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I (facebook page!) normally do requested artwork for others, mainly drawing their OCs. I am told that I have good stories that I am told I should right down here on FimFiction, so thats why Im here!



~Thanks a ton to everyone who submitted their OCs!!! ~
~ Special thanks to ThatPoemGuy for helping me with some little editing stuff here and there ~

Everything was always so simple here in District six. I had an amazing colt friend, a caring mother and two brothers. But every year, one colt and one mare between the ages of 12 and 18 would be reaped for the Equestrian Hunger Games - A sick game that Discord created to make him promise that he would keep the peace as long as the games existed.
Everypony always hopes and prays they are never reaped - who wouldn't right? But on this the thirty-fourth year of the games, I think things are about to change.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 262 )

Ahh, a hunger games story, how refreshing.

I like this character so far, could the next chapter be slightly longer though? (3-5k)

Asides from that, you've peaked my interest! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

we have enough of these already

Wow. A Hunger Games crossover. What an original idea. No one's ever done that before... :facehoof:


Yes, I know that there are a lot of these out there, and I wasn't particularly going for origionality points. Im making this one because I wanted to write one for my friends on here.

4196614 I haven't posted the new chapter yet, and there is already more words in it than the previous chapter. You shouldn't be too disappointed with the word count, especially since i have more to write. :pinkiesmile:

I found your story. Woot. And so far, it's actually fairly well written. I'm impressed! Will be following closely.

Also, dat Jockey. o3o

4212558 Thanks, actually. I do try :twilightsmile:
And yeah, I was planning on sharing the story after I get more characters.

Despite the abundance of HG crossovers, I believe this is a diamond in the rough. Keep going, I look forward to reading this!

4212856 *epic arm flail*
I'm striving to do really good, so I can stand out and be different
I shall put my heart and soul into this! :rainbowdetermined2:

Yay, a long chapter!

There are spelling mistakes, typos and random capitalisations everywhere, though I find that they aren't too unbearable.

I'm gonna stick with this story, I'm curious to see what happens to Terra.

Is it too late to submit a OC?


4215016 No! not at all! Link to the thread can be found here. And yeah, I've been going through and looking for random mistakes like that.

Seriously think that this story does not deserve even half the hate it's gotten.

So what if there are quite a few other HG crossovers, every one s going to be different.

Well anyways, good job, keep rolling with the punches and I can't wait for the next chapter!

4215731 Thanks a bunch for being supportive :twilightsmile:
IF this story is ever going to become successful, it's going to take a lot of effort.
I'm also making A special cover art for this, so that should differentiate it a little more.

Well, if you look at your thread, I have posted my OC according to the list thingy which you've given us.

Not sure if you've seen it yet haha

4215832 mmhmm I I got it
I uploaded a new cover photo!! YAY!!!:yay:

Woah! You actually draw this incredibly high quality art AND write as well?

Now that's talent hahaha!

Seeing that you are so good at art as well, I may need you to draw me some cover art in the near future :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Well, regardless. Great job!

4220332 Aww thanks! I actually only use MS paint too!
And yeah, I drew my Profile picture, as well as a few other pictures for a few other people floating around. I would gladly make something for yet another Person :twilightsmile:

So, tell me, are you working on the next chapter yet?

4222205 Yeah, I'm about halfway through (ish)

4222222 Just posted the new chapter :twilightsmile:

When I went to replied to your post, Your comment # was literally 4222222 which I thought was a little funny.

I've read your story it`s really good so far, I feel bad for Terra and her ex whom`s name escapes me.:derpytongue2:
Hope it`s not to late but I've put my oc in the thread thing hope he can make it:scootangel:

4224517 Im so glad you like it! most people who have read it have told be they like it, so it's good motivation to keep going ~ :twilightsmile:

So it would seem that I have encountered my first real issue with this.

The rules.

Exactly how is it fair at all to the Earth ponies, if the Pegasi and Unicorns can fly and do magic respectively. Were I writing this, I would've banned the use of magic and flight completely.

Perhaps a quick run-down of the rules could help... but still.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Just a suggestion...

4224933 i plan on covering that in the next chapter when they talk about training. :derpytongue2:

Hooray, a new chapter!

After a long day of rolling burritos for minimum wage, this wa a great thin to log in and see.

Don't mind me, just eagerly awaiting...



