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The Buck It Bros

Heeeyyyooo! Coco the Bearded and Rosa Gears welcome you to our profile. We hope you enjoy the stories.


Ever since she was a young filly Octavia had everything planned for her by her parents. What schools she would go to, what instrument she would play, what career she would have after school. Everything went according to plan. That was until Octavia moved away to Ponyville. However, Octavia's parents have one more plan and that is to marry off Octavia. Octavia will not be a part of that plan and with the help of Vinyl Scratch and a few other friends they create a plan to stop the arranged marriage and free Octavia from her parent's hold.

Artwork isn't mine and was found on google. It will be taken down is artist requests it.

Rosa dubbed this the official theme song for According to Plan!: Theme Song

Story written and edited by: Coco the Bearded and Rosa Gears (This story turned into more of a collaboration than it was at the start so we will both get credit) :derpytongue2:

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*Reads the letter*
That's it, that is a new level of snobbery in the Canterlot Nobles, can't ignore it now. They are getting the frying pan!

I will admit that this is one the few ships I support and this story has a lot of potential. You don’t often see duo writers. You get the collabs every now and then, but no dedicated partnerships. You’ve pulled it off well. I expect great things.

Here's your plan Octavia, ignore them, just don't show up. I mean what are they going to do about it right? They can't force you to do shit, just act like the whole thing doesn't matter and worse case scenario your horrible parents get pissy about it but do nothing. It's like their word is law.

Why do I think Vinyl’s plan is far too complicated? I see she is the adventurousness one in the relationship. Hopefully they cause enough chaos during the date that it scares off the guy.

looks like a fun read so far

hopefully the mares can convince the nobles to back off and either approve of their daughter's choice in lover, or lose her forever

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the story as it continues to unfold. Your comment was awesome.

Thank you for reading the story. I hope that the coming chapters meet and exceed your expectations. This first chapter was so much fun to work on. We are jut writing it for the fun of it. I am just happy that others are enjoying it as much as we are.

That plan would save her a lot of time indeed. It just wouldn't be as fun for Vinyl. Thank you for reading. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for commenting and reading the story so far. I do hope that you find the plan and what happens because of it enjoyable.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy what is to come.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Only time can tell. I hope you enjoy the story as I continue to post. :twilightsmile:

Ah yes the classic "Let's screw over the main character as much a possible for own amusement!" Schtick, how delightfully diabolical!

Wait, an arranged marriage? "According To Plan"? ... Did you, by any chance, just watch this?

If so, I'm favoriting this story right now, cause you RULE!

Some slight critiques... The story is unfolding a little fast here. Also, you may want to go back and make sure your punctuation is correct, as I can see numerous places where instead of '," said', you have ." Said. Which is not the correct way to do quotes. That said, I love your dialogue. I feel like you could use a bit of cleaning up on your puctuation and such, as well as some of the descriptions.

Understand, I say this to make sure it is not jarring for your readers. It makes it so much more readable. You have an interesting concept, but there are some things you can do to make things work better. I can see some definite potential in this. Some good polishing can definitely bring it out.

Actually the worse possible outcome involves abduction and indoctrination, but I doubt the story is going to get that dark.

oh I plan to, hopefully some "unforeseen accidents" don't happen

Pfft, please, don't worry yourself with such implausible nonsense, I'm positive all will go according to plan!

Thank you for the comment is made me laugh. I actually listened to that song a lot last Halloween. I haven't watched it recently though. However, I could see how Octavia's parents might sing the parts sung by Victor's parents. I hope you enjoy the story as things unfold. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the comment and reading. I just started writing fan fiction again after having not done so for a long time. I might have over looked some things in my reread. There are also two people working on this story so I will make sure that my partner and I try to caught more of those mistakes. Thank you for pointing it out. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. :twilightsmile:

Well this is a comedy, romance story. I hadn't even thought of that.

Well now this looks like it will be a wild and fun ride! <3

I hope that you enjoy what is to come. Thank you for reading chapter one.

You hold up your end of the bargain by creating more enjoyable chapters, and I'll hold up my end of the bargain by shoving more compliments at your face, to encourage production of more good content! =P

Comment posted by itpony deleted Aug 18th, 2018

Well that went well. Now let’s see how Octavia’s parents make complete fools of themselves.

“Why not just ignore the request? It isn’t like they can drag you back home and force you to marry somepony you’ve never met.” Bon Bon suggested.

Holy crap, Bon Bon read my comment! :rainbowlaugh:

Well played Buck It Bros, well played.

Love the Hellsing abridged reference.

when will anyone learn not to say those five words, they are just asking for it

Well it did fit well with the story. Thanks for noticing. :ajsmug:

Well everything will go According to Plan, or will it? :raritywink:

Whelp GG everyone. Time to go home. Nothing to see here, but a complete and total disaster that's about to explode!

Nonsense everything will be fine. Maybe. I am sure there isn't a single thing any pony will regret. :trollestia:

“Huh? Wha?” The DJ looked around the room. It was Octavia’s room and the memories of last night washed over her causing her eyes to widen and frantically think. Oh my gosh, that's right. Me and Octavia did it last night... Oh sweet Celestia what do I do? What do I Do?! Okay Vinyl, let's not panic, play it cool, just like DJ Pon3 would...What would DJ Pon3 do in this situation... Thoughts played in her mind before she noticed a dark spot on her chest and chuckled softly. Got it. “Wow Octy, I didn’t know you drooled in your sleep, or do you only drool over awesome mares like me?”

Smmmooootthhh Vinyl, really smooth.

Octavia was about to respond when she noticed something on the white mare that made her blush profusely. “W-why is my bowtie around your thigh Vinyl?” She asked becoming more embarrassed by the second.


“For the last time Octy, there's nothing wrong with the dishwubber.” The DJ said taking her own seat across from Octavia and some more pancakes onto her plate.

Wubba-Dub-Dub bitch!

“I… I don’t…” Octavia was at a loss for words but just sighed and looked back to Bon Bon. She was about to speak again but she stopped and looked around the room for any sign of the white unicorn before whispering softly. “I am in love with Vinyl. I have been hiding it from her because she is this famous DJ and super into Techno music. There is no way in Tartarus that a pony like her would have the faintest interest in a classical pony like me.” She bowed her head blushing from the embarrassment of having said it out loud.


“But the wubs, everypony loves the wubs.” The DJ responded quietly.

Note previous wub meme

“Don’t worry Octy, I got this.” The DJ boasted with a foalish smile.

I hope you do Vinyl, I hope you do.

This is a great story. I really enjoy reading it and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Hey there, those are spoilers you have there. Glad you liked it though. :eeyup:

Thanks for reading and I am glad you like the story. More fun will come for Vinyl and Octavia. :pinkiehappy:

Please put me down for something to go wrong on the engagement plan and dating plan as both of these lovebirds are going to keep getting cold hooves at the worst times. Also they keep waking up wrapped in each other's embrace.

What could possibly go wrong with the plans that everypony has made this far? :trollestia:

Thank you. Having fun with the story so far?

I am, it's been far too long since I read something that's full of cuddly romance without some grim main storyline, it's a nice change of pace.

Now I really want to know what kind of proposal Vinyl would plan if given free reign.

I am glad to hear that. It is always nice to have something lighthearted in the mix. :eeyup:

Tavi, you may love them but considering what they are doing cutting them out of your life would be a good thing.

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