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Losing someone you love is always hard. Sometimes you blame them for leaving. Sometimes you blame the world for taking them. Sometimes you blame yourself for not being there.

Loss is a terrible thing to go through alone.

Luckily for Rainbow Dash: she's not.

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Watery smile! Loved it!

I had tears in my eyes. And whoever passed away in this fic, you made it ominous. Maybe u cud shed some light?


Excellent. I began crying at the very end. I just have one nit-pick:

all he said was; 'Good, colts are trouble.'"

The semi-colon after the 'was' should actually be a comma. My only other problem was that this was too short. Very well done, regardless.

Who died? That was so sad, just please. I was just working on my own sadfic, this one is sadder,

Good story. All the emotion and interaction is well defined and engaging, nothing glossed over and no cheaping out. It may only be one short scene, but it's a good demo of the kind of thing sadfics should be made of!

3432262 Thank you, I will fix that now. The semicolon part at least. Writing a fic like this made me sad myself and I don't think I could do another thousand words, let alone multiple chapter. :fluttercry:

3432317 3432138>>3432154>>3432208>>3432278

Thank you all! I'm sorry I made you tear up. I actually intended for the mystery stallion to be anonymous. I don't know why, I guess I just feel that if you don't know who he is, more people will be able to connect with the story. Father, brother, grandfather, uncle, the list goes on. Everyone's lost somebody and I just wanted to get that connection. YouknowwhatImean?

3432385. Its ok:pinkiesmile: I'm saying it was her daddy.

Who was it???



No words only sadness great job.:fluttercry:

Very touching, and the little bit of ambiguity as to who died exactly was quite clever. I'm a real sucker for drawing large emotional meaning from small events, such as getting ice cream. And there was enough friendliness there, that I could imagine just a hint of flutterdash for myself. No criticisms, well writen enjoyable read. Great work, especially for your first hand at a sad fic.

3432486 99.99% chance it was her Father. Only a dad would say 'boys are trouble', but that's just my opinion.
Anyway, great story. I loved it, manly tears were shed my friend. :raritydespair: :pinkiesmile:

3432943 I was thinking that it was too, but I couldn't be so sure.

3432385 Was it Thunderlane? Uh, Soarin? That guy with the crate cutie mark? Snowflake?! I got it!! S02E22 Unnamed Pegasus Stallion #4?! :derpytongue2:

3432682 I ship Flutterdash myself, but I think putting a romance tag on a primarily sad story dissuades people from reading it. So I made it a friendship fic. I'm glad you liked it!

3432489 Thank you!

3433166>>3432943 It can be whoever you want, but yes: father is probably the smartest choice. Hope you liked the story!

3433338 It's whoever you want, as long as it makes you sad (can't believe I just said that) :pinkiecrazy:

But I don't know, do you really think Soarin was around when they were fillies? :ajbemused:

3433349 It was good. Would you like to join my brony forums? Mane 6 staff are needed.

3433360 He seems young enough. Not Spitfire, though.

3433370 I don't know what a forum is, so that's a no. (sorry)

3433377 I guess It could be him. Not what I was going for, but if you like it that's fine.

3433383 A forum is an online community where people post different things. Don't get it confused with a social network.

3433671 Sounds cool, but I'm not really interested. Sorry :fluttershysad:

3433761 Is that a good or bad opinion?

3433894 Both? Sorry I shoulda sen this coming from what happened. I seem attracted to stories that bring up old memories. I enjoyed it, well I liked it I should say.

3433899 I'm glad you enjoyed it! Or, didn't I guess.

3433998 It was a good story. Don't fret on that.

3432385 I feel that this actually tells the shock that I still feel from the losses that had happened this year, being that they were two months apart and both being people that I loved and cared for the most. I was struck with the news of my step fathers passing on short notice but once I found out, I was stunned for a second, then I broke into tears like never before. realizing that it was someone that had been there for me the longest in my life even though I was barely able to see him while he was working. I was still bothered by my grandfathers passing, which only made the pain worse. i still feel that pain today, but I press it back so as not to subdue myself and seclude myself, but when I do, I try to avoid contact when humanly possible.

3436980 I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you think I portrayed that feeling right. I lost my great grandfather not long ago and when I heard I didn't talk the entire car ride through three states and after the funeral. :pinkiesad2:

3438095 all I can say is that things happen whether we want them to or not.

''Even if your sky falls, even if your ground crumbles, even if your world breaks, I will be there to catch you. Just like you always have been for me.'' That did it for me :fluttercry: beautiful story

Here! Take my like! Take all my likes! :pinkiesad2:

Who..the buck..DISLIKED THIS?!

It was okay.

Just a little too quickly I would say.

Actually it was very minimal about the whole background with the story. Because I was always trying to figure out who was the stallion that died.

I knew it your intention to not let us know that much about it since it was a short story but seriously? I wish there was more to go on that's all.:applejackunsure:

Not so much bitter but definitely sweet.
Its a shame this is all there's going to be but I guess even a small shot of warmth is nothing to shout at. Keep this up, all that's letting you down are a few spelling mistakes and a couple grammar issues, which are easy enough to fix!

I don't know why, but I am always looking for sad fics. And I like this one.

S' good.

Nice job setting up the identity of her dad without right up saying it. Makes what Fluttershy is saying sound more intimate and authentic (imo).

Liked, faved.

that last paragraph so beautiful.


Thanks. Your profile picture is staring into my soul.

I know this late, but this was recommended by another user. I just wanted to say, that was beautiful, clap, clap, clap. :fluttercry: Amazing, just amazing.

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