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Dinky begins to notice that some of her classmates were making fun of her because of her mom's wall-eyed expression. Will she manage to ignore the taunts, or will the insults break her?

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Nicely done. I liked how you didn't force sad/poignant feelings into the story, it had a excellent balance there. The only thing that I would say needed fixing was the flow of the plot. It seemed jumpy in a few places, where one segment of the story didn't flow quite as well into the following section. But overall it was a very enjoyable read.

Let me tell you a secret, about a mother's love
A secret that my mommy said was just between us
She said mommies don't just love their children every now and then
It's a love without end, amen

(Edited from "Father's Love")

Man, this brings back some...Memeriorses. :raritydespair:
My sister... She isn't exactly what you would call normal. Things aren't as bad, I love her and everything, and no one at school makes fun of me because of it. But now looking at this story it makes me see how much I actually love her. Thanks Bro for letting me see the truth a little clearly.
:pinkiesad2: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I like these derpy fics... She may be more intelligent than most would anticipate.

233554 Yes, I know what you mean. I had a hard time writing this fic at first, since my own mother passed away when I was four. However, my father had taken on the responsibility of both parents in my mother's absence, and his love for me is what this fic is based on.:twilightsmile:

What English needs is a word that combines 'sad' and 'uplifting'; if that word existed, I could better describe this fic. I like it, mind you.

233632 "Bittersweet" could be the word you're looking for :twilightsheepish:

makes me feel so bad to evem think about her gettin g made fun of in school for that./ if those mean bum drillers were real i'd giv them more tolerence and love than they would efen want :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

That's so heart warming :twilightsmile:
You have a great father. :pinkiehappy:

234334 Indeed, I don't know what I would do without him :raritywink:

Yeah I feel the same with my dad :twilightsmile:

I wasn't expecting the story to go the way it did. Excellent job. :pinkiesmile:

Many tears were shed.
Very sad, yet heartwarming story.

I'm kinda like Derpy, strange (very awkward, aloof, and I always wear funny clothes) yet so nice and not stupid. I have often thought about how it will be for my children... but regardless their own feelings, I'll love them with all my heart.
I can also relate to Derpy because my brother "hates" me for things that are out of my control (a mental illness, I now have medicines that stabilize it, but back when I lived with my family, I didn't take any and being young and having many problems at school, like being laughed at because I loved working and got the best grades and was so shy)... he still has issues being normal with me, things are still awkward between us... but regardless of what he thinks about me, I love him so much. So, so much. Not matter how different we are and even if there are things I dislike about him.

Definitely a fav and a story that left a mark on my heart.

Thanks. Thanks, really. :derpytongue2:

It's one thing to tease someone. It's another when it's directed towards a family member, disabled or not; that's just plain low.

Thanks to this story I cried a bit, and I want to give my mom a hug now.

There are no words to describe how amazing this was. Just emmojis.


I. Loved this.
Fantastic story. Ten and a quarter muffins out of ten. :derpytongue2:

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