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A collection of single-page vignettes, each one a dream even a Princess can't forget.

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A great ending to an excellently-written sequence. I'm only sorry I read them all in one sitting.

I'm glad I found this. I've been fiddling with my own Nightmare stuff recently. Good to see top-notch interpretations of the character.

I'm happy to hear it. Please let me know when you've put up one of your Nightmare pieces?

2331656 Haha... Ooh... Sure, if I ever get it done (and if I remember...).

Trouble is, I tend to think of these big huge things, which of course require not less than weeks of writing, and while I don't mind at all thinking about such things for that length of time I'm less optimistic about my follow-through. (Although another perspective would probably be useful, if you're very interested.)

Start with a word. Imagine how that word would be communicated without saying it directly. How does the word feel? Look? Smell? Do you know? Once you do, write a sentence. Or a paragraph.

Does that word need other words to make sense? Add them to the paragraph. Or add another paragraph.

Soon enough, you have a scene. Keep this up. Make a bunch of scenes that make sense in themselves. Then order them so they make sense together.

Writing is not a formula. Writing is pouring your thoughts out, then finding the ones you need to tell the story at hand.

Best of luck.

This is better than the season premiere would have me believe, I must say.

That was magnificent! I'm glad I ran across this story. I'm sorry it took me until now.

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