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No update this month (November) there should still be one next month. · 11:51pm November 5th

There isn't going to be an update for Corpse in Equestria this month, there should still be one next month.

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800 Followers; An Unimportant Blog Post · 1:15am September 23rd

I don't know WHY 800 people have chosen to follow me. I've been a member since march 2012 and I don't feel like I've learned anything. I mean, in the technical grammatical sense I suppose I have, less typos, or at least I catch them before I publish more often. But like, quality wise? I feel like it's only gotten worse. Who would read anything I've written and think "Man I hope this guy publishes more stuff. I want to read more stuff from this person. I want to be updated the MOMENT this person

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No Chapter This Month, Expect It In August · 9:34pm July 13th

Hey! This is LucidTech chiming in to, firstly, thank you for subscribing to Corpse in Equestria/following my account.

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Feedback on an opener? · 9:11am February 24th

Can I get your opinions on an intro to a chapter? Something about it isn’t sitting right with me and I can’t place it. The setting is Twilight Sparkle in the middle of a hardcore study session.

Here it is:

It is common knowledge among the unicorn librarians of Equestria that any sizeable collection of tomes contained within a room achieves something just shy of cognizance. This is why many of them treat their collections as old friends.

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What ship should I write for Valentines? Vote now on your phones! · 1:47am February 9th

Err... your comment section actually.

Here's the list of ships I'm considering.

Mane Six:
Discord X Fluttershy

Non-Mane Six:
Twilight Glimmer X Trixie
Twilight Glimmer X Maude

Established Ship:
Shining Armor X Cadence
Matilda X Cranky Doodle

Background ships:
Lyra X BonBon (Objectively the Best Ship)
Octavia X Vinyl

Stupid Crack Ships:
Thorax X Rainbow Dash
Trixie X Cheerilee
Steven Magnet X The Hydra From That One Episode

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When you realize you really enjoy writing mushy romance stories · 8:47am February 8th

Florence + The Machine - Addicted To Love

So how is everyone? It's been a while.

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Reading Recommendations? · 6:47pm Nov 1st, 2016

So I was wondering if any of you have any shortish stories on here that you would like to share? I'm feeling pretty low today and I was looking for some soft cutesy hug kinda stories, but don't know the first place to look.

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In an effort to not create more impossible to finish stories... · 3:23am Oct 28th, 2016

I'll leave this here.

Twilight Sparkle inched closer to the broken mess of twisted metal that had fallen from the sky. Metal beams digging into and shooting out of the earth in equal measure. She felt as if the grass, short as it was, slowed her steps, held her back. She wanted very much to do nothing but.

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So the author statistics are interesting · 12:55am Jun 10th, 2016

From the new blog post about all them stats there's a linked google spreadsheet with a long list of authors and scores them according to words written, likes, dislikes, etc.

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About Writing And The Contexts Words Convey · 7:27pm Apr 30th, 2016

So I wrote a short story today and it got me thinking about how much we can convey with a simple set a words and how words that mean the same thing convey different feelings and ideas about said thing. I bring this up because my first line in this draft I wrote is this.

"I had been consumed by it, I had let it consume me. I just needed to know, I had to know why, why something like this happened, why it always happened."

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