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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.

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Something about rainbows always bothered Blue Twilight.

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Speculation about what's happening in this story is heartily encouraged.

Ah, Usenet.



This story makes me happy. I don't know why, exactly. It just does.

I'm old enough to remember when Usenet was really popular, before the internet outside of captive portals was really accessible to the non-tech-savvy, but I was never much into it myself. I suppose reddit now is sort of what newsgroups were then, but again, way more accessible, and it's all /r/<thing> instead of alt.x.y.z.



I'm old enough to have posted fanfiction to Usenet. Because, well, there weren't any sites like this one back then--or like the one Tall Tree is coding in this story.

Had I been more for writing then, I may have posted mine there as well. As it is, I probably read the first fanffic I read on Usenet.

And speaking of captive portals, figure that there's an Equestria On Line, and sometime between the first and second chapters, they connected to the primary Internet.

Of course, you lose that connection when your roommate picks up the phone, and disrupts your modem....

Heh. Mark Rosewater as a creative writing teacher. Very appropriate.

I think I have a sense of what you're going for here, but you've laid so many clues, I can't help but wonder if you're going for a double bluff. Whatever your intent, I look forward to more.

Yes, the name was chosen knowing you'd get the reference.

I have no fucking idea where this is going. Still gonna read.

That is either a remarkable coincidence, or exceedingly suspicious.

I haven’t decided which.

How far in the future is this story set. It's said that flurry heart is fully grown, and blue twilight is probably in her late teens/early twenties. Furthermore it is said that twilight took up writing 4 years after she ascended, and I'm guessing from the way they talk about her that she greatly improved so that's another few years on top of that. I'm going to say that the story is set at a minimum of 30 years ahead of the show, and probably a lot more. I'm going to guess 50-60 years.

It's been more than 150 years since the events of the show. Of course, the number of years doesn't matter much once you're past the point where non-immortal characters have passed on.

Figure the pace of invention has been slower in pony society.

“Humans are strange,” Winter Frost said. “They are described in such detail through the many Swift Current books, but because they are so unlike the beings of this world, they could not be imagined, even by the most creative pony mind. Thus, the only logical explanation is the author was describing creatures she has actually met.”

:rainbowhuh: This is some of the most mind-bending insane troll logic I've ever heard expressed sincerely, but this is the conspiracy panel.

Huh. Flurry inherited the Friendship title. Good for her. Though I have to wonder what made Twilight willing to pass it on...

The comment about apes not having opposable thumbs is a reference to a book where apes not evolving opposable thumbs led to sapient humans not evolving. I'd be shocked if anyone recognizes the book.

But... without opposable thumbs, how can they brachiate? Grasping's kind of critical for primates. Mind you, this is criticism levied at whatever you're referencing more than your own work, but still, someone did not think through the biological implications here, and it bugs me.

As for umbrellas, Rarity's saddle from "Return of Harmony" comes to mind, but it's poorly suited for surprise storms... which probably don't come up very often in a world with scheduled weather. Still, there's a suspicious number of coincidences and commonalities at work here. Still following with great interest.

You know, if bill gates was ever ponified, his name would probably be 'logic gates', just a random thought that occurred to me while reading this chapter.

Oh, and a human, I'm guessing the answer is a mixture of destiny and magic.

Only now do I realize how much I miss the more frequent breaks of college.

As for Shooting Star... Well, Harmony guides the foal. The question is where it's guiding him. I suspect the parents may be seeing a princess soon...

I suspected a human from the moment they said:

“Your foal is... not developing normally,” he said. “I’ve never seen something quite like it, nor have I read about it in any medical journal.”

The doctors don't recognize the foal as a human. Didn't at least some of them read Swift Current when they were foals?

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