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In an alternate universe, Celestia is the dictator of the land of Paneighm. There used to be 13 districts, but the Lunar District, led by Princess Luna, rebelled and was destroyed. As a reminder to never rebel again, Celestia established an anual fight to the death with 24 tributes, one colt and one mare from each district. In the 74th Pony Games, Fluttershy volunteers to save Applejack's little sister. But will she survive? (NOTE: This story is based off the book by Suzanne Collins. However, it is NOT exactly like the book)

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 54 )

Wow I like were this is headed. :twilightsmile:

I like the story so far, but i have one question: Why Fluttershy?

What if some of the tributes from the other places were some of the mane 6, for example Twilight is the tribute from Canterlot or something like that

2520636 actually, Fluttershy is the only mane six tribute. Since this is an alternate world, Twilight never actually left Canterlot to go to Ponyville. Don't worry, though, she still plays a big role in the games.

2520494 I was originally going to have Rainbow Dash, but that's a bit too predictable. So I thought, who would be the worst possible pony to throw into the Games?

2520981 I was actually expecting Applejack to volunteer for her little sister.
I don't mind that it is Fluttershy, but you didn't quite explain why she volunteers.
Also, I like Rainbow Dash in the role of Haymitsh.

If you don't mind, could Green Whisper be like Rue?

I really like it! Don't give up on this story, "and may the odds be ever in your favor"! :raritywink:

Are they Spitfire and Sorin?!?!?!?! :derpyderp1:

I think trixie is also going to be a tribute.
And maybe scootaloo or sweetie belle is also a tribute

I love it! Just a question, are Carmel and Fluttershy going to be in love like Katniss and Peeta? You have to continue this though! :D


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

is it worth reading now or should I wait till it's finished???

Every update just makes me happy! :pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

I've been looking for a Hunger Games/Pony crossover, and this one is great.
I hope to see more soon.


A wild cliffhanger appeared!

Anonymous: Luna.
My guess.

i love pinkie pie in it:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiesmile::pinkiesick::pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy:and twilight and gummy LOL:twilightoops:

You made a small mistake. "that was no excuse to forgo common curtesy." Don't worry it could happen to anyone, nut you might want to change it to this. "that was no excuse to forget common courtesy." :twilightsmile: but great story, i'm loving it!!!

3100019 Not that I don't appreciate the constructive criticism, but I'm pretty sure that forgo is the correct word there. But thanks anyway!

As a Grammar Nazi, I can confirm that that is the correct word.

Wait a second... How in the world is this for EVERYONE? Please tell me why.

This story is amazing! I hope you can continue it soon! I'm absolutely hooked!

Best. Story. Ever!!! :yay:
I am sitting on the edge of my seat dying, while waiting for the next chapter to come out :D

Haha, we've almost got the same username :rainbowlaugh:

I'll read when I can :3 I love The hunger games!!!

I NEED MORE!!!! :raritydespair: :raritycry: :flutterrage:

Wonderful crossover; earns this :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

1,2,3,4 I declare more 5,6,7,8 Hurry up, dont be to late!

Oh my sweet Celestia, this is amazing. It really deserves some kind of award. Wonderful crossover, dear. I do look forward to catching up! :raritystarry:


WHOOOOOOOOOOOO ISSSSSSSSSSS RUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

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:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: whyyyyyyy. Prudence *throws IPAD at wall

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