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This story is a sequel to Cute Trouble

It's been a long week for Sunset Shimmer. After defeating Nightmare Moon, she's chosen to live in Ponyville. She assumed it would be nice and easy from here on out, with a few distractions from her new friends.

She didn't expect an old school rival to appear and cause trouble. Of course, given that it's Tuesday, it should have been a given something was going to show up to ruin her day.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 138 )

Great, the next story is out! And it started fantastically, EVO.

Also, I've always wanted to say this; FIRST!

6436918 :rainbowlaugh: I don't know whether to be proud or groan in agitation. I'll go with both.
So what did you like about this chapter?

6436918 [u]I was the first to be third to comment on this story

Once more unto the breach, gents.

6436923 sorry, I realize that was kind of obnoxious, but I wanted to take the chance.

First of all, I like how it pays attention to the timeline, as Sunset is mostly still the antisocial jerk from the pilot, treating people she isn't attached to poorly, only thinking of Shade as a heretic, and not really knowing how she supposed to act towards her friends. Also, she's clearly still reeling from how close she was to losing Spike, coping by smothering him as much as her “I-don't-care-but-I-do" attitude will allow. It's nice that we get to see this side of Sunset Shimmer, since I like seeing more of her and Spike's brother/sister dynamic.

6437466 No problem and thanks for the feedback.

6437032 Tally-ho!:raritystarry:{So what did you make of this start?}

6436936 The bronze medal is still a medal. :twilightsmile: So what did you make of this chapter?

Pushy Sunset is hilarious. And of course in walks Shade, everyone's favorite neighbor/punching bag.

I will say though, I deeply question Gingersnap's intelligence. I recognize this story is somewhat of an homage to Trixie's first appearance, but there are some big differences: Sunset isn't Twilight, she's the adopted daughter of the Goddess, an incredibly powerful unicorn with a hair-trigger temper and poor self control. And Gingersnap wants to challenge her in her own brand new town? Does she have a terminal disease and a huge life insurance policy?

That said, I like Giddilee, the partner dynamic works well with her and Gingersnap. Is she related to Cheerilee?

Oh, and if Gingersnap is committed to pissing Sunset off, I kind of hope she tries seducing Spike. Why settle for 3rd degree burns when you can get full vaporization?

I love the sense of continuity in these stories. The way Sunset feels about Spike just feels right to me. And now, she's about to go against someone as equally egotistic as she is.


I did notice one little error though.

“Wow, harsh.” Shade cringed, making Sunset frown.
Sunset frowned, before her eyes widened. “I didn’t mean it like that, Gah!” She smacked her forehead.

You said she frowned twice in a row. I don't usually like to play grammar nazi, but I just felt like pointing that out.

6438930 Well pride can make you do stupid things.

6439121 I hope you enjoy the rest of this story and thanks for catching that. :twilightsmile:

6438464 Going to be brutally honest. I have not read it yet. I commented just to be third and I have put this on my favorites so I can read it later. I did not read over the summer so I have a whole bunch of chapters I need to catch up on so...it may be awhile before I can have a opinion

6441310 Take your time. There's no rush. This story will be here whenever you get to it. :twilightsmile:

And we kick off a new story with some brother-sister bonding! And Shad being a total bro, too! Man, you just made me realise that I want to see more bro moments between Shade, Spike, and Ghoul because why the heck not? And let it be known that knowledge is power; and in Shade's case, it gives him the power to quell a raging Sunset.

And it's the classic "If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?" type of question. The answer is yes, because that's how logic works. So shut up, Gingersnap! SUNSET IS THE GOD DAMN ELEMENT OF MAGIC! Is that not proof enough?!

I'm not sure about what I feel about Gingersnap. I wasn't that big of a fan of Trixie, but I can understand that she's a VERY prideful pony who needs to ramp up her pride so she can get people to watch her shows, and her life was ruined by two idiots. But Ginger here seems... much more malicious. We already know her intent was to upstage Sunset, so I can already feel myself disliking her.

I really need to get around to writing the next chapter of Alternate Realities...

I finally read got around to reading this chapter and I must say I am very interested in what is happening.

Another thing is i kinda forgot alot about characters so can you recap me

Twilight: Big deal Chaos Mage
Pinkie pie: Either forgot or she has not been introduced
Rainbow Dash: I forgot or has not been introduced
Rarity: Same rarity only coco pommel apprentice
Applejack: I completely forgot
Celestia: treated as a god
Luna: Nightmare moon mindset, Luna body
Ugh there is so much I forgot. I do remember all the elements carriers in this alternative verse

6460321 Rainbow, Pinkie, and Applejack haven't been introduced outside of Shimmering Sunsets. So they aren't important as of yet.

Applejack: She never left Manehattan and became like her aunt and uncle.
Rainbow: Star Wonderbolt
Pinkie Pie: Changeling Queen.

