; I've been waiting on it since the original first hit EqD, and have been checking the comments for updates every month or so ever since. Having it here will be much more convenient. :twilightsheepish:


Please tell me there are plans to continue this. This is by far one of the best stories I have read in a while. :twilightsmile:

This is getting intense...
Also, I am surprised that the comment section is not flooded, and instead remains empty. Whether this is because everybody just keeps reading, or they simply don't have anything to say,(or my internet sucks.) I say: Well done sir, not many can accomplish a good sequel. (Especially when the first was a journal.)

2062821 You act like this was a hard reference to find...

2066627 Well, when you forgot your glasses, it is.

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