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Starlight Glimmer, newly reformed pony and student of Twilight, finds herself in the home of Discord. She doesn't know why she's there or what he's going to do to her. All she can do is wait and talk as the spirit slowly ticks down to his final decision.

{Takes place in the 'Love Needs No Reason verse, or at least it's own thing if I decide to include it.}

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Comments ( 11 )

A lovely quick lil' read :twilightsmile:

This was hilarious:rainbowlaugh: can't to see what Discord has planned for her.

*slow claps*

You did it, you actually did it.

Gosh damn you Evo, this was great btw, but still... gosh darn you

6835176 Thanks you guys. :twilightsmile: When I posted it, I thought I was going to be downvoted or not turn out all that well. Maybe I'm just a bit too hard on myself. Still, thanks for reading and this isn't the last of Glimmer and Discord's ventures.

You're welcome.:twilightsmile:


The way they speak to each other feels a bit too casual. I don't know, maybe I'm just being nit-picky.

You nailed the scenery right on the head though. :twilightsmile:

Loved it.
Liked it.:scootangel:

Hehe, i loved this. The way you write Discord is nothing short of glorious and Look forward to many more Starlight fics from you.


“Oh yeah,” Discord paused, before grinning. “Which makes this even better.”

Technical incest is wincest, apparently.

Actually, even if Twilight had the heart of a warrior, she most likely couldn't beat Starlight.

Yeah, Twilight isn't much of a fighter. On her own, even with her power, she would be taken out by more competent foes. It's why she needs her friends by her side to get things done.

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