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Discord is firmly planted as Ponyville's Number One Frenemy. The draconequus has gone from foe to friend and back again enough times in recent years to make that apparent. However, after a spirited weekend in the company of most of the Elements, Discord has found himself solidly in friend territory.

So then, there is little question or concern when Fluttershy invites him out to a group picnic with the others. Or, at least, there was no concern until Discord saw the newest member of the entourage: Starlight Glimmer.

Discord knows what Starlight has done. And he is far from happy.

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Just to let you know you picture isn't showing up.

7065426 Thanks for telling me. Just fixed it.

Starlight Glimmer = Ultimate Karma Houdini.

7066358 Any chance you could expand on that a bit more?

Discord and Starlight Glimmer would make great friends in my opinion. :derpytongue2:

7066409 He means that she is directly responsible for a multitude of 'bad ends' for equestria and pretty much got off with a "I'm Sorry".

She went back in time and changed things, causing various villains to win (Nightmare moon(death by no sun), Chrysalis(everyone is food), Sombra(everyone is a slave), etc) and was responsible for what looked like the death of everything if that last time line was any indication. And what is her punishment for all of this death and destruction? She gets to be the student of the most powerful mage ever and gets to be friends with national heroes.

Just because she didn't think she was destroying equestria multiple times over doesn't mean she gets to escape the consequences.
Ignorance is not an excuse.

7070222 I get it. Just had never heard the term "Karma Houdini" before. Also, that's exactly Discord's point.

This fic does make me wonder if Discord and Starlight will meet in canon. I'd be interested to see that!

7071395 I hope they do. John de Lancie has already confirmed two Discord appearances this season, so it is possible.

Sigh... I'm torn on this. On the one hand, I'm always on board on calling out Starlight's "Redemption",

But on the other hand... Discord is one of the worst people to be giving such a lecture. Yes, Starlight got off of her crimes with barely an "I'm sorry"... but Discord didn't even give that. Yes, he was punished, but when he was first "redeemed" (in the heaviest airquotes possible), he was thoroughly unrepentant. Heck, I'm still unsure of how much he truly regrets the many horrible things he's done. Had it been someone like Luna or Sunset - someone who both asked for and had to earn their second chances, I'd be unreservedly behind this, but Discord... I'm not so convinced.

But on the other hand, (why yes, I do have three hands. Don't you?) I like that the story does pay some lip service to this fact. In fact, Discord freely admitting that he didn't deserve the second chance he got is probably one of my favourite things I've heard from the character (low bar, but still). But I still don't think he can really take the moral high ground here.

So, yeah, I'm rather conflicted about this. But, then again, that indicates a good enough story to cause such conflicted feelings, so... eh, let's just call it a wash and settle for a like.

7076125 I will happily take the wash and a thumbs-up. I can see where you're coming from, and I agree that Sunset would be a better example. But I wanted a face-to-face, not chat-through-magical-journal.

...you know, I honestly was interested in this fic from the concept and the description. It had potential with two former antagonists meeting each other and playing on the fact they both sit on entirely opposite ends of the 'Order vs Chaos' dynamic and it would have been incredibly entertaining if this story had been just that.

But, instead, it's just a rant.

Starlight Glimmer had a conscience, everything she did was at the command of that conscience, she had a messiah complex. So she's been tortured by it when her revenge nearly destroyed the world. And Scootaloo and Sweetie were the ONLY THINGS that stopped Apple Bloom from becoming another Starlight Glimmer.

7089643 Where are you coming from with the whole Apple Bloom thing? Is there an episode I have missed or am I just misrembering, or is this from another fanfiction?

7113487 I believe they're referring to the first CMC episode, where AB, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle met. At the beginning of the episode, Twist gets her cutie mark and drifts away from Apple Bloom. This begins her desperate attempts at getting her mark before Diamond Tiara's Cutecenerna. This is a parallel of sorts to what happened to Starlight when Sunburst got his mark and went away to Canterlot. Except for instead of deeming cutie marks as evil things that separate ponies like Starlight did, AB made new friends who she was able to share interests and adventures with.

There have also been a few pieces of fanart and fanfiction pertaining to this very idea, though I can not remember the name of the particular story off the top of my head.

7113607 OK. Just me forgetting one of the 121 MLP episodes then. (I think it's 121. 4 Seasons of 26 plus 13 plus 4 of season 6.)

Thank you, Discord. Thank you.

If there's one thing I despise, it's the knocking-you-over-the-head message that "everyone deserves a second chance". Because no, not everyone deserves a second chance. You have to EARN that second chance. Discord and Sunset Shimmer didn't simply say "I'm sowwy" and receive an "aww, it's okay, let's be friends and pretend you were never evil in the first place" in return. They didn't gain everyone's trust instantly or have forgiveness handed to them on a silver platter. They both had to EARN their redemption through time.

And as far as I'm concerned, Starlight has done nothing to earn that second chance. I don't give two craps about Starlight and because I don't care about her, I'm not going to forgive her and I don't need to.

7298361 Well put. Exactly what I was trying to say, with Discord as a mouthpiece. Also, excellent avatar.

7298361 people make mistakes and do deserve second chances even if they having proven it yet. Not giving them one doesn't help either. Swrously she made a mistake and was willing to deal with her wrongs. Hell she probably have willing accept jail time

I love the idea of Discord being the one friend who will say the harsh but needed to be said stuff. The one who believes in ripping the Band-Aid off so the pain won't linger and we can all move on.

I ship it. 100%.
I might use some of these concepts in the shipfic I'm writing. I've been kinda struggling with a good reason for Starlight to fall in love with Discord. Anyway, I'm rambling as usual. I enjoyed the fic. Nice job!

I thought that was post It ain't easy being breezies Fluttershy.

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