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Piquo Pie

I love psychology and writing. I tend to write origional/experimental stories. I am the head of the School for New Writers and the EFNW writing track. My new favorite quote is "Why so ˈsir-ē-əs?"


Discord has won. Everyone in the human world is under his dominion, save for Sunset Shimmer whom he saved for last.

Today the world, tomorrow Equestria.

Big thanks to Winston, Grand_Moff_Pony, and xgfhj18 for edits. (sorry xgfhj18, I don't know your fimfiction name)

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very nice :twilightsmile: Liked!


But, did you like it as much as I like your avatar :moustache:



Mistakes. Damn, I had, like, 3 people pre-read it.

Discord is randomly evil.
Otherwise liked it.

Now, close your mouth and open your eyes and you will experience a chaotic surprise.

I was expecting something else. :twilightblush: I read it as close your eyes and open your mouth.


Wat a naughty boy we 'ave here.

Oh this was quite good.

6282964 But of course.

Very good story, Piquo. It would be interesting to see an Equestria Girls version of Discord.

6281972 Aha, thanks! And yes!!! :rainbowdetermined2:


I'm sorry, lad/las, I tried to enjoy this tale, I truley did, yet I found it hard to finish this chapter.


I appreciate the honest try. If there was something in particular I'd happily accept constructive criticism.

And I am a lad.


6284290 There is nothing to change, lad. It 'twas the concept of the story itself that failed to grab a hold of my interests. Enough to pique it, but not to hold.


Ah, the premises was quite simple. It wasn't meant to have a complex plot in any way and the title of the story/chapter title I'd hoped would convey that to people who wanted something more complex.

That was a really nice, believable end-game story for Sunset's redemption arc. Is this compliant with Rainbow Rocks, though, or does it ignore that movie?

Celestia doesn't...quite come off all that well here with how she treated Sunset in your interpretation of their fallout, though no doubt Sunset exaggerates it a bit in her memories as well.

I always had thought of Discord as being some sort of multi-universal entity, not something with a parallel in every universe. I have to wonder though, if this Discord had succeeded and gone to Equestria, how the other Discord would react upon meeting up since he has been reformed, and how reality would react to two Discords together :pinkiecrazy: :derpytongue2:

I’ve already done it to your friends, your teachers, and quite literally every other sentient being in this world.

Not to be picky (except I totally am), but the word you want here is sapient. Sentience is the ability to feel, and perceive. Sapience is to possess higher level abstract thinking skills, You can remember the difference between the two by humanity's taxonomic name being 'homo sapiens, since sapience is literally what sets us out from the entire rest of the animal kingdom.


6284438 Simple is a good thing, and I did not come looking for some deep meaning, so in that you succeeded, it is just that sometimes I start a story and it fails to truly grab my interests. Though I will say this, what was writin was writin well.


Remember discord did it to Winona.

This story is getting a surprising number downvotes, the most from any story I've ever had. With this comment I hope that someone who downvotes my story in the future could leave some feedback. I had a little in the comments so far but as a whole the feedback and the votes are painting a bit of a different picture and I would like the opportunity to learn if you happen to have the time. :fluttercry:

I'll definitely check this story out, but could someone please tell me how to upload a story from Microsoft Word onto here, I went into the "New Story " and filled that out, but I can't figure out for the life of me, how to actually get words into my story on this site, LOL, it's probably something really simple :derpytongue2: but if anyone could help me out here, I'd appreciate it.


There is an FAQ in the top right of every fimfiction page.

Because there are so many different versions of MS word converting them into bbc code might be costly to develop. But you can

1) copy and past the story into a google docs
2) set the doc to viewable by anyone on the internet (a button on the top right that says share.)
3) copy the url of the document
4) open the chapter and hit the edit button in the top left to be able to actually edit the document
5) click on import from google docs
6) paste the url
7) hit submit (it should take a second to paste the text in)
8) then (and this is important) click save in the top left of the document.
9) hit the edit button again which applies the formatting that should automatically be put in by gdocs and results in changing the view to what people will see when they read the story
10) doublecheck formating

6288893 ok, but is there a place to just write on this site? or does everybody have to go through all those steps? (I went to FAQ, but there doesn't seem to be anything there to answer my question.)


No, you can write in the box where the story will be if you are in edit mode. You can also copy and paste to it. Note that for formating you will need to use bbcode. Generally this means highlighting an area of text and clicking the appropriate formating just above the text box (italics, horizontal line, and bold will be your most common.)

6288978 i'm in the edit page, it only gives me space for the short and long description. But I'm not seeing anybox anywhere for actually adding words to the story or anything


Once you create the story you can add a chapter. First you need to to finish the page your on.

6290224 Ok, I finally figured it out, LOL, I emailed an admin. I thought that putting on a new chapter meant you already had the chapter, and were just uploading it.
I didn't get that it would take you to a writing space afterward, LOL, Thanks for the help!

Interesting concept you got going here. But I do wonder what Twilight and the Equestria Main Six would have to say when Discord is ratted out to have almost conquered the Human World...

Oh well. I guess we'll never know...

6381783 or maybe this is an alternate universe where those events never occurred you know meaning the original mane 6

verry good story i loved it

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