4236448 mmhmm I have spring break starting on Firday, So i should at least update this and my other story at least once! :twilightsmile:


What would give you that idea?


4252360 I did that for like three days in a row on Sugarush13's story. The stories are just something to be excited about :derpytongue2:

I'm awaiting the next chapter eagerly. Hopefully it'll be out before too long.

Damn, I've never been this interested in a story before, not even my own!
I really want the next chapter to be out now, so I can stop coming back and get to work on my stories. :twilightangry2:
I just want to see what you write for their chariot rides. :rainbowkiss:

Damn so close to the chariot ride.:twilightangry2:
Guess I'll wait until the next chapter, but I'm glade for something to get my mind off this ride for a time. :ajsleepy:

So, a few things that I feel the need to point out.

1) I'm fairly certain that you meant District 5, instead of 7 when you introduced the green stallion and his partner. I checked your list and the original comment from the guy who submitted the OC and it almost confirms that you meant District 5. Only felt the need to point this out as my OC is in District 7.

2)So far the rules seem okay.. Just beware of leaving behind a few loopholes.

3)There are loads of typos and stuff like that present, you'll probably get down to fixing that soon I'd guess.

Well asides from that, good job, I eagerly await the next chapter.

Comment posted by Sketch-Pad deleted Apr 24th, 2014

4260727 the green stallion she talked to was Scale, an OC by Sugarush13. He is in district 5, since when you look at her character description it matches well, and she had requested him to be in district 5, which he is. In the fourth paragraph from the top, she explains that while she saw the district 7 train form pulling in, the first other tributes they would be meeting would be the ones from 5.
It says,

I had looked out of the window on the other side of the train, and saw another train pull up, this one more worn down, but I could see the number '7' etched even more clearly on this train. The other ponies were arriving on other trains as well, but the only ponies that we would be able to see first would probably be the ponies from the fifth district.
If I need to, perhaps I will go and make him say their names to each other when I go through and fix typos.
And as for the typos - Most of them were little grammar mistakes, forgetting a word or adding one that wasn't there. I used some 'fancier' words this time, like eccentric and slipshod, and I think bemoaning is in there too. If you're referring to those words, then okay.
I apologize if it was a little confusing, the main reason this chapter is a little rocky is because there was such a high demand for the chapter. .

Ahh, I see, that helps to clarify it.

On that note, I believe the time has come for me to add this story to my favourites. :raritystarry:

4262471 yeah I just went through and made a few things little clearer than before, that being one of them !:pinkiesmile:

:pinkiegasp: 2 of my OCs! Holy crap I just found this and I'm so excited!!!! YaaayYyyy!Y!Y!YY!Y! :pinkiehappy:

Update, Hell yes. Sketch, you have single handed made my week sooo. Much better.

I love you.


There has never been a more perfect time for an update. Also, I like what you did for the stylist scene. Normally in these stories, its a part that people usually skip over, and fail to add detail. I commend you for that.

However, this was a perfect scene to introduce a few of the characters more. Though, maybe not. Maybe Im just over excited. Either way, i cant wait for training to begin.


4281995 Yeah I thought about it when I was writing it,but don't worry, we will surely meet more characters in the next chapter with training! I promise!

Im also glad you like the Stylist scene I think that a lot of people tend to skip over it is because they don't really know how to write it. When I was reading the book, one of the parts that I actually remember most vividly is actually the scene with her and the stylists, especially when she met Cinna. I just hope that the training scenes will be interesting, and I will probably have to split it into at least two chapters in order to introduce the remaining other tributes.
I'm also still deciding if I should include the individual training at all, but I probably won't since they only talk about it in the Books and Movies.
Though I either need to make a big scary stallion in district 1, or ask someone else to make one that I can use. There are 3 stallion spots still left open that I need to fill~
Oh well. :pinkiehappy:

Yes the chariot ride! Not as reveling as I hoped with the different districts and possible key players, but still Scale seems like an important Pony so I'll watch him with interest as the story continues. Now for the training!

There we go, I threw in meeting another OC as well as more talk about a few of the other tributes. Which only just added in length to my chapter.

Oh how you taut me with Cherry Cloud. Other interesting OC that just jumps out possibilities for the story.:pinkiehappy:
Still can't wait for the training were we can really get an idea of how the games can go. :raritystarry:


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