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This story is a sequel to Wonderbirds

'Calling Equestrial Rescue, this is the EQCGC Thresher of the Equestrian Coast Guard. We are currently on-scene with the cruise ship M.S. Celestial, which has now capsized. We were called to evacuate the passengers due to engine trouble which was being exacerbated by typhoon-force weather conditions, but the engines exploded and the ship turned onto its side before we could finish our operation. Though the majority of passengers were successfully evacuated, we believe a family of four are still on board. Equestrial Rescue, if you can hear us, please acknowledge this transmission.'

Crossover with the hit 1960's TV show Thunderbirds, which is the property of the Gerry Anderson Legacy and ITV Studios.

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Junk food? Check. Fizzy drinks? Check. Piles upon piles of various games? Check.

In theory, nothing should have gone wrong. Simple plan really, a bunch of friends round for a slumber party, what's the worst the worst that could happen? As it turns out, a lot can go wrong when you live in a crazy town like Ponyville...

Warning: This story is heavy on OC's. If you have any OC related allergies, illnesses, ailments, intolerances or disorders, it is advised for your own health that you avoid this story. Either that, or lighten up and stop being such a killjoy.

Set prior to the events of the Season Four finale.

Written for the UK of Equestria Monthly Fimfiction Writing Contest number #001! This months theme is Slumber Party, so my idea was a bunch of peoples OC's from the UKofE forums gathering round for an epic slumber party. Of course, we're British. So things may start out being fun, but they inevitably get a little out of control when something happens to somepony in particular...


8_Bit as 8-Bit
Amysquee as Pencil Sharpener
Babbage as Day-Tripper
Bunny as Pixel Fantasy
Centurion as Century
CyberneticPony as Blank Slate
Eiro as Eiro
GeodesicDragon as Doctor Haywick
Greatodyer as Sweet Tale
Melon Pie as Shadow Jinx
StormblazePegasus as Stormblaze
Teasle as Java Jive


Button Mash Goes To A Slumber Party ~ by GeodesicDragon
One Hell of a Party ~ by Loganberry
The Slumber Surprise ~ by Mickwho123
Sometimes Never ~ by Blueshift

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This story is a sequel to Scotchtavia

After a heavy night of drinking, most of which she can’t remember, Octavia awakens to a monstrous hangover. But even this isn’t enough to distract her from the obvious fact that Vinyl is acting… different. Kinder, sweeter, and much more considerate. Something happened last night, something that has clearly had a huge effect on Vinyl. But what could it possibly be?

Another first person Octa-Scratch story which is my third one-shot, and the (highly requested) sequel to Scotchtavia. This time it is written from Octavia’s POV, just to give the series some variety.

Rated teen for some strong language.

Cover art courtesy of iJab on DeviantArt.

Featured on the Pop Reel: 08/05/14

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Days on the moon: 199,412

'Our attitude of late has been rather brazen. We don’t mean for it to be so, of course, but it just seems beyond our control. It must be the stress again. Poor Mr Armstrong takes the brunt of it, but he valiantly soldiers on, keeping us sane. If only there was some way we could dispose of our anxieties...

My first attempt to tackle the 'Comedy' and ‘Random’ tags, it’s a fun little idea I had while I was struggling with the ending for another story. Namely how Luna occupied herself being alone on the moon for so long. Eventually she would have wanted company, and you never know how a companion can influence your behaviour…

Cover art courtesy of Tzolkine on DeviantArt

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Newly-together couple Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have just spent the night out on the town. Vinyl blasted their favourite nightclub with major wubbage while Octavia discovered a new drink at the bar. Now Vinyl has to escort home a marefriend more drunk than she's ever been, and in her intoxicated state, Octavia says just a little bit too much.

A first person Octa-Scratch story, which is my second one shot and part one of the Scotch-verse trilogy, written from Vinyl’s POV. This one was intended to be written in a one hour time limit, but I kind of got carried away and... well, forgot. It was more like an hour and three quarters, but meh. And that time does not include editing. Don’t worry, the only edits I made outside of the 'hour' were to fix basic spelling, grammatical and continuity errors, no major changes to the plot structure.

Rated teen for some strong language.

Cover art courtesy of KristySK on DeviantArt.

Featured in Twilight's Library: 07/04//14
Featured on the Pop Reel: 08/04/14

Now in Chinese! Simplified or Traditional

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The land of Equestria has reached a new age of prosperity. Following what could only be described as a technological revolution, poverty and disease are now almost non-existent and ponykind has begun to reach outwards into the solar system around them. However with every step forward, the risk of disaster becomes ever greater, and in the new age of technology the use of magic is becoming more and more redundant. Every day ponies cry out for help, desperate for somepony to answer.

The increasing frustration over the ever growing death count causes Princess Celestia to turn to her once student turned fellow princess Twilight Sparkle for a solution. What they come up with is nothing like anything she could have anticipated, but infinitely better.

Twilight makes contact with her old Ponyville friends, the once-guardians of the Elements of Harmony, taking them to an uncharted island where a base of operations is constructed. The base for an organisation the likes of which has nopony has ever seen before.

Equestrial Rescue.

But what is it that sets them apart from conventional means of rescue? Their machines. Five state-of-the-art rescue craft, technological marvels created for the sole purpose of saving the lives of ponies in need.

The Wonderbirds.

Set 20 Years after the Season 3 finale.

Crossover with the hit 1960's TV show Thunderbirds, which is the property of the Gerry Anderson Legacy and ITV Studios. You don't need to watch any episodes of the show before reading this, but some inside jokes and references may go over your head if you choose not to. It's a great show though, so give it a try. You won't regret it.

Edited by the fabulous peeps named Hopeless Appraisal and Quylaa.

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Nothing is more powerful than a mothers love. Primal instinct to care for ones offspring is one of the most common sights throughout nature. As is such, Ditzy Doo loves her daughter Dinky more than anything else in Equestria. To see them together is to see the true definition of family. But everypony has secrets. Dinky will soon reach the age of curiosity, and there is one question her mother can never answer honestly: Who is her father?

Ditzy can never tell her the truth. Not to deliberately withhold the information and leave her in the dark, but simply to protect her from the horrors of the past.

My first attempt at a one-shot, written and edited within a 1 hour time limit.

Important Note:
The subject matter of this story is Rape and the after effects resulting from it.
Despite this grim subject, it contains no scenes of a sexual nature.

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Equestria. A nation emerging from a brutal war. 13 Districts of the land previously stood together, hoof in hoof, and rose up against the Capitol that had ruled in tyranny for so long. On fought the Earth Ponies, the Pegasi, the Unicorns, and the Alicorns. But one District was destroyed, and the Alicorns were no more, leaving the remaining districts to mourn their losses, and face the Capitol. Then, during the darkest hour, a truce was offered, and a treaty was signed.

"The races of Equestria chose to rise against the Capitol that had cared for them. In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a Stallion and a Mare between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "reaping". These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred to a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as The Equestria Games."

The original Hunger Games trilogy takes place at the time of the 74th games. This story goes all the way back, back to the time of an Equestria fresh out of a horrific war. The peace treaty has been signed, and the games set to go ahead. The tributes involved face a daunting task: to compete in a brutal fight to the death in the very first Equestria Games.

Please comment, and if you really like it, follow me for future updates! Thanks.

Cover Art done by the epic DordtChild on DeviantArt.
Equestria Games logo belongs to MsSquiggle on DeviantArt
Edited by the super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing Nonagon.

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