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I'm Still Here, Just a Little Unorganized. · 3:14am Jul 8th, 2015

Okay, maybe I'm extremely unorganized.

I didn't want to stop publishing new chapters of my writing, but every time I go to write one story I can't help but think of another that I wish I could be writing as well. This has been stopping me from writing for a while now, much longer than I would like to admit. I have about 40 stories lined up to be written but most of them are only a paragraph or so long. So heres how I'll go about it.

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2248185 Suddenly, a comment chain appears.

2247794 Holy cow, you did found something out of my grave, didn't ya? :rainbowlaugh:

1113937 Not a bad story, there are some grammatical mistakes but the story is great. I would love to see more details though, especially in the classroom scene, it felt really short. All in all, great work so far.

1113937 I'm glad you like my stories :twilightsmile: And I'm always willing to read a fellow writers work. I'll check it out now in fact.

1049246 I like your stories. Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

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