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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (He/Him & They/Them)


Living fast and loose, that was basically what it was for Vinyl. Of course, all that came tumbling down when she got kicked in the throat, and as it is now, the local clubs are lucky if they see Vinyl once a month. Was it a wake-up call for her? Possibly, yes. Still, Berry Punch is... concerned for her friend, at any rate seeing how devoid of energy the formerly party hard mare is now. Mind you, maybe she needn't have worried as Vinyl does seem to be distracted by that cellist who pops in every so often...

After all, they did say love gave you something new to live for, right?

Featured on 8/30/19

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I enjoy reading this. I think you did a pretty good job.
Always good reading your stuff :pinkiehappy:

Not bad doing Vinyl! I see so few people even try and do her mute. You did a good job with it.

...wait, what? I thought her being a mute was one of the big headcanons about her.


That is a yes and a no. Yes many fans think she is mute but few writers go that route because they don't know how to write such a character. They cannot think of a way that they can work in a form of ASL that will work with ponies.

Well, that's... surprising. I mean, it's not hard. I saw one fic that got around it by having her write what she wanted to say with her magic. Or you could just have her do sign language, which isn't hard to write.


How do you sign with hooves? I thought they where anthro in this story (even though it is not tagged this way) because of all the mentioning of signing. I saw in one story it was how the hooves clopped and how their ears moved. That helped convey words. The MC could only use the clopping parts.

This is a lovely piece. Really enjoyed reading it. Berry kinda got pushed to the side near the end though. And why was Octavia visiting the bar for exactly. That was never explained.

Yeah... Uh, I will admit that Berry got pushed to the side at the end there, though to be fair this was a story focused entirely on Octavia and Vinyl so it was inevitable in some format really. As for Octavia visiting the bar, she was in Ponyville on a visit, and presumably asked about on what was a good spot to get something to drink and so everyone directed her to there.

This was a lovely read. Thank you for writing this.

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