Oh come on! I was just about to work on my own stuff, but no, you just had to release another bloody chapter! Thanks a lot you prick. :twilightangry2:

On a serious note, nice chapter! Clingy Sunset is adorable. :heart:

Mark my words, Gingersnap is going to mess with Spike, and Sunset is going to go nuts on her. Her unstable temper along with the recent traumatic experiences, plus the racist prick with something to prove, equals a Hellfire rampage waiting to happen. This was a pretty good setup chapter.

I love protective Sunset, and that tiny Pipsqueak telling Sunset she's best princess... :rainbowkiss:

Some light fluff this time around, and it is glorious! I like how this chapter lays the groundwork for a lot of the stories set past this one, and everyone's reactions to hearing about Gungersnap. Quickfix is still best pony, and I can't WAIT to break her! Oh yes, I'm going to break her will and her heart and everything in between!

Gingersnap's still a bitch, though.

6483385 :twilightoops: Uhhhh...I have no idea how to feel about that, but thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:


Am I right to assume Sunset is a foil to Luna before her fall (overpowered, talented, and unstable tsundere with a need for affection yet very poor social skills)?

6518327 That was not my original intention, but it seems I unintentionally draw parrallels to a lot of things in my writings. I was basing it more off how she was in her comic and the first movie, but now that I think of it, yes. Sunset is similar to Luna in many ways. It's just that we saw more of Sunset working for her redemption over a couple of movies and Luna had only one episode devoted to more of easing her into the current time. While Luna did need help, it wasn't so much as a redemption but as a way of learning to live with preconceptions and the attitude of the holiday.

Wow, she's even more of an asshole than Trixie. At least she was just conceited. Gingersnap is MALICIOUS! How are the townsponies okay with this?! Quickfix and Lightning are two of the Elements of Harmony! I can't believe no one's actually running to their defense!

I swear, if you don't make Sunset roast her alive before kicking her to next Tuesday, I will find send threatening messages to you until you do!

6519184 The townsponies think it's just part of the act, honestly. Just like in canon.

As for Gingersnap, well, it's not exactly safe to play with fire. :raritywink:

Interesting contrast with the original episode. Ginger Snap seems at least slightly smarter than Trixie here. She goes out of her way to compliment the town, and she doesn't ask anyone to come up on stage and challenge her. Instead, Sunset and her friends barge up on stage to interrupt her act, even when she works in compliments to them between removing them from her performance.

I have zero doubt that Sunset is going to win this, but if I was foal watching this whole event who is unaware of Ginngersnap's personal prejudices and history with Sunset, it would be hard to come away from this event with any impression other than "fun entertainer comes to town, Sunset's friends bully her, then Sunset challenges said entertainer to a dual that leaves her in the hospital with 3rd degree burns."

6523198 Perception does change between people and that's going to be a factor coming up. I wanted to play around with it because I thought it would be an interesting idea that wasn't used in Trixie's episode, for a few reasons.

6523661 Yeah, I get that. Sunset having to deal with the fallout of being perceived as a bully certainly isn't something Twilight has had to deal with, making it an interesting new look at how things could have gone with Trixie.

6523691 Exactly. I honestly don't think Trixie had been in the show business for that long, with how she was openly insulting and challenging her audience. Probably just started and had a few early successes and let it go to her head.

Gingersnap's been doing this for years. While she has a similar ego to Trixie's, she's learned that showing off said ego isn't good for the expenses. {Though she'll get Giddillee to steal what else they need.}

Ooooh a new Shimmerverse fic I didn't know about! :pinkiegasp:
Totally need to read this later.:pinkiehappy:

Oh man this is going to be soooooo good! :pinkiehappy:
And interesting that you have it take place a week after the events of NMM's return.
I haven't even finished your other stuff, but I just couldn't help myself here.

Man, this is kinda similar to my idea of having Pinkie Pie being Trixie's assistant. Except I have them show up before the SSC.
And I just watched 'Crusaders of the Lost Mark' last night, so the cute little spotted bundle that is Pipsqueak, is still fresh on my mind. :rainbowkiss:

Awh, have I reached the latest chapter already?:rainbowderp:
Oh well. Guess I can catch up on your other fics while waiting for an update here.

I already knew that Luna and Sunset had so much in common [more so than Sunset has with Celestia even]. Sometimes I wonder how things would go if Luna was still around when Sunset became Tia's new pupil- or better yet, if Sunset became Luna's student.
We need more stories with those two interacting.

The saddest thing about people like Gingersnap is that, deep down, under all their arrogance and callousness, they despise themselves more than anyone else. :fluttershysad:

Gingersnap is destroying herself, using magic that's literally killing her for no other reason besides pride, and it's easy to see why. While she's racist, contemptuous, and arrogant beyond reason, it's clear that Gingersnap's entire life has been a desperate attempt to prove-to her family, Sunset Shimmer, and especially herself-that she's a great unicorn, and her obsession with being the best lead to her making very stupid risks for little to no gain. But despite her many flaws (and there are a lot), the fact that she is a skilled spellcaster in spite of her condition is honestly impressive. The depth added to Gingersnap, and Giddilee tapping into her hidden spine out of genuine care for her, made this chapter pretty spectacular. Can't wait for the next!

