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Nothing is more powerful than a mothers love. Primal instinct to care for ones offspring is one of the most common sights throughout nature. As is such, Ditzy Doo loves her daughter Dinky more than anything else in Equestria. To see them together is to see the true definition of family. But everypony has secrets. Dinky will soon reach the age of curiosity, and there is one question her mother can never answer honestly: Who is her father?

Ditzy can never tell her the truth. Not to deliberately withhold the information and leave her in the dark, but simply to protect her from the horrors of the past.

My first attempt at a one-shot, written and edited within a 1 hour time limit.

Important Note:
The subject matter of this story is Rape and the after effects resulting from it.
Despite this grim subject, it contains no scenes of a sexual nature.

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"Interesting" is a fair opinion. There are plenty of fics out there with the dark tag, that are far more grim than this.

But a story about recovering from a horrific event, and coming out of it a better person? I don't think anyone would call you bad for calling it interesting.

Also, thanks for finding it interesting. :heart:

Well written and definitely a good read. There's also much sequel potential.

I find it very hard to believe more than 3000 words were written and edited in an hour, and yet... the writing is great.

How did you manage that?


I can be a very quick typer when I get into a flow. But I will admit my wrists hurt like hell by the time I put this up. :raritycry:



This calls for a partay!


Then I commend you greatly. You have earned my respect just for this awesome feat.
I can't get out even 1000 words in an hour...

You deserve to be an inspiration to others. :raritywink:
Even if the material is Dark... :twilightoops:

Beautiful. Fucking Beautiful.

...How the hell did you do this in one hour?! It literally takes me that long just to edit a 3000 word chapter. (actually, it took me an hour to read this but thats cuz Im at work and trying to be sneaky...) Wow. Maybe one day I'll try it, but I know I'd never be able to do it this effectively.

I like your take on how Dinky came to be. I feel like literally every other fic I've read/ any fan work in general, Derpys first husband died and remarried Doctor Hooves / OC of authors choice. Yours is a darker take, sure, but it's refreshing and in my mind it's more realistic since as you said most of the fandom considers derpy to be the same age as the mane six.

Great work!

Thank you for handling our girl with so much respect!

I love any story with Ditzy/Derpy/Bubbles. So much diffrent from my first TwilightxBubbles (Derpy) series. Keep up the good work!

:derpyderp2: :twilightsmile:

1: Beautifully written story, got all the right emotions falling out at the right places. Brilliantly paced.

2: Congrats on the Twilight's Library. Here's an ale.

Pretty good, though the description is a little misleading. I was expecting the main conflict to be Derpy/Ditzy's struggle to help Dinky understand (to an extent) the circumstances of her birth, and was surprised when the story just kind of ended after said birth.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great short story but the description kind of implies it's about something different than what it is.

it's hard to believe that you wrote something like this and edited it all in the span of an hour. seriously, i can't do that. wish i could though. love how well written the story is and how you explained in your author's notes why the father wasn't actually shown during the course of the tale. i would recommend possibly changing the story's description though. it implies that the story is something that it clearly isn't. dunno if you want to do that though. just giving you my two cents.


The description was the first thing I wrote for this, and the rest of the story came from there. So I feel that changing the description would defeat the purpose of 1 hour editing as much as changing something in the story itself.

Sorry if it's a bit misleading, but it's not exactly... THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING. :raritydespair:

nah, it's not that it's misleading. i read the description, then the story, then the description again. just seemed a bit of to me. if you want to keep the description still, why not add some authors notes to the end of it describing why the two don't seem to match much?

Derpy, why must your stories always be the most tragic and uplifting? :applecry: :derpytongue2:

This was my first dark story and I am suprized that I did like it. I have been trying to see how others write and I wanted to look outside the box and I did like what I read.

I like how Ditsy had what I call a "cursed blessing," being given something or have something misfortune happen and have it turn out for the better of things. I just don't know how to write a one chapter story. How do you do that? :P

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