I did not expect this story to go in this direction.

I like it. :moustache:

well this is a interesting development . Some sort of Incident broke Gingersnaps horn and (this is my guess) because of this her magic is killing her whenever she starts to use it....Please continue on

I'm really torn here. Gingersnap is a racist thief. On the other hand, it now looks like Sunset is going to immolate a cripple.

Also, I like Lightning Dust being a jerk to her subordinates, it reminds us she's not just Rainbow Dash with a different color scheme.

I'm sorry if you're feeling down :ajsleepy: , but keep up the great work! I can't wait to see the rest of Sunset's and Gingersnap's history.

I'm gonna quote Linkara here on my thoughts on Gingersnap.

"There's a difference between having a sympathetic backstory and actually being sympathetic."

I get it. She was raised like shit and is pissed off at Sunset because she was lucky to be adopted by God at a young age. It's the classic "Prodigy vs Practise" argument EVERYONE brings up. But the problem here is that, well, Gingersnap is a grown ass adult.

Diamond Tiara could be justified since she was a kid and only did what her parents are telling her to do. But Gingersnap here is living on her own, is already working, and can make her own decisions. Just because she hates someone and has a sympathetic backstory, doesn't mean she can raise hell and be a dick about it. It's why I can never like Snape or Sasuke. You're supposed to understand their motives, not justify them!

And for Celestia's sake, are you seriously skipping out on your medicine?! You look like you have some MASSIVE mental disorders, and you should NOT ever skip out on medicine because "You think you feel fine". Thankfully, Giddily has some semblance of a conscience.

speaking of Giddily, let me justify why I had to punch that guy in the face. Hey, it helps me sleep better at night! Speaking of which, good job making me question the nature of sealing somepony's destiny just through their name. Makes you wonder.

Hey, to be fair, Lightning and Quickfix are sort of assholes. Still want Sunset to roast Gingersnap alive. Then MAYBE she can have a sequel movie where we see her facing the consequences of her past actions and is hated by everyone, only to be the best part of said movie and end up becoming best human horse waifu.

Wait, wrong character.

Anyways, Fiddlesticks is sort of right. Friendship IS the theme of the show, after all. It would be a great lesson for the kids to learn; Don't hold grudges and make friends with your enemy.

Though I still want an epic Magic Duel. I CAME TO THIS FIC TO SEE A MAGIC DUEL AND I DEMAND TO SEE ONE! It's like watching an episode of Gundam without any giant robot battles. Just pisses you off if you don't get one, you know?

6558470 Well, I'm not asking for the readers to like Gingersnap, moreso that they can at least understand her better. I wanted to delve into what makes her tick. I have known quite a few characters, can't name them off the top of my head, that had terrible conditions and I hated them. It's more of a personality kind of thing as well, I'm kind of one of those people who believes there's a little good in everyone.

Besides, she wasn't born with this condition. More so, she placed herself in it because of her own pride, which is a theme in this story.

And of course there's going to be a duel. I'm not that cruel. :derpytongue2:

You know what this Sunset reminds me of? A cat. She's incredibly egotistical, is really affectionate in the right circumstances, but will try to kill you if you rub her the wrong way.

Keep up the good work! :eeyup:

Wow, Gingersnap and Sunset Shimmer were almost sisters.

It's a little ironic that Sunset turned down House Razorsharp because she said titles don't matter, and now she loves bragging about being a princess. Life is funny that way.

6558591 It's even more ironic that, if Gingersnap hadn't gone and talked to Sunset, Ginger's parents probably would have adopted Sunset because of her power alone. So, it's kind of Ginger's fault on this one, but little kids are little kids.

I never really intended for that to come up, but when the idea hit me, I couldn't pass it up. It's strange, now that I think about it, that it would have been just as fascinating to think about Sunset and Gingersnap growing up together would have been like....Well, most likely it would have been more destructive, but that's more so because putting two super strong and tempered mares in the same house can be...disastrous.

The original intent I had was to make the scene more violent, show casing Sunset's more viscous side, but I settled for cute and funny because it felt more natural.

6558602 They would definitely have destroyed Razorsharp Manor within a year.

6558607 ...I'm half tempted to make a small spin off on the idea.

6558609 If Sunset had been adopted, she probably would have been named the heir eventually, with her more powerful magic.

6558614 Gingersnap would have had more reason to hate her, but they could have grown that sort of bond that they 'hate' each other so much, though they'd go out of their way to help each other when they're in trouble. That's if they had become siblings.

I write comment for your enjoyment....please be enjoyed :fